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’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: Daughters Want Husband Like Dad

Tue, August 28, 2012 11:55pm EDT by 14 Comments
Courtesy of TLC

While the Duggars prepared for a wedding in Florida, the oldest Duggar daughters discussed their ideal man. And these girls are realistic!

Michelle and her family packed away the painful memories of little Jubilee Shalom and focused on the here and now — a wedding for Anna‘s sister — on the mid-season premiere of 19 Kids & Counting on Aug. 28. Not a hard thing to do with such a large family constantly on the move.

The Duggars traveled to Florida to help Anna, wife of eldest son Joshua, celebrate her sister, Priscilla‘s wedding day (still with me?). And just like her sister, Priscilla and her fiance, David, would enjoy their VERY FIRST KISS on the big day. That’s right, not even a simple peck on the lips for this bride and groom until they said “I do.”

The episode juxtaposed the wedding with the five older daughters of the Duggar family discussing what they need in the man they eventually marry.

A few standards the Dugger girls set for their future husbands:

1. Speak with dear old dad before courting his daughters.
2. Share in the same beliefs.
3. Admit when they are wrong.
4. Idea of success is more than getting to the next level in a video game.

Of course that last one is key!

Anna and her sister shared the virtues of waiting until marriage before sharing an emotionally-charged and physically-intimate relationship.

Michelle on the other hand, had played that “dating game” as a young woman and can now teach her children about that terrible thing called “heartache.”

But what’s the point of finding love, if you don’t also know the pains of love? Answer that for me, Duggars.

Moving on, Jana took on the responsibility of all the Duggar children while Jim Bob and Michelle flew ahead to Florida. She managed to get even the little ones to pitch in on the packing efforts. Quite an accomplishment, I say!

Was it just me, or did it seem weird that the whole Duggar family played such a role, or any role for that matter, in Priscilla and David’s wedding. The couple each have pretty big families of their own, I don’t think they needed the extra help.

Either way, the Duggar family warmed up the 400+ crowd of wedding invitees with their violins. Thanks to the Pop-Up Video style notes on the screen, we learned each child is taught how to play the stringed instrument starting at age five. Impressive!

Finally, after the 10 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen, 6 flower girls and 4 ring bearers walked down the aisle, the doors opened to present Priscilla in a flowing white dress. That had David excited, seemingly more than sharing his first kiss with “a girl on her lips.”

The moment brought fond memories back for Josh, who could relax more at this ceremony than at his own almost four years earlier.

Other tidbits:

Jedidiah wants to be a videographer when he grows up. Hopefully he gets a better grip on his “Jed Cam” — like a scene from Blair Witch Project as the family traveled to the airport.

– Don’t doubt the powers of grandma. Anna stood in awe of Michelle as she quieted down the fussy Mackynzie before and during the ceremony. “I need to take a moment and watch and learn from this,” Anna said of her mother-in-law.

– The older Duggar daughters are still on the market. No boys need apply, only men willing to face down Jim Bob for his daughter’s hand (and be in a strange, old-timey movie about it).

What did you think Hollywoodlifers? Are you happy to see the Duggars making peace with the passing of Jubilee? Tell us what you thought below!

— Emily Morgan