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Bachelor Pad Recap: Love Is In The Air For Everyone But Jaclyn

Mon, August 20, 2012 9:59pm EDT by Add first Comment
Bachelor Pad Recap

Chris’ standing in the house is majorly downgraded, Kalon reveals his feelings for Lindzi, Blakeley & Tony couple up in more ways than one and Chris Harrison throws in the most dramatic rose ceremony twist yet—Get all the Juicy details!

After the elimination, the guys are questioning each other’s loyalty, and most want Chris off. Chris feels like Ed and Kalon betrayed him by voting off Jamie and lying to him.

The first challenge is a race where the guys and girls carry trays of stacked dishes. Blakeley is ecstatic over the nature of the challenge, “I’m so glad I worked at hooters for 13 years.” Blakeley’s years of practice pay off because she wins for the girls; Tony wins for the guys. Blakeley chooses Tony for her date and picks Kalon to go on the other date. Kalon of course takes Lindzi.

Lindzi and Kalon have a romantic dinner atop a bridge. Kalon says, “You are the one thing that keeps me sane,”  and he’s “possibly maybe in love” with her. Lindzi tells Kalon he’s one of the “funniest, most genuine, kindest people she’s ever met.”

Chris thinks Lindzi is trapped in Kalon’s spell and wants to take Lindzi with him if he goes down, so he tries to convince the guys to vote her off.

Tony and Blakeley head off in a Hummer where a trailer awaits in the middle of the desert for their overnight stay. Tony cranks up the car radio and dances with Blakeley and a smooch ensues.

Meanwhile back at the house, Michael sets up a little date for Rachel and says, “Being here with Rachel feels like falling in love,”  Rachel reveals she’s feeling like she’s falling in love.

Tony gives the remaining rose to Jaclyn.

Ed claims he didn’t come here for a relationship — even though he’s been sleeping in Jaclyn’s bed. It’s obvious Jaclyn’s upset.

Chris throws a curveball in the mix: Guys & girls will vote for one girl to send home. The girl with the most votes gets to choose a guy to go with her immediately.

Michael lies to Erica and makes her think Chris is masterminding people to vote her off, even though it’s Michael pulling the puppet strings. Erica threatens if she goes, she’s taking the house down with her and she takes Michael with her, but not before telling him Holly marrying Blake was the best thing to happen.

Whoa! The drama! Tune in next week to see what happens next!

— Jennifer Tzeses

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