‘Teen Mom’ Recap: Amber Gives Full Custody of Leah To Gary

Wed, August 22, 2012 1:07am EST by 7 Comments
teen mom recap
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On tonight’s episode, Amber wants to give Gary full custody of their daughter Leah to make visitation easier for all of them — but not everyone is on board. Read more to find out what happened.

Amber Portwood is finally ready to set aside her differences with baby daddy Gary Shirley and give him physical custody of their daughter Leah. Plus, Maci Bookout throws a birthday party for Bentley, and Farrah Abraham says goodbye to her daughter Sophia! 

Amber Wants To Give Gary Full Custody Of Leah

Gary, Leah, and Amber still can’t all hang out together because of the no-contact order, so the on-again-off-again couple must continue the awkward and difficult juggling act with their little girl.

Amber is looking for a new place to live after the vandalism, and she goes over to Gary’s new pad to check his out. While there, Gary drops a bombshell on Amber — they need $800 for Leah’s preschool. Amber claims she doesn’t have $400, after car payments, house payments, and her never-ending legal fees.

Luckily, Gary says he’ll cover the dues and Leah starts her first day. After he drops her off, Amber picks her up for some quality time back at Amber’s house, but it can’t last long. After the vandalism at Amber’s house, she is forced to have her little girl stay with Gary overnight due to an order from Child Protective Services.

After Amber drops Leah off, she tells her mom, “I need you,” and that just breaks Amber’s heart. Since she can’t be in the same room with Gary and Leah together, she has to leave quickly, which throws Leah into a sobbing fit. Poor little girl.

Amber decides that the best option for her family is to give Gary custody of Leah. That way, the gag order can be lifted and all three can be in the same place together. Gary also suggests this would be best so that Amber can get a handle on her depression and anger management and “get her s—t together.”

In a perfect example of how NOT to handle her anger, Amber flips out and says she doesn’t have any issues anymore, and curses Gary out. And when Amber’s mom suggests that giving Gary custody might not be the best idea, Amber also lashes out and throws insults at her mom.

It looks like she still needs to get at least some anger management issues under control.

Farrah’s Last Night With Sophia In Florida

Farrah came back to Florida after her vacation with boyfriend Daniel Alvarez to Austin, Texas, but she vented to her mom Debra about how weird he was acting on her last night of vacation. Obviously, Farrah didn’t think her incessant talk about being engaged was grounds for him getting a little freaked out.

Regardless, Farrah said she’s done playing games since she has her daughter Sophia to look after, and she is done with Daniel altogether. That didn’t take long.

Farrah then prepares Sophia for her long stay back with Debra in Iowa, and asks Sophia if she wanted to stay with her grandma for a month. I’m not sure Sophia really understood the conversation, but she kept playing in the park with a smile on her face, so she didn’t put up too much of a fight.

Farrah has her last night with Sophia, and gets her ready for bed and packs her little girls’ bags. They meet up with Debra, and them Debra and Sophia fly back to Iowa, while Farrah heads home alone. She cries in the car and misses her little girl already.

Maci Throws Bentley A Birthday Party

Maci and her live-in boyfriend Kyle King are planning Bentley’s birthday, and they think it should be separate from Ryan’s party for their son. However, Maci also asks Bentley if he wants to invite Ryan and his girlfriend Dalis — which of course, Bentley does — so that makes things a bit complicated.

When Maci puts Bentley on the phone, Ryan said he will try and make it. But he immediately texts Maci afterwards saying he and Dalis will pick Bentley up later that night after the party. When Ryan arrives, he is furious — how DARE she ask her son if he wants his own father at his birthday party?

Side note: Ryan keeps calling Maci “f—ing stupid,” which is an ironic insult coming from someone who can’t hold a steady job and lives with his parents still. And also thinks it’s OK to drop approximately seven f-bombs in front of his two-year-old because it’s “not arguing.”

Although Ryan’s parents sat him down and essentially coached him how to handle Maci — much like they have throughout his entire term as a father –he still loses his cool. Maci storms off, not wanting to be subjected to his verbal assaults anymore.

Catelynn and Tyler Go To Therapy With Their Moms

Tyler Baltierra‘s mom Kimberly wants to see counseling over the Carly adoption still, because she feels upset and betrayed that she isn’t allowed to talk to Carly even as the biological grandmother.

Tyler and Catelynn Lowell also think it would be a good idea for her to speak to a therapist, and they think Catelynn’s mom April should be there as well.

When April meets up with the couple, she confesses that she is 60 days sober and is ready to but Butch behind her. She knows she needs to move on, and Catelynn and Tyler agree. They also ask April if she’ll see a counselor over Carly’s adoption, and April agrees.

During the therapy session, Kimberly says she feels like she should be able to have contact with Carly. However, the therapist Dawn says that it is a huge investment for adoptive parents to even allow a relationship with the birth parents, let alone the grandparents.

She advises that it will just take time, and Kimberly needs to understand where Carly’s parents are coming from.

It was so nice seeing Catelynn, Tyler, and their moms in therapy together. Hopefully they’ll continue it for their health!

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– Christina Stiehl

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Theresa Baduria

Posted at 11:25 AM on August 30, 2012  

Gary makes her act that way, he antagonizes her and I don’t blame her for getting upset! I saw a part of the reunion in a commercial where Gary is saying she’s just getting worse…he picks at her and picks at her until she blows up. Yeah, she’s got issues but he doesn’t help matters AT ALL. I’m very anti-Gary, he’s so full of himself and is so damn arrogant!!!

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Posted at 9:40 PM on August 28, 2012  

Amber, had problems growing up, But Her Baby’s Daddy is nothing to write Home about! He has security issues Big time! He seems to try to control every issue in their life, Maybe if he wasn’t so Lazy and would get a Job, things would of been a little better, she should of seeked counciling long ago, and He to me, tricked her into signing over custody of their baby. He seems to be the verbal abuser and she stands up for herself. He as I see it nothing but a low life who takes advantage of situations!

Share this comment at Share with Twitter


Posted at 11:16 AM on August 29, 2012  

sandy – you have GOT to be kidding me?! amber is a HOT mess and has complete anger issues. you say gary is lazy??? every time you see amber, she’s lying around on the couch! she’s completely phoney, her tears are fake, she over exaggerates and twists everything. gary had every right to take leah away from amber. besides… look who’s in jail now!!!

Share this comment at Share with Twitter


Posted at 9:32 AM on August 28, 2012  

Why do you wear so much makeup? You looked so good in rehab without it. It makes you look like a clown that is high on drugs. Your daughter is adorable and I picture that is what you looked like as a child because she looks just like you. Cut some of the makeup and lets see the real Amber.

Share this comment at Share with Twitter


Posted at 2:42 PM on August 23, 2012  

ryan needs to tell his girlfriend to keep her mouth shut. one episode she’s asking bentley if he wants to live with his daddy, and now this episode when maci says she’s done with the conversation after ryan started with his insults, dalis spits out ‘good’. she needs to keep her damn mouth SHUT!

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Posted at 2:35 AM on August 26, 2012  

You are correct on that! Dalis needs to shut her mouth and stay out of business that she don’t have no reason to be in! Dalis wants to cause trouble, you can tell that when Ryan comes to pick up Bentley.

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Posted at 1:37 AM on September 5, 2012  

i think she is jealous u can see it wrote all over her face i think ryan and maci still love each other and she knows it

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