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‘Teen Wolf’ Scoop: Bianca Lawson Reveals ‘Bad Ass’ Season 3 Plans

Tue, August 28, 2012 4:26pm EDT by Andy Swift 7 Comments
Courtesy of MTV

Plus, Bianca explains why she hasn’t joined Twitter yet. (Fans, she knows you want it!)

Bianca Lawson may be six feet under on Pretty Little Liars, but she’s alive and kicking on Teen Wolf — with an emphasis on the “kicking” part. Her character, guidance counselor Ms. Morrell, was revealed to have a much more bad-ass agenda on the second season finale, and Bianca tells it’s only going to get more bad ass from here.

Read on for my interview with Bianca:

Just when I think you can’t be on any more of my favorite shows, you go and join Teen Wolf

That’s a really good one! [Executive producer] Jeff Davis is amazing. I’m so excited about that one.

And just like on PLL, we’re getting little nuggets about your character as the season goes on.

Exactly! It’s all super-mysterious. It’s so funny, because on the episode where I’m sitting in the vet’s office and I ask if he’s going to tell them what’s coming, I was literally like, ‘Jeff, can you tell ME what’s coming so I know what I’m talking about? What’s coming? What am I referring to?’ And he was like, ‘I can’t tell you.’ But it’s fun, because I could kind of let my imagination run wild, and it’s really limitless. Each script made me go, ‘Ooh! Ah!’ It’s a similar situation with Pretty Little Liars where I went script by script to see where it went.

And ‘where it went’ ended up being your little leather number at the end of the season finale.

Right, my little leather outfit! Jeff was like, ‘OK, no more counselor. Now it’s time to get bad ass.’

Does that mean we might see you kicking some ass in season three?

I hope so! I don’t know specifically what the story lines are going to be for the next season, but they definitely left it open in that way for my character. The Alphas are coming, [Ms. Morrell and the vet] are on their way to investigate something … something mysterious and cryptic we’ll one day find out about.

Am I crazy, or did you refer to the vet as your dad in that last scene?

No, but I saw that recap and I was dying laughing. I actually thought you were just being funny. I don’t think I referred to him as my dad.

OK, then I think I may have started something terrible.

I actually don’t know what their relationship is. I don’t know if he’s her relative or just a co-worker or whatever. We’ll see.

Are you excited to shoot season three in LA instead of Atlanta?

Yes, it’s moving to LA and I’m so excited! Atlanta’s nice, but I like being able to go home after work at the end of the day.

We’ve seen you on so many shows at this point. Do you have any dream shows to go on?

I love Homeland, and I’m really obsessed with Battleground right now. Everyone says to get into Game of Thrones, but I haven’t started watching that yet. I did love Rome and The Tudors and the Borgais and all that. For sure Homeland, though. It’s amazing. I also used to be really into Dexter, but I started working and lost track.

Please don’t go on Dexter. We’ve all seen you die enough times.

Right? I’d be cut into little pieces on that show!

All right, last question: When are you joining Twitter?

I go back and forth. I was all ready to do it at one point, but then backed out. I know me, and I know I’ll want to respond to every little thing. Some people are really good about tweeting every now and then and not really responding, but I can see myself tweeting all day and night and becoming totally obsessive. I’ll want to answer everyone, but if they catch me at the wrong time, I’ll be really tired and probably reveal something way too personal — and then I can’t take it
back. … Also, I get really stressed out thinking about what my first tweet would be. My friends and I have a couple, like “YOLO!” or crazy ones like, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” But I don’t know, maybe I’d just say hi. Like, ‘Hi, world!’

There you have it, Bianca fans: She’s at least thinking about it. In the meantime, drop me a comment with your thoughts on Teen Wolf‘s third season. What do you want to see Ms. Morrell do next?

— Andy Swift

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