‘RHONJ’ Recap: Teresa Giudice Disses Kathy Wakile In Dinner Toast

Mon, August 20, 2012 12:26am EST by 10 Comments
Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap
Courtesy of Bravo

Teresa continues to hold a grudge against Kathy, even after their heart to heart last week. And Teresa may be blind to another important relationship blowing up in her face.

Kathy Wakile thought she and Teresa Giudice were on the cusp of rekindling their friendship on the Aug. 19th episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

That fire burnt out quickly, when Teresa mentioned everyone BUT Kathy in her toast at the group’s final dinner.

“Chris and Jacqueline I just want to thank you for inviting us, we had a wonderful time. And Joe and I loved spending time with my brother and Melissa. And we love you guys. Oh yeah, and happy 50th to Caroline. And that’s it.”

Kathy gives a shrug of her shoulders, but admits she “felt embarrassed.”

Even after Teresa confronted Kathy about her comments at the book signing in last week’s episode, she just won’t drop it.

The housewives’ California adventure was going so well up to that point, with most drama held to a minimum. Friendships were being mended and families were coming together.

Teresa and Melissa Gorga continued their bonding. Melissa even teased Teresa about videotaping her and husband Joe Giudice having sex in the vineyards, because Teresa’s such a “media-whore.” Surprisingly, Teresa found the joke funny.

Over in the Manzo/Laurita RV, the families discussed Jacqueline Laurita‘s own burying the hatchet conversation with Teresa. Caroline Manzo, who has avoided Teresa the entire vacation, is still skeptical and admits she “is done” with Teresa’s antics.

It wasn’t all play on this vacation. Chris Manzo had to take care of some business, trying to partner with a couple of the vineyards and bringing their product back east.

Of course, not everyone realized the seriousness of the situation. The Giudice and Gorgas couldn’t help from making wise-cracks and inappropriate comments throughout the vineyard tours.

But the woman at the Levendi vineyards did get a kick out of Teresa and Melissa’s recounting of their own grape-stomping experience. “Just like Lucy and Ethel,” Teresa said.

The most touching moment of the night came when the Manzo family surprised mother Caroline for her 50th birthday with a lovely dinner directly overlooking the vineyard. Each of the kids gave a heartfelt speech, leaving their mom in joyful tears.

The happy occasion was briefly interrupted when Teresa went to confront husband Joe about a mysterious phone call. Here’s what SHE missed:

“Hold on, here she comes, my b**** wife. She’s such a c***,” Joe tells the person on the other line. He covers by telling Teresa it’s one of his workers and Teresa accepts that answer.

The two then slip into the vineyard for a little hanky-panky — because God forbid Caroline have all the attention on this evening. I guess Teresa will continue to stay in the dark about Joe’s strange phone call.

Prepping for their final dinner, Teresa visits Jacqueline’s “salon.” The two have a little girl chat, but avoid any serious topics. Jacqueline does suggest Joe speak with her husband Chris Laurita and clear the air about their issues.

On the other side of the suite, Caroline visits Kathy’s “salon.” The two discuss, who else, Teresa. Kathy wants to know about Jacqueline and Teresa’s conversation, but Caroline remains suspect and doesn’t think the relationship is at all healthy.

Finally as all the families sat down for dinner, it looked like this trip was going to end on a happy note. But Teresa’s “mean” toast, as Caroline called it, soured any chance of the housewives’ friendships growing any stronger.

How about you Hollywoodlifers? Were you surprised by Teresa’s toast, or is it just more of the same old Teresa rudeness?

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Posted at 4:36 AM on May 25, 2013  

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Posted at 11:41 PM on August 29, 2012  

No, it was not intentional!! When someone makes a toast you boast and speak of whom or what you want. All of this is pretty stupid! Kathy is a liar and a backstabber, and I definitely am grateful that I don’t have cousins or aunts like them in my family. If I did, I would cut them out of my life for good!! Kathy and Melissa, and especially Caroline are a bunch of money hungry, egotistical, sell outs with no sense of Loyalty other than to themselves. Furthermore, if Melissa was my sister in law, my brother would have put her in her place a long time ago. Melissa manipulates her husband and one day he will snap and see through the smoky mirrors!!!

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Maureen McWilliam

Posted at 2:00 PM on September 2, 2012  

Are you watching the same show I am? I don’t think Teresa’s toast was intentional but everything else she does is. Her husband admits to selling stories to the media and she swears up and down she doesn’t. She misquoted Kathie’s remarks about her cookbook. She never did say they were her mother’s receipe. If ANYONE is money hungry, egotistical and without loyalty it’s Teresa. She’s only loyal when it suits her.

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Posted at 1:55 AM on August 27, 2012  

i’ve spent the whole season watching teresa with growing disbelief. she started as a media whore and ended as a lying, two-faced c**t. Can’t get much worse. all she has to do to see why people think she’s a liar is watch the season….her story changes episode to episode. If i had been there, i would have been waaaaay less nice than caroline. And if i had been Kathy, I would have punched her in the face. I might still punch her in the face if i ever see her, just to say ” i see you for who you are….and you are worse than ugly.”

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Posted at 10:36 PM on August 22, 2012  

i never liked teresa but started to on the apprentice and after i felt she was bullied this season .however im starting not to like her again! kathy is like the nicest person but anything she does teresa gets pissed off.first she pulled the kids out of that fight and then teresa took it the wrong way and now shes pissed about the recipies ? both their moms shared recipies so who knows whos recipies are whos ?teresa is starting to piss me off she keeps saying she doesnt hold grudges but she does more than anyone.teresa just looked really shtty on that episode i am wondering if they edited it all season to make her out as the victim to only turn it upsdie down on her for shock value.

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Theresa (@tborio)

Posted at 8:57 AM on August 20, 2012  

Kathy can behave rudely at Teres’a book signing and then backpeddle with two different stories and that is okay. i do not think Teresa did it on purpose, but so what if she did. THis pack of jackles deserves it

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Posted at 3:16 AM on August 20, 2012  

Joe Giudice described his wife perfectly, she is his “b” wife, well really a “b” person in general. But, who doesn’t think that her jerk husband isn’t involved with someone else now? She totally treats Kathy W. beyond terribly and she holds a grudge like nobody’s business. Teresa likes you as long as you agree with her and that’s it. She unfortunately is pretty much a jerk like her husband. Whatever!

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Posted at 3:14 AM on August 20, 2012  

I think Teresa should be ashamed of herself. She is 40 yrs. old with 4 young girls and what she did in the vineyard was totally disrespectful towards Caroline at her birthday dinner, Chris and Jacqueline who had invited her, the hospitable vineyard owners and everyone else. Does she need that much attention that she would act out like this??? I would not have blamed anyone, if they had walked away and not given her the time of day.
This woman most definitely has emotional problems.

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Posted at 2:10 AM on August 20, 2012  

Tonight it became painfully clear that Teresa knows her marriage is a mess. Trying to force your husband to have sex??Then lashing out at anyone/everyone because you are so ashamed.
She needs to be called out on all of this and face reality. Joe is beyond repair……………..

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Posted at 4:06 AM on August 21, 2012  

I totally agree, who does that on national TV. Teresa is a child, who likes to lash out at her enemies in a vicious way. And “boy oh boy”, has she found a forum to do her dirt. Snakes like that are dangerous. I just hope Melissa and Jacqueline watch their backs, I feel an ambush in the distance.

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