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‘Teen Mom’ Series Finale Recap: Amber Has A Mental Breakdown

Wed, August 29, 2012 3:28am EDT by 9 Comments
Teen Mom recap series finale
Courtesy of MTV

On the final episode ever of the original ‘Teen Mom,’ we got to see how far the girls have gotten since they appeared on ’16 and Pregnant!’ What did you think?

After three years, four seasons, and a whole lot of drama, the original cast of Teen Mom had their series finale tonight. Despite Amber Portwood‘s panic attack while on the phone with Gary Shirley, each bittersweet storyline wrapped up beautifully, complete with a montage of scenes of each mom throughout the years.

Amber: “[Leah] Is Not A F—ing Tool, Gary”

Amber goes on a date with another guy, during which she admits a lot of her issues stem from being so bitter about getting pregnant as a teenager. She told her soon-to-be-new-boyfriend Mike that having Leah changed her life dramatically. She wouldn’t say it ruined her life, she’s just saying. Amber also opened up about her felonies (domestic violence, for one), which is a lot for a first date to swallow. However, that didn’t seem to scare him away because they straight up start making out at the table.

It’s also Leah’s third birthday, and Amber and Gary had originally decided to wait a week later to have her birthday party together. But since Gary found out his off-again girlfriend had been on another date with a guy, he has other plans — he goes ahead with the birthday party at his house, and takes a photo to send to Amber in spite.

Not known for her calm demeanor, Amber snaps and gets into a brutal screaming match with Gary over the phone. He admits he wanted to be with her and make it work and she ruined it, and Amber says their personal life should not affect their daughter.

In a rare moment of clarity from the 22-year-old, she screams “don’t put your own personal problems in front of your child…She’s not a tool Gary, she’s a human being.”

Amber then revokes her decision to give Gary full custody, screams again about how much she loves her daughter, and then heads into a fit of rage. While yelling at Gary, she goes into a frightening convulsion of hysteria and drops the phone without hanging up.

When things eventually cool down, Gary admits to a friend that he does want the best for Amber, and ultimately wants her to be happy. He also says he will give Amber full visitation when he has custody.

The two finally go to court and are amicable, knowing that they HAVE to put their daughter first. When Amber retells the story to a friend, she admits that yes she did give Gary full custody, and CPS will soon lift the no contact order and allow the three of them to be in the same place together. She said it was hard to sign over Leah, but knew in the end, it was for the best.

Amber finally has her third birthday for Leah by themselves, but the ending sentiment leaves a sour taste in our mouths. The future is uncertain for Amber, Gary, and Leah, and considering all of Amber’s legal problems, the troubled mom has a long way to go. We just hope they find stability for Leah’s sake, but as we all know, Amber is currently serving a 5-year prison sentence.

Maci: “I Pushed Him Out Of My ‘Hoo Hoo'”

After last week’s birthday party with Maci Bookout and her side of the family, Bentley has his third birthday party with dad Ryan Edwards and his family. They all shower him with gifts, including a guitar he loves — and will probably use to pick up the ladies in the upcoming years.

Maci is still bitter about how Ryan is all of a sudden wanting custody of their son, considering he was a lazy and absentee father when Bentley was first born, who was only present when he wanted to be.

“Nobody loved him like me,” Maci notes. “I went through nine months of being pregnant, 37 hours in the hospital, and pushed him out of my hoo hoo.”

Boyfriend Kyle King, ever the voice of reason, said, “one day, maybe we can all get along.”

Maci meets with her school counselor and is excited to do well and get back on track. Reflecting again on her experience as a mom trying to make it through school, she says “I tried to be supermom, I tried to cram it all into one semester… I’ve got to take care of myself while I take care of him, and that’s why I’m going to school.”

Then there was Ryan drama. He still isn’t speaking to Maci, which makes pick-ups and drop-offs pretty awkward. Ryan meets with his lawyer to figure out how to proceed with custody. When Ryan’s lawyer points out that he has been at the “mercy” of Maci throughout the past three years, Ryan agrees. He wants to share custody on a week-by-week basis where each parent has Bentley for a full week, and he will need Bentley’s birth certificate to start the filing process, which is oddly enough with Maci only.

But when Ryan shares this with his parents and girlfriend Dalis, and also says he wants to see if he can prevent Maci and Kyle from living together while unmarried, Dalis is not happy. After all, it would be hypocritical for Maci and Kyle to live in sin if Dalis wants to do the same with Ryan eventually — assuming he moves out of his parents’ house and asks her.

“Your ultimate goal is to make her unhappy and more bitter than she already is?” Dalis asks. Good point.

Maci tells her mom that Ryan needs Bentley’s birth certificate to give to his lawyer, and she has second thoughts about their custody deal, especially since Ryan can have all the fun and not the responsibility.

“It’s been that way from the start, it’s not going to change… you’ve been trying to change his behavior, and it’s not working,” Maci’s mom says, adding that Ryan will be in Maci’s life for at least the next 13 years, but more likely the rest of their lives. She needs to find a good way to co-parent.

The scene closes with a beautiful montage of Maci and Ryan’s tumultuous relationship, and ends with Maci, Kyle, and Bentley all happy together, and then Ryan, Dalis, and Bentley all happy together. Seems like they have this co-parenting thing down!

Catelynn: “I Was Seriously Afraid”

Catelynn Lowery says her mom is doing well in recovery, but she’s still figuring out her next steps, which will hopefully include a divorce from her abusive husband (and Tyler’s dad) Butch.

“I think I probably should divroce him. My heart tells me other things though,” she said. “Your heart lies though,” Tyler Baltierra replied.

Tyler also doesn’t know what to do, and is conflicted: he knows he needs to move on from a relationship with his dad since Butch doesn’t love anyone but himself and drugs, but he doesn’t want to leave his dad to die alone like everyone else has.

The couple watches Catelynn’s brother Nick and they all play house with their puppy. Tyler’s temper is getting worse to the point of being out of control, and he flips out on the dog.

“I’m really worried about it,” Tyler said about his temper. He said he’s glad Carly isn’t there because if he can lose it on a dog, he’s worried he would lose it on a baby.

Tyler eventually sees his therapist, and says that he has SO much resentment about this dad not being in his life, and that his dad keeps affecting him. “Does he deserve to die alone? Tyler asks, and his therapist replies that it hurts her to see that Tyler has unconditional love for his dad, but Butch doesn’t feel the same way back.

Tyler breaks down, saying he doesn’t know why his dad doesn’t love him, and that given the choice between recovery and death, Butch will ultimately choose death. “I’ve got to say goodbye to my dad and cut ties.” His therapist also thinks that all of his built-up anger and fear over his dad is leading to his temper outbreaks, and that it would be best to just end all contact with Butch. His herapist believes Tyler’s fear, especially over his dad, is what’s leading to his temper and his mood swings.

Tyler writes a letter to his dad, in which he points out that Butch is the deepest roots to his problems and that he is not going to deal with him anymore. When Catelynn and Tyler have some alone time to reflect on the past several years, Tyler says that a major reason he gave Carly up for adoption was his unstable upbringing.

“I was literally petrified of being the sh—y dad that my dad was,” he said, and Catelynn admitted that she was “seriously afraid” if she decided to keep Carly, Tyler would leave her at the hospital. However, they both agree that they made the best decision for them and their baby.

They can’t wait to spend their lives together, and the last scene is them literally driving off together in the sunset. Cute touch by the folks at MTV.

Farrah: “I Felt Like I Had No Responsibilities” 

Farrah Abraham‘s mom Debra has had Sophia back in Iowa for a couple weeks. Farrah said she’s been doing well in school, and has even taken a bar tending class “to boost her resume,” but says being away from Sophia has been really rough. She tells her neighbor that it was weird not having Sophia there

“I felt like I had no responsibilities,” Farrah says, and even though she adds that there’s a big emptiness when Sophia isn’t around, she seemed awfully cheery and smiley about being alone without her daughter. However, she claims she’s sad and depressed about it and doesn’t want to be.

Farrah and a class partner work on a school project at Farrah’s house, and the young mom admits that if her daughter were there, it would take them twice as long to cook their homework (their assignment was to make some sort of connoli which looked delicious but broken, FYI).

Sophia is happy with grandma Debra, and Farrah believes that her daughter being gone for a month helped her earn all As that quarter. Since she is finished with her quarter, she is ready to go back to Iowa to get her daughter.

Farrah and Sophia are finally reunited, and spend the next couple days catching up. It’s adorable! When Farrah has lunch with her sister Ashley, she opens up about Sophia’s dad Derrick. She said he proposed and she said no (because she was 16), and she gave the ring back. Farrah says it made things tumultuous in their relationship, which led to a lot of their problems up until his death.

Farrah and Sophia head back to Florida, ready to start fresh and tackle the sunshine state as a dynamic mother-daughter pair.

What did YOU think of the series finale HollyMoms? Let us know in the comments below!

— Christina Stiehl

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