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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Finale: Creator Reveals ‘Multiple Betrayals’

Mon, August 27, 2012 5:28pm EDT by Andy Swift 11 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family (2)

Marlene King gives the scoop on the Aug. 28 finale, including how fans will get their long-awaited ‘justice for Maya.’

We’re just 27 hours away from the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, which means we’re also just 27 hours away from finding out which of Rosewood’s shady residents was responsible for Maya’s death — but that’s not the only major revelation the Aug. 28 episode has in store for us! Creator Marlene King tells to expect a “stunning” hour full of “multiple betrayals.” Oh, and get ready to scream.

Read on for my interview with Marlene:

There’s some discrepency among fans: Is the betrayer definitely one of the 12 people on ABC Family’s online tracker?

I think we can say that, yes. But there’s a lot that goes on. We find out who killed Maya, and we also find out another member of the “A” team. So there could be multiple betrayals.

Do you think revealing Maya’s killer will help the ‘Emaya’ fans find some closure?

I’ve always subtitled this episode “Justice for Maya,” so I’m hoping the answer is yes.

I spoke with Bianca last week, and she said there’s one more Maya video we haven’t seen. Is that true?

That is true, and you’ll see it tomorrow night!

How far into the episode is the betrayer revealed? Right away, or are you making us sweat it out?

You’re going to have to sweat it out — for a little while, at least. The last half of the episode is a shotgun; It just doesn’t stop. There’s so much that happens, and we’re really proud of this episode. It’s become my all-time favorite episode. I showed it to Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson the other day, and they were just screaming! I actually video taped them because they were screaming their heads off so much. It feels like a huge season-ending finale, as opposed to a summer finale.

Which of the liars delivers the most heartbreaking performance on the finale?

Because it’s “justice for Maya,” and we’ve been open about that, I think you’ll see that Shay just rocks this episode. It’s a stunning performance. She blows me away every time, and I’ve seen it 10 times.

Do you have a definite list of all the “A” team members, or are you keeping your options open?

We definitely know the list. It’s in my head, not written down anywhere, but if we’re going to attempt to be as smart as we try to be, we have to know the end game.

The second part of my interview with Marlene will be posted tomorrow, but in the meantime, let’s share some summer finale theories: Who do YOU think killed Maya? Who will be the additional “A” team member revealed? And who are the girls (mostly Hanna) mourning in the above photo? Drop me a comment with your best guesses!

— Andy Swift

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