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‘Bachelor Pad’ Recap: Chris Isn’t Over Emily

Mon, August 27, 2012 10:09pm EDT by 2 Comments
‘Bachelor Pad’ Recap: Chris Isn’t Over Emily

Chris reveals he isn’t over Emily, Ed reveals he’s got a girl back home and Jaclyn reveals she always the girl getting hurt — this episode is one hot mess! Read on to see what happens!

The episode begins with a twist: Chris Harrison tells the gang that now they’ll be competing as couples, which means voting together — and getting voted off together.

Rachel is seriously depressed and crying about michael going home and says, “I was falling in love with Michael.” She and Nick become partners.

The first challenge gets underway and it’s a spelling bee.  Spelling isn’t most of the couples’ strong suits, and the competition comes down to Ed and Jaclyn and Chris and Sarah. No one wants Chris to win. Chris and Sarah win the challenge to no one’s applause and are safe from elimination and get an overnight date. Ed and Jaclyn also get an overnight date.

Chris and Sarah take a private jet to wine country. Sarah wants to know if Chris is ready for a relationship, as “she’s falling for him.”

Chris says his broken heart isn’t quite healed from Emily and feels like a part of him is still holding on to her. But, he tells Sarah, “Great things come unexpectedly and you came unexpectedly.”

Meanwhile back at the house, Rachel is an absolute disaster and wants to go home. She says she feels like a “widow” and is “lost” without Michael.

Ed and Jaclyn take off on a private jet. Jaclyn reveals she’s afraid of heartbreak and is panicked over Ed. She says, “Ed’s hot, cool, funny and witty.”

Ed reveals he’s had a relationship with someone at home for a while now and they broke up before he came here. But he offers, “hooking up is a part of this experience.” Ed says he assumed Jaclyn knew about the girl at home. Jaclyn says she’s always the girl getting hurt and Ed makes her feel like “an insignificant piece of “s**t.”

Ed says they have amazing chemistry and Jaclyn is the closest person in the house and thinks she’s wonderful. Jaclyn doesn’t want to end the relationship with Ed despite the lack of committment and everything else.

In other news, Tony says he’s really falling for Blakeley and makes a little date for them back at the house. Blakeley says “there’s something with Tony she hasn’t felt with anyone else.” Tony says his feeling grow for her every day… and “he’d love to see her in his daily life.”

After their date, Ed and Jaclyn can save one couple and decide to save Blakeley and Tony.

At the rose ceremony, Lindzi and Kalon are sent home. Kalon gets out of his limo and into Lindzi’s! Both reveal they’re falling in love with each other.

Who will be the next to go? Tune in next week and find out!

— Jennifer Tzeses

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