Kristen Stewart Sending Letters & Texts To Robert Pattinson — Report

Wed, August 15, 2012 3:51pm EST by 151 Comments

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Posted at 6:57 PM on January 23, 2013  

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Rob is not a dog

Posted at 7:48 PM on August 30, 2012  

Rob is not a dog. Not speaking is normal in this type of situation. Nobody knows what they said in private. It may have been very hurtful, and harmful. Everyone needs a different amount of time to heal. And most people do not get a second chance, check the statistics. I loved KS and RP together, but the fairy tale seems to be over. I don’t think he is listening to his friends, he knows what he wants and what he can tolerate. He has probably joined ideas off of them, but he know what he wants.

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Posted at 3:08 PM on August 30, 2012  

Well, i was also enraged by the fact that Kristen cheated on Rob. My initial reaction of course was to crucify her. But now, rethinking that for a 22 yrs old rich, beautiful and famous celebrity who accepted her infidelity in public, perpetually begging for forgiveness, being treated as outcast… the most hated celebrity… I honestly think Kristen already had too much. Prolonged agony being magnified 1000x by Rob’s indicision of whether to forgive her or not. Now I pity Rob, because he’s definitely a weakling, he puts more weight on what his friends will say not on the obvious reason that he’s still in love with Kristen. Both of them are obviously suffering but the final verdict still rest on Rob. Sometimes hurt and pride are the only reasons why friends and lovers walk away. Kristen had her greatest lesson in life, at the same time although very much frustrating, the trials will make her realize how much love and sacrifice Rob is willing to give for their relationship to grow.

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Posted at 12:14 PM on August 23, 2012  

i think you should give her another chance yea she did rong and she knoes it but she begging you for fogiveness you should give her one last chance everone deserves another chance you both were meant for each other :) love you’re biggest fan xx

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Posted at 7:51 AM on August 20, 2012  

Hey Rob … please listen to me seriously! Get another chance for what you have built together. All make mistakes. You and she know best where you are wrong. Do not put the wall. Listen, maybe surprise you! Please, it’s your life but we are all people and me one I care to see you both happy together. World without end! Come on Robert take time but do not let go of your life! Signed, a friend not a fan, who cares.

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Posted at 3:19 AM on August 20, 2012  

This is horrible pattinson.!! I thought you were better than this but boy i was wrong and you are mean and cold,You know wat?,kristen doesnt need a guy who doesnt really care for even when she got insulted and humiliated to stand by her or atleast support silently even she if she is pining and aching for the person.I am really fed up of waiting to see some good about you and her.But boy seriously you dont get your soulmates just like that!!!!!!!!!!!!I understand wat she has done and after all her apology and trying everyway to reach you, you dont have to give her this bloody treatment OK?

People do commit mistakes and she is human.Now i will see you in future regretting your past decisions that can not be changed.Kristen WE are there for you.

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Samuelle 40

Posted at 12:03 PM on August 19, 2012  

English mag this week says texting one another three times a day.Only one not using Rob at this time is Kristen she is following his lead by not saying anything she’s made her apology what more can she say she regrets what she’s done why she did we will never know and I doubt she does herself.We all know thar Rob from interviews with his past leading ladies and the Twilight Cast all have respected him as an actor good fun and good to be with so Rob forget you pride you know what that becomes for.Reach out to Kristen give it another go if it doesn’t work at least you know you tried that’s better than perhaps I should have.People are now getting exasperated with you now as it has got so out of hand,the only people making money out of you are David C one of his films has never got so much attention definately not a film for your fan followers to watch,so you are letting them down.I have read the book(prose) it was complicated to even read let alone to film but can understand why you did it.Secondly magazines and paps all making money off your back writing untrue articles just to sell them .Thirdly TV interviews to get their ratings up and see how you perform under pressure.We can see that all of this is hurting you as much as Kristen so go meet her and be the true gentleman that everyone says you are.

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Sandra Gonçalves

Posted at 10:21 PM on August 18, 2012  

Come on! get back together.She needs you now and you still love her .It´s obvious the sad look in your eyes without her.You maybe smiling on the outside ,but inside your soul is crying for her. .Meet her, talk to her and forgive her.Give a second chance to your beautiful love.You look amazing together!!!Looking at the recent pictures taken of you alone,it´s so sad…it feels like a part of you is missing.You belong together.You are two parts of the same heart!!!

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Posted at 10:17 AM on August 18, 2012  

I think Rob is getting a kick out of having Kristen Stewart
Begging him forgiveness. Its like pay back for humiliating
Him the way that she did. Just how many times should
She ask him for his forgiveness? She made a mistake,
She apologised what more do u want? Any person will
Reach tht point where they’re gonna stop apologizing
Over and over again and just let it go and move on. Does
He love Kristen Stewart enough to forgive her, and give
Her a second chance???

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Posted at 5:54 AM on August 18, 2012  

i also love this couple,i know they will get thru this,its just a phase

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Posted at 8:32 PM on August 17, 2012  

As big as the mistake that Kristen did, I really am hoping for them to get back together they were my favorite couple EVER! Rob can’t really ignore Kristen forever, they have to talk eventually!! I hope……..

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Posted at 12:30 AM on August 18, 2012  

Rob, give kristen stewart one more chance,to prove she won’t do it again,everyone deserve a second chance.She made a big mistakes,she is paying a big price for it.She wants you back.Give her a chance.Talk to her.

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Posted at 5:49 PM on August 17, 2012  

Just because you truly love someone doesn’t mean that you don’t ever find yourself in difficult situation where you are attracted to another. At 22 I made so many mistake and so did my husband. We went to counseling and now 25 years later we have 4 children, one foster child and two beautiful grandchildren. He my best friend and we hate to be away from each other more than a few hours. Friends are the worst people to accept advice for they have their own agenda and also anyone of the opposite sex of your own age. The chances of Rob ever reading this is little to none but maybe it will help another couple. Walking away can be the biggest regret of your life.

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Posted at 2:16 PM on August 17, 2012  

yep sure sounds like he loves her, so he had his heart crunched a bit, but not answering her calls, and not wanting to see her, hello, if he were so sure she was his everything, and he was 100% into this relationship he would have gotten together with her long before now and hashed things out, either break up with her, tell her you want nothing more to do with her, change his number and address and go on with his life. But him ignoring her is getting her and him no where. True love can leap over any obstacle in the way…

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Posted at 1:19 PM on August 17, 2012  

I would love to see them back together again. Everyone deserves a second chance. People have been so cruel to kstewart. Of course she messed up. We all do. I believe he will forgive her.

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Rosita fresita

Posted at 10:55 AM on August 17, 2012  

Not this woman can not ruined Mr. Pattinson career, because,
he will remain Mr. Pattinson forever in the world
he can return to their country and remain like Mr. Pattinson,
he can continue to work as a supporting actor and remain Mr. Pattinson, for the simple reason that the only thing that he has done is devote to work.
But Kristen, is just Kristen, is devalued as an actress, woman and human being,
She is marked of lifetime as a person that cannot be trusted romantically or work,
but it gets to the unlikely event of a reconciliation,
Mr. Pattinson would always be the person with great heart to returned to accept to Kristen,
and she will be always, as the woman that betray Mr. Pattinson.

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Posted at 10:51 AM on August 17, 2012  

both of you are meant to be forever and that’s for sure!!!! i love you both!!! more power….

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Sue b

Posted at 7:47 PM on August 16, 2012  

Like anybody knows how many times he responds to his texts or unless his phone is hacked too !! if you pay any mind to this report you are delusional And rob is still protecting Kristen so there he is too much of a gentlemen to lash out at her even though he has every opportunity with all the media dogs hanging off his every word.iThis guy loved her every day for 4 years it doesnt turn off like a tap Grow up and stop spreading lies Your sources are a joke His team are doing damage limitation but it isnt hurting his public persona one bit If fans care about Rob stop crucifying Kristen it hurts him too

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Tracey Bown Riley

Posted at 7:03 PM on August 16, 2012  

come on robert get back together pleaseeeee

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