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‘Project Runway’ Contestants Tie — The First In The History Of Show

Fri, August 17, 2012 6:18pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 1 Comment
Project Runway Recap
Courtesy of Lifetime

The dreaded team challenge — who curses out who, who goes home for a SECOND time this season and more. Get all the scoop from the episode from Michael Costello, designer and former ‘Runway’ contestant, right here!

I find it very exciting that Melissa is by herself at Atlas. If I could go back in time I’d rather be alone in my own room with a private bathroom. You should be thankful girl! Some private time during Project Runway is a blessing.

Back at the boys apartment, Christopher is starting to think everyone is leaving the show because of him…which is just crazy! No Honey, I don’t think anyone is thinking that you are that much of a threat. I love you, and know you mean well, but let’s just stay focused on moving forward. Let’s move on because the crazy’s are almost gone.

Here comes Heidi, and the ever-so-terrifying “button bag of doom” — all the designers hate that bag. I know I did, and still do. And you know this challenge is going to be a good one, instantly, because the lovely Ms. Nina Garcia shows up to explain the TEAM challenge. So the button bag really did lead to doom — no one likes a team challenge. The theme for this challenge is great though; design a mini collection for the “working woman.” Ummm…not so fast — not a working girl, a working woman! It sounds fun and interesting, but we will just have to see about that. In this challenge the winning team will also be featured in a special issue of Marie Claire magazine, along with the looks from each designer, and they will also have to help create a concept and photo shoot.

The first designer picked was last week’s winner Sonjia who reluctantly picks Elena for her strong pattern skills. Are you kidding me? She’s great but she doesn’t work well with others. Remember Buffi? Exactly…Elena ate her to survive. Gunnar has the same opinion as I do even though he states it a little less eloquently. I believe I heard him say he would rather “shove dirt in his mouth.” Well, I’d love to see you try. Elena would chew the dirt, spit it back in her hand and then shove it back in your mouth!

Next is Nathan who I don’t see as a team leader, (or at this point some one I really want to see any more of). He picks most of the winning contestants and the show instantly becomes the winners-versus-losers in my eyes.

Ok so the groups are titled team 6 Sonjia, Alicia, Dimitry, Elena, Melissa and Raul. Team 5, Nathan, Fabio, Christopher, Ven and Gunnar. While the teams are back at the work room, thinking it seems that team 6 is going to struggle. Raul is not being cooperative and only wants to do what he wants to do. He wants lace, and trim, pink toilet paper and this and that, Melissa had it spot-on with her comment “too much lace in the work place” — very clever! Team 5 looks like they have a direction and want to go with it. Brilliant. They happen to agree about doing a fall collection perhaps with hints of plum and pink. NOT so brilliant, I think Gunnar says it right. “Crazy Ass Barney” — I can’t wait to see their looks.

At Mood! Wow I have never seen this much chaos at Mood. Designers are running, kicking and practically screaming for time, fabric and whatever they can find. None of the designers agree about colors or fabrics, or even appear to be in a good place. Mood looks like a hot mess disaster.

Back to the work room, quick — cut to drama! Elena is missing a bag with her little lamb from Mood! The wool fabric is…GONE. Now every one is scared in the work room, including me, and I was not even there! Who will she kill for fabric? Who’s skin will become a heavy shoulder-padded ensemble? Careful Raul, you are kind of hairy, Elena just might skin you! Team 6 just reads to be a disaster to me at this point. Every one is taking leadership roles except Raul, who is acting stubborn and does not want to be a team player. Melissa looks like she knows how to delegate this one and I have to give her props for being in this tough group. Elena actually wants to stick to the original plan and not change anything, but Elena doesn’t like any new ideals.

Tim Critique:

Okay, I guess it is safe for me to say that I am totally having a flashback to season eight team challenge. I have to say none of the designers like the ruffled pleated top designed by Raul. But Raul is so unapproachable about his top, the tension in the work room is unbearable, but also can we just talk about Sonjia’s denim bib top in her confessional moment. It’s the same top Raul is creating!!!Woah but he loves the top he is making, I wish that he hated it as much as he hates the red carpet.

Team 5 (insert pic of gunnar) Gunnar is not exactly happy — he is so upset and decides to scrap what he was working on and opt for something else. Gunnar, I am glad you are doing you! Write yourself more notes daily, just make sure one of them is to remind yourself to get eliminated next challenge.

Lets jump right into the silk Chiffondy’s, (insert Sonjia Pic) I love Elena’s song about team 5 calling them. “The Silk Chiffony’s” because all they work with is silk chiffon. Christopher over in the winners circle is having his own issues. To belt or not to belt? That is the question.

In Dimitry’s confessional we here his honest opinion on Ven’s style. He calls him a one-trick monkey and Dimitry, you called it first. I have to say I think you are right. It is the end of the day and I have to say I really don’t like Raul’s attitude.

Marie Claire photo shoot day is here. Tim and photographer Tom Hines, (total hottie), greet the designers on the set of their shoot. Team 6 is all over the place and Elena is so hard to work with she just decides to take control of everything. I mean everything she says she is yelling. She is looking to fight with just about any one (insert pic of Raul) Raul is not being cooperative and is acting very selfish about the shoot. What a surprise? But finally we get some entertainment. Elena snaps at Melissa. Screams at her and drops an F-bomb. No one at this point feels comfortable, I wouldn’t either. Ok shoots over. PHEW that was a close one.

Runway Day!
Hello to Heidi and the designers. A very special hello to the wonderful Joanna Coles (insert pic of Joanna) Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire magazine and my mentor on Project Runway All-Stars.

As the team looks are coming down the runway it’s a bit hard to tell who is going to win this one. I mean both teams look like they’ve done really well. I love what I am seeing come down the runway. I think you can clearly tell what women would wear these clothes.

The judges reach a tie and that is a FIRST in the show’s history. They want to talk to both teams and here what they have to say. First up team 5 and Heidi talks to each designer about the looks. Michael Kors is eyeing the things he hates and although there are some great things to say about the team, Heidi hates a few.

Joanna loves Christophers look, she asks who is the weakest link and everyone agree’s about Gunnar being the weakest link. You are the weakest link…goodbye. Just joking, about the goodbye, his dress really was the worst. Heidi hated it calling is a flat soufflé. I love how Fabrio talks about Ven being the worst because he isn’t and Ven still takes it personally and becomes shocked and offended. Hilarious.

Team 6 scored as the winning team although they all agreed tha Raul was the weakest link and the judges all hated his look. But I did love the skirt that Sonjia created, however it was not enough to save that extreme ruffling.

Melissa got the win for her very beautiful blue dress — and honestly she deserved it. The dress was striking, well made and photographed in the editorial. Congratulations to you Melissa Flies. Alicia did very well with her pants and Nina appreciated a good pant. She’s in, Christopher is in, Fabio, Ven, Sonjia, Dimitry, Nathan in.

Bottom three are Elena, Raul and Gunnar. No shock there! Elena is safe, and now its between Gunnar and Raul. Gunnar is safe and Raul gets the double kiss of elemination. So sad. Not many designers get that second chance at a kiss.

We have a moment in the designer lounge as Raul says his good bye’s for the second time. He starts showing his real emotions toward Elena. He tells her that he really doesn’t like her and he thinks it’s childish and wrong. I am over him, Honestly hoping no more designers quit or leave in the middle of the night. So we don’t have to see the return of him. Until next week.

Michael Costello

Until next week, thanks for reading Project recap! Check out Michael Costello Couture, follow me twitter @michealcostello and facebook and tweet with me every Thursday at 9PM (EST) during Project Runway season 10!