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‘Big Ang’ Recap: AJ Goes To Rehab & Ang Buys Lots Of Meat

Mon, August 13, 2012 12:32am EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment
Courtesy of VH1 (2)

It was the intense, dramatic episode of ‘Big Ang’ we’ve all been waiting for. I smell Emmys. For everybody.

Party’s over, folks. S**t got real on the Aug. 13 episode of Big Ang, as AJ Raiola was shipped off to Ryker’s Island after being busted for “allegedly” selling drugs. So how did Big Ang deal with her stress? Two ways: cooking (she literally bought $230 worth of meat for sauce), and hosing off her driveway. That’s right, even though Ang claims she’s “not a good hoser,” it’s apparently her go-to coping mechanism.

On top of AJ’s legal troubles, Ang also had to take care of his pitbull Kilo. I was actually kind of appalled at the condition of AJ’s dog; He looked sick, scratched himself uncontrollably, and even Ang admitted he has “allergies” and is “blind.”  Also, why is Ang so surprised her son is involved with drugs? HIS. DOG’S. NAME. IS. KILO.

AJ managed to finagle his way into doing a drug rehab program, instead of going to jail, but Ang was still bummed about this admittedly better alternative. He’ll be gone for 18 to 24 months, after which Ang demanded he come live with her. (You know, because her house is such a calm, temptation-free environment.)

Ang learned that while she was busy with AJ and his very sad dog, things were basically falling apart at the Drunken Monkey. It’s time for Ang to get back to work!

— Andy Swift

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