Kristen Stewart Is ‘Scared’ To Do Press Post-Scandal

Fri, August 17, 2012 7:08pm EST by 50 Comments
Kristen Stewart Press Affair

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Posted at 5:01 AM on August 21, 2012  

I believe their love is strong enough to get them through this. Rob and Kristen together forever

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Posted at 5:03 PM on August 20, 2012  

I am sure Kristen is afraid of her first public apperance. If you watch Robs interview he was very uncomfortable. The way he handled himself was good but not like the regular interview that he does. He was very edgy. Not his normal laugh. In the interview with Jon Steward he never touched his hair one time. Not other interviews every 30 seconds. Remember the premier in London for BD2 Kristen was in tears as some woman had threatened her. No one should have to be afraid to speak out. We may not agree with what they did or say but they have a right. Kristen needs a strong person to protect her and not sure Rob is up to the task. Wish then both luck in whatever decisson the choose for their future.

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Posted at 12:54 PM on August 20, 2012  

BTW this outfit was terrible on her. She does not look good here. Usually like her new made up look but this Swath Aussie look no good.

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Posted at 10:28 AM on August 18, 2012  

if I read it would not do these interviews? my god, there’s really sick here
  and the film it would not promote it? he should have run to kristen and say “but my god it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s a mistake, I forgive you,” I think I vomited on my
keyboard, you are immoral people, you have no shame for what it did was rob you present it as an innocent person, no,
even if we see Rob smile and laugh, we true fans see that it has suffered because of it, he has lost weight, he is angry when he asks questions about kristen has inside she killed him
but you are stubborn and that you do not want to recognize it, it made him very badly, agree it and let the quiet life, if she really would have liked, she would not have betrayed
my personal opinion,

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Samuelle 40

Posted at 9:24 AM on August 18, 2012  

Kristen follow Robs lead and say nothing we have read that you are speaking three times a day,that is a start he will be hurting as much as you over your promo next month you will have his best friend beside you as in Cannes,he has refused to make any comment at the London event.Its at least another two weeks away things may change drastically by then.Idont condone what you did so public ally but people do make mistakes so hopefully forgiveness is on his next agenda and you never know he may show up in Toronto to give you that boost you need.If it helps he looked most uncomfortable in all his interviews it was obvious he still loved you and missed you.
Thank goodness he didn’t have to do anymore or we may have seen tears,so please say nothing!!

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Posted at 9:11 AM on August 18, 2012  

Daddy why is Kristen Stewart sucking your face in the magazine and why is mummy crying???

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Posted at 8:01 AM on August 18, 2012  

Yes the girl’s scared. Wouldn’t you be with fans sending her death threats and hate mail. What happens if someone tries to attack her or even worse. There is not much protection. Just look at Kim K. that woman that threw flour over Kim could have had a knife or a gun. Yes the fans would hurl abuse,scream and call her hurtful names and yes she would probably cry and run away. Rob was ok everyone was feeling sorry for him. I don’t think Rob would have had to do interviews if it wasn’t for the fact they the interviewees want to know about the scandal. That is why he was asked to do interviews not about his movie.That was their priority. Kristen would probably cry and run away.Leave the girl alone. ROB RAN OUT ON HER WHEN THE GOING GOT TOUGH INSTEAD OF STAYING AND TALKING THINGS THROUGH. HE IS A COWARD. Will he go to her Premier without her knowing. Or will he use the excuse “I DON’T WANT TO SEE HER OR SPEAK TO HER” Would he be proud of her the way she was of him for his movie. I think not. If she doesn’t want to do BD2 Promotion she should not have to. Looks like Summit will have a hard job to get Kristen back out there. STICK TO YOUR GUNS KRISTEN. There is no protection at that premier either. You only have to look at all the other Twilight premiers open space with fans hanging over the barriers. That is pretty dangerous. When they go to have their pictures taken with fans or sign autographs the crazed fans could do anything. They don’t scan them for objects. So I don’t blame her if she doesn’t go. It is alright for Rob every one is feeling sorry for him. He needs to ask himself how much a part he played in what Kristen did. What was it in the relationship he wasn’t doing or was doing, how much was he not listening to her? He needs to go find her and talk to her. What is he waiting for. He should stop acting like a spoilt petulant little boy. Someone needs to wake him up a bit. He is out boozing with his so called friends. He wants to be careful to much boozing and he might end up taking some woman back to his hotel and end up regreting it if he plants his seed where it should be, than he would regret it for the rest of his life. But isn’t that like a man instead of talking he runs away and gets drunk. So obviously he has stopped hurting, suffering, being humiliated and heartbroken if he can go out boozing and dancing all night. I read something in a book that went like this “I AM IN AWE OF YOU(AND HE WAS/IS) I WANT YOU(HE DID/DOES)THE THOUGHT OF ANYONE ELSE HAVING YOU IS LIKE A KNIFE TWISTING DEEP IN MY SOUL. It will happen if he lets her go. Rob be a man stand up and be counted. Make a decision.

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Team Kristen

Posted at 8:20 AM on August 18, 2012  

Well said Jackie :)

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Posted at 7:57 AM on August 18, 2012  

I hate that dress/skirt thing. The patterns great, but it’s too long. Plus, she’s not supposed to pose the way she is while wearing a silhouette like that. Keep your legs closed Kristen, in more ways than one. It wouldn’t kill her to smile once either.

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Posted at 7:37 AM on August 18, 2012  

i know people are upset, but they should get over it, so should kristen, she’s the one who did all this and i think it’s time for her to face up to it, although rupert sanders should be getting equally as much blame. twilight is also a film she should be proud of and happy to promote, no matter how much people are angry with her and if she wants rob back she should try talking to him.

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Posted at 7:29 AM on August 18, 2012  

Only two people did the wrong thing here without a care in the word, one pissed away her relationship with her loving boyfriend and one pissed away his relationship with his wife and kids who also have those disgusting photos as a reminder of what one slut did with their father. Why is daddy doing that to Kristen mummy????

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Posted at 6:40 AM on August 18, 2012  

t is the most sensible comment I’ve read since that nasty business
thank you stormy
Finally someone like me who really understands what she has done robert pattinson
these stupid fans believe that cheating does not hurt, cheating destroys the image one has of her friend
I don’t think you can get much colder or crueler than that;yes
It was cruel on the part of stewart
yes she is entitled to the error like everyone else, but not like this!
I do not believe for one moment that this girl is afraid of the scandal, so it will show when pattinson has taken everything in Figure
this girl is not afraid, watching as she played shy during the 4 years,;
she played with us as Rob is a manipulative,

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Posted at 9:46 AM on August 18, 2012  

and you are NOT looking at the whole picture. Relationships go bad, sometimes things happen, get blown out of preportion, look at all sides of this picture, I see three guilty people, communication is needed here and damm all of the public who is feeding on bad things, nothing done good is interesting enough to write about. We used to kid my Grandma about reading her “smut” magazines, she claimed that she was so glad to be normal and it as funny to read some of the crap, who could make up the biggest lies and the vast waste Hollywood really is

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Posted at 4:38 AM on August 18, 2012  

I think from now on anyone who loves Kristen will advise her not to take back Pattinson, this dribbler, who dumped her to fight allone, while he is stroking his big Ego! This is not a partner and that is not friend

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culpa mea

Posted at 3:29 AM on August 18, 2012  

I truly don`t understand why soo many people belief/expect that a 22 year young woman should had have more responsibilty to be the wiser one than a man twice her age, twice as much life experience, committed into a marriage with kids and that was somewhat her boss

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Posted at 3:23 AM on August 18, 2012  

I wonder if Rupert spends a second to process or asks himself what their little fling has caused the life of a 22 year old

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Posted at 3:20 AM on August 18, 2012  

I agree with you disastrous

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Posted at 1:20 AM on August 18, 2012  

Kristen destroyed, shattered and smashed Robs heart into a million pieces. But wait she did it infront of the whole planet. I don’t think you can get much colder or crueler than that. She is scared and yes she should be ashamed. He has to see her in such horrible positions everywhere he looks. Tender moments she never showed him in public she shared with 44 year old Rupert. Wow she should also be scared of liberty and Rupert’s CHILDREN I’m sure they would like answers. Yes we all make mistakes but this one is just Yuk yuk yuk

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Posted at 12:29 AM on August 18, 2012  

I’ve had time to process this whole Kristen cheated on Rob. And at first like most of the “Robsten” shippers I was shocked and upset because if you’re completely following their entire time together since twilight began it seemed like the most perfect thing. In the movies they’re shooting they’re together.. forever and we all saw that it kind of mirrored a real life thing going on even though they really tried and wanted to keep it all private.. C’mon you’re famous. Stop hiding it. We’re going to see it eventually! My point is.. To us, the people who truly have no idea what’s going on behind their bedroom doors it was sudden and hurtful. We’re fans. Of Rob, of Kristen.. But it’s not really our place to judge her, or him, or Rupert. You live and learn from your mistakes and I understand Kristen’s hesitation towards her upcoming press events. She’s scared of being awkward, or saying something wrong.. Maybe she’s just afraid of bursting into tears. Let her be. They will figure it out on their own.. And WE won’t have any say in the matter. I still love you Kristen!

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