Robert Pattinson Looking For Distraction After Kristen Stewart Affair

Wed, August 22, 2012 6:20pm EST by 14 Comments

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Posted at 8:36 AM on August 23, 2012  

Though I hope for them that they can work things out , I wouldn`t mind to distract robert in the meanwhile……..LOL

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Robs oldest fan

Posted at 3:16 AM on August 23, 2012  

If Rob wants a distraction he should forget about the ‘invite ‘ from Leonardo Di Caprio and the Supermodels ( you write such BS sometimes ) I think he should party with Prince Harry now THAT looked like a lot of fun LOL

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Posted at 2:36 AM on August 23, 2012  

How do you know? I missing something eh, you believe its true, so many bullsh’t, It would be nice for them to sort out their sh’t and take it from there. I wish they would stop printing this story, all you are doing recycling old crap that we have already read. Leave Kristen alone.

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rosedoman (@honeybunnypet)

Posted at 12:55 AM on August 23, 2012  

Don’t worry Rob and Kristen will get back together. They need some space right now to focus on different things.They will be ok, they still love each other, they just can’t throw away the last 4 or 5 years of their lives. I believe their love will be stronger than ever, this will be a hard lesson for both of them and the trust will be there. This will not be easy for either of them, but it will work because of their love and they will make it work. They need not to be ashamed of anything, because no one needs to throw blame at either one of Rob or Kristen. All people have skeletons in their closet and don’t want them stirred up, I’m sure of that. Love each other and stay safe…… God Bless You. Love You Guys.

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Posted at 12:43 AM on August 23, 2012  

HL why are you printing such crap. Why don’t you let this go. You know this is not true. Someone should sue your arses for the lies that you print. Rob is back with Kristen and he has been for a couple of weeks. He has said he has FORGIVEN HER AND HE WON’T LET HER GO BECAUSE HE STILL LOVES HER. REUNITED FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE SCANDAL. ROB & KRISTEN BACK TOGETHER: hIS EMOTIONAL STATEMENT. I WON’T LET HER GO. THE COUPLE PUT AN END TO HE SPLIT SPECUALTION – WHY HE CHOSE TO FORGIVE HER.
This has come from a very close friend of Rob 26. This friend is part of Rob’s camp. Rob manufactured a plan to keep the spotlight away. Leading everyone to believe he kicked Kristen out of their Los Feliz home, Rob knew he needed time alone with his girlfriend of 4 years to sort things out. “They’ve actualaly holed up at their Malibu Beach House. It’s been torture for Rob keeping it silent, especially because he’s getting bombarded with questions about Kristen’s cheating. Even David Cronenberg director of COSMOPOLIS has said that the situation is “not what it seems” between the pair. That’s because Kristen has been by Rob’s side all along. The couple have always been inseparable and the past few weeks have been no exception – says the friend. Kristen was actually in NY with him during his interviews last week. Which is why Rob was calm, relaxed and together. They arrived in a private plane together, and she hid in his hotel room during his public appearances, he knew she was there supporting him, and that made all the difference – says the friend.
Seeing his girlfriend torn apart by fans and the public is killing Rob – that’s why he is speaking out. Rob hates the way some people have turned on Kristen and the only way he knows how to fix it is to say he has forgiven her because he loves her.The British star is set to release an emotional statement in the coming weeks – announcing that he forgives and loves Kristen, AND THAT THEY HAVEN’T SPLIT. While Rob was hurt by her actions, he has NO INTENTIONS OF LETTING HER GO says the friend.
Rob now sees that they got too lazy and comfortable in their relationship and is using this as a huge wake up call. With the announcement that the pair are still very much together on the horizon, and in a bid too get back on track with KSTEW a revitalised Rob is putting more effort into his appearance and his fans like what they see the friend says.
I wonder if he will go with her to her OTR Red Carpet premier and stay in her hotel the way she did for him in NY. Will this be when he release his statement. I think it should be sooner rather than in the coming weeks. I Hope it is before BD2 so they can be together on the red carpet.

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Posted at 1:48 AM on August 23, 2012  

Jackie or whoever you are , stop spreading more lies! And stop dreaming because RobSten is done and over with. Besides Rob’s friends will never say anything behind his back and will not make up stories to sell it to the tabloids which will risk them losing his friendship. They’re a tight group of close friends so they will not give out any information about Rob and Kristen. Don’t keep the fans hopes high when you very well know that they have split up.

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Posted at 1:52 AM on August 23, 2012  

Where did you see hear this. Were you alone and no witnesses because this is so crazy….

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Posted at 1:57 AM on August 23, 2012  

So Jackie can you or the so-called friend of Rob ( who gave out all these juicy details) explain the fact that Rob was seen with some of his pals at the deer lodge drinking and having a good time? And also explain the stories about him staying at Reese’s ranch and not at this supposed Malibu beach house? Does it mean he left Kristen at the Malibu beach house, so they were not really together these past month? So enough of the lies and claims from ” very close friend of Rob”. All these conspiracy theories have to stop now.

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Posted at 12:05 AM on August 23, 2012  

No he’s not. He’s having fun as a young wealthy handsome talented SINGLE actor…….K-SCREW WHO?!

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Posted at 8:56 PM on August 22, 2012  


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I think

Posted at 7:34 PM on August 22, 2012  

Bonnie is sad and pathetic.

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Posted at 6:42 PM on August 22, 2012  

not as liberty no longer wants rupert sanders is kristen who go out with him, my hand cut that soon we will see the two cheaters together arm in arm!

do not want no :::::: she rebuilt her life with sanders

rob and find someone good for him too, a woman who loves him and who did not ashamed to hold her hand!

go rob go …….

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Posted at 7:36 PM on August 22, 2012  

Where did you see/read she left him and does not want him? I have been looking for that story but can’t find it. Thanks

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Tracey Bown Riley

Posted at 6:35 PM on August 22, 2012  

good luck to them

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