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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Who Killed Maya? Bianca Lawson Weighs In

Fri, August 24, 2012 1:16pm EDT by Andy Swift 42 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family (2)

Bianca gives the scoop on her character’s killer, her thoughts on Emily & Paige, and the one Maya video we haven’t seen — yet!

Emayans will finally get some justice when Maya’s killer is revealed on the Aug. 28 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, so I decided to bust out my Ouija board and have a little chat with the dearly departed herself. Even though Bianca Lawson said she’s being kept in the dark just as much as we are, she was able to shed some light on a few of Rosewood’s most closely guarded secrets.

And here’s some more good news: We haven’t seen the last of her!


Read on for my full interview with Bianca:

The last time we talked, Maya was alive — and now she’s not. I feel like a lot of your TV characters die, or in some cases, start off already dead.

I know, right? It’s really weird. I wonder what that means. … Maybe I’m working something out from a past life.

But even when your characters die, they’re still very much a part of the story.

Yes, my memory stays alive!

What was your reaction when you first found out Maya was going to die?

I wasn’t exactly told. I didn’t get the ‘this is your fate’ phone call, so even I was like, ‘Oh, maybe she’s dead.’ There were rumors going around that someone was going to die, but there wasn’t an official call.

I know you can’t tell me who killed her, but … actually, do YOU even know?

Well… I shot everything, even the surveillance footage, in one little afternoon. So I got my sections of the script, and I remember reading something about someone being accused of killing Maya. I said to somebody on set, ‘Oh, so this is who killed Maya?’ And their response was, ‘As of right now…’ So I don’t actually know, but people ask me all the time, and I’m just like, ‘Dude, I don’t know.’ I’ll literally go into auditions for parts, and after I do my audition for big-time execs, they’ll say, ‘One more thing: Are you really dead on Pretty Little Liars? … And if you are, who killed you?’

So as of right now, you think you know who killed Maya. What was your reaction when you learned who that was?

Honestly, I was pretty shocked. The whole finale is shocking.

Well, I love the little videos Maya recorded for Emily. What was it like shooting those?

I knew I put these things on a website to document my life, but I never shot a death scene. Shooting the videos was really sweet. It was intimate and fun. I wasn’t acting with anyone else, I was just doing little vlogs, so it was nice. I had one of the writers there with me to figure out what I should be conveying, and what Maya was referring to. The writer knew what was coming up in a few episodes, but I didn’t know.

Did you film anything we haven’t seen yet?

I think there’s one more video message that I believe will be on the finale.

Real talk: It didn’t take long after Maya died for Emily to hop back into a relationship with the crazy girl who tried to drown her. How do you feel about Emily and Paige dating?

Well, Emily’s life does have to go on. She does have to find love and all of that. I don’t know too much about Paige, but I want Emily to be happy. So she should be with whoever makes her happy.

OK, time to drop me a comment with YOUR opinions: How do you really feel about Emily dating Paige? And just for the sake of being crazy, do you think it’s possible Maya is still alive?

— Andy Swift

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