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‘Teen Mom’ Recap: Farrah Abraham Scares Off Boyfriend With Marriage Talk

Wed, August 15, 2012 9:19am EDT by 27 Comments
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Farrah is ready to settle down, but her new boyfriend isn’t too keen on all the commitment and marriage talk. Plus, Catelynn and fiance Tyler figure out their future careers, and Amber tries to find a safe and suitable home.

Farrah Abraham wants commitment and an engagement, but her boyfriend of only one and half months, Daniel Alvarez, isn’t comfortable with making such a leap this early in their relationship. Will Farrah’s determination to find forever love spell doom for the young couple?

After a turbulent patch last week, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra brought the focus back to them and how they need to succeed in their future careers. Amber Portwood continued to struggle with Gary Shirley about seeing their little girl Leah, while Maci Bookout nearly starts a Twitter war with baby-daddy Ryan Edwards‘ girlfriend Dalis.


Last week, Farrah introduced Daniel to her baby girl Sophia and mother Debra Danielson. Now it was time for Daniel to return the favor. Sophia stayed home with grandma Debra, while Farrah flew to Daniel’s hometown of Austin, Texas to meet his family and friends.

Farrah immediately started dropping hints of wanting more from their relationship during their first night in town at dinner. Joking that she may throw up on him, she warned him he better get used to it if he ever wanted to be a father.

While meeting Daniel’s father, Marci, Farrah was SHOCKED that Daniel’s stepmother never had children by her age (Awkward pause around the table). On the other hand, Daniel’s father explained he had three children by the time he was 23. Farrah then shared she wanted the same thing, making Daniel practically choke on his meal.

Farrah stepped up her matrimony game while shopping for cute cowboy boots for Sophia. Her next hint came not so subtly, confessing she wanted her future fiance to buy her an engagement ring from a thrift shop. Each time, Daniel tried to laugh it off or stayed silent.

But there was no escape for Daniel, when Farrah got him out in a paddle boat in the middle of the water. No where to run, Daniel had to face facts that Farrah wanted to be in a committed relationship within a couple months. She even gave him the ultimatum that if he didn’t want that same thing, he could get out now.

Finally at the end of their trip, Farrah and Daniel were barely talking and Farrah told her mom Daniel was “an idiot.” Farrah left the hotel and flew home without speaking a word to Daniel. He stays behind and tell his buddy, that he just can’t say he’s going to marry Farrah right now.


Catelynn and Tyler both know what they want to do with their lives, but aren’t quite sure whether they’re enrolled in the right degree program to get them there. Knowing she wants to work as an adoption counselor, Catelynn calls up Dawn who helped with her own adoption process for some counseling on what track she should take. Dawn advises her to go for a social worker’s degree, and this information makes Catelynn nervous since she was enrolling in the human services program.

An email from Brandon and Teresa, the couple’s adoptive parents of daughter Carly prompts Catelynn and Tyler to really start thinking hard about their academic plans when Theresa asks when they’re starting school. Catelynn and Tyler both want to show Carly’s adoptive parents that their really making an effort to find a good job and successful career.

Catelynn and Tyler take the first step going to meet with prospective adoption parents and speaking with Dawn about internship opportunities. Both want to make sure they get the right degree to lead them down the right path.

Tyler’s mother fears Tyler won’t return to school after taking some time off, so she sets up a meeting with a few advisers who have backgrounds in the fields of social services that Tyler and Catelynn want to pursue. The couple feels much better when they learn a human services degree will work to lead them to the jobs they both want.

Good to see the couple thinking seriously about their future, and taking the time to really figure out what they need to do to accomplish their goals.


Still struggling with not being able to have Leah stay over at her home due to recent vandalism on the property, Amber sets out to find a new home that will be safe and secure for her daughter.

Leah, missing her mommy, calls her up on daddy Gary’s phone and Amber decides she wants to see her daughter that day. Gary puts the kabosh on that idea, telling Amber he needs to “put stuff together” and she can’t see Leah today. A slip of Leah’s little hand on the phone, and she accidentally hangs up on mommy.

The next day Gary calls Amber to ask if she wants to see Leah that day, but now Amber’s too busy looking for a new place to live. Like most conversation between these two, Gary starts yelling and Amber yells back saying she wanted to see Leah yesterday, but he wouldn’t let her. He hangs up on her, and Amber gets in her car to search for a new home.

First she heads to her friend’s home to vent about her recent “discussion” with Gary. She continues her Gary complaints while the two go look at a house for rent. “I was suppose to see her today,” Amber laments on the house tour. She does love the house, feels safe there and thinks Leah will love it too.


Maci learns first-hand that no secrets exist in the Twitter-verse. Her tweet, saying it would have been best for son Bentley if her and Ryan had stayed together, ruffles the feathers of Ryan’s new girlfriend Dalis. And when Dalis complains to Ryan, Ryan grows angry with Maci. “The stuff you post is stupid,” he texts her and then threatens to take her to court.

The fight continues in person when Ryan comes to pick up Bentley for his night. Maci tells him to not complain about Dalis’ disagreements, especially if he doesn’t entirely know the whole situation. They both somewhat agree that they need to remain civil for the sake of their son.

Ryan gets the same message at home from his parents. They try to get him to see things from Maci’s side, as she may not be ready for Ryan to be dating someone new. Ryan listens, but immediately shuts down his mother’s idea of having a big birthday party for Bentley with him and Maci together.

It seems Ryan has a lot to think about going forward, and how he wants to proceed in his dealings with his son’s mother.

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