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‘RHONJ’ Recap: Caroline Manzo Gets Rid Of Teresa Giudice

Mon, August 27, 2012 12:12am EDT by Chris Rogers 35 Comments
Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap
Courtesy of Bravo

Caroline and Teresa ‘throw down’ on the August 26 episode of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey!’ Buckle up, because it was certainly a bumpy ride!

On the August 26 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, friendships are destroyed and a road trip comes to an end as Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice finally “throw down.”

Things start off rough as Teresa’s toast left Kathy Wakile with hurt feelings. Joe Gorga, always the comedian, tries to break the tension by pulling off his pants and jumping in the hot tub. (The sight always made me feel better, so why not them, right?) The Gorgas and the Giudices play nice in the hot tub, and  Kathy finds it to be the perfect opportunity to try and make nice with Teresa. Kathy, the selfless woman that she is, focuses their conversation on Teresa mending her relationship with Caroline — and totally ignores their current poor standing.

Unfortunately, Caroline is within ten feet of the conversation and takes in all of Teresa’s insults, lies and utter nonsense. Showing true class, Caroline holds back from getting involved as she’s afraid that she will throw Teresa “off the roof” if she gets up out of her seat. Kathy is trying to get through to Teresa and insists that Caroline and Jacqueline Laurita are really her friends, so she needs to stop talking smack about them (That may be an understatement). Teresa is having none of it.

Teresa takes a momentary timeout to get a new robe, but reappears — just in time for a showdown with Caroline. Caroline refuses to believe that Teresa is sorry for mocking the Manzos in her cookbook and printing lies in magazines. Caroline calls Teresa out on everything she’s done in the past year — selling stories to the tabloids, telling the ladies who they can and can’t be friends with and not wanting to fix the relationships with her family — specifically Melissa Gorga and Kathy.

Meanwhile in the other half of the room, Joe Giudice admits to Chris Laurita that Teresa sells stories to the tabloids! Chris tells Joe Giudice that Jacqueline was just offered $50K to talk to one of the tabloids about Teresa, but turned it down. Joe thinks she’s nuts for turning down the offer. Joe thinks that Jacqueline should have thrown everyone under the bus and took the cash (At least Joe is honest — unlike his wife).

Caroline and Teresa’s conversation escalates and the guys end up getting involved. Joe Giudice is screaming for them to end it as Caroline’s husband Albert Manzo listens, ready to jump to his wife’s defense — if need be.

Jacqueline spends the entire argument with her face planted into a pillow, pretending to sleep while both Melissa and Kathy stay silent in the background. Lauren Manzo eventually comes to her mom’s defense and puts her two cents in. Teresa keeps yapping that she never said a bad word about any of them!

With persuasion from Chris, Joe Giudice decides to book an early flight and get Teresa out of there — post haste! Melissa and Joe Gorga decide to leave with them out of family loyalty. Unbeknownst to Teresa, Caroline already told Melissa that her dear sister-in-law has said a whole slew of nasty things about her over the past year. Caroline confesses, “[Teresa’s] called her a whore, gold digger, she was a stripper.”

As the Gorgas head out, Caroline heads to her bedroom where she has a complete breakdown.

After watching the season three reunion special (filmed AFTER season four was completed), we know things are only going to go south from here.

How do you feel? Leave your comments below! Did you feel bad for Teresa, or is she completely delusional? Are you excited for Dina Manzo’s return next week?

— Christopher Rogers