Kristen Stewart Wants To Take A Naked Strip After Affair

Sun, August 12, 2012 9:31am EST by 51 Comments
Kristen Stewart Affair

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we love kristen

Posted at 5:57 AM on August 14, 2012  

Leave her at last to do in her PRIVAT LIFE whatever she likes and if she wants to lie naked on a beach she can do it. She is a wonderful, smart person and what is happening now is unfair. Paparazzi and so-called fans pushing their noses where it does not theirs business and allow themselves to judge. And the worst thing is that Rob left her alone to handle when it became difficult. When you have such a boyfriend you don”t need enemies. Now he was supposed to be next to her and support her and does it so that all can see.

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Posted at 5:57 PM on August 13, 2012  


Stewart admitted to her “crime.” She even made a public apology (not
that I think she needed to). Now I can’t go online or look at a magazine
cover without seeing a picture of her appearing forlorn and depraved thanks to you guys.
LISTEN Kristen Stewart. You do not live in a
17th century Puritanical world. Write your own ending to this story.
Don’t drop out of film commitments or press junkets. Don’t let public
scrutiny dictate how you feel about yourself. You did a bad thing. You
apologized. Now move on.
The media and specialy us weekly, hollywood lies, radar oline….. is turning Kristen Stewart’s lapse of judgment into a
cautionary tale for other little girls. She is reportedly the
highest paid female actress in Hollywood after playing Bella Swan.
Demonizing her behavior only perpetuates the Scarlet Letter
legacy. But Kristen Stewart is not Bella Swan. She is
an actress and more importantly, a person. Whatever act of betrayal she
committed is between her and Robert Pattinson to resolve. It’s not for us to judge her, unless of course you are without sin.

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I hope he speaks up!

Posted at 2:20 AM on August 13, 2012  

I really hope Rob speaks up and says something this week about all this in defense of himself and even Kristen. Tells people to mind their own business and let them work this out on their own terms and in their own time. It’s really no ones business but their own and all the cheating talk really needs to stop. He could shut that down completely by saying point blank he’s never been a cheater with any of those women and their working on getting past Kristen’s own indiscretion right now. That doesn’t mean they’ll get back together but at least they can try to forgive and move on as colleagues/friends again. I hope his team advises him that would be the best thing to do for BOTH of them right now, or if not he just does it on his own. He’s always kind of done that and not followed what his handlers said to do anyway. He’s been his own person. That would nip this all in the bud. Period.

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Posted at 12:27 AM on August 13, 2012  

She can’t run away from herself. She showed ingratitude for all the good things she had in her life and put herself in the awful position. And it wasn’t “a mistake”. A person makes a mistake when he does something which is absolutely right by his opinion and then figures out that in fact that was wrong. This is “a mistake” and it’s not her case. She knew it is wrong, she knew Rob’s attitude to this and she herself didn’t want her boyfriend to do this to her. So it was a betrayal – deliberate betrayal. It’s disgusting, I don’t know how to forgive this.

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Posted at 6:53 AM on August 13, 2012  

i absolutely agree with you

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@ JS

Posted at 7:54 AM on August 13, 2012  

Was you dating her? She is human and very young. Nobody is perfect. There was a reason that she strayed and we will never know…. Good luck to them both.

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Posted at 11:52 PM on August 12, 2012  

@Guest: It is well said. Yeah, I like it.

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Posted at 11:37 PM on August 12, 2012  

I have to give up because it’s impossible for some of you people to actually see what’s in front of you . You are so caught up in your own stupidity no matter how many times some people try to make you see that thing are not always what they seems , you all once again go off the rails . I have come to the conclusion that most Americans are idiots!!!! And the worst part is I am American and it’s a shame for me to admit it sometimes by the way these so called gossip blogs are handling this whole debacle .. This site specifically is only perpetuating this nightmare and unfortunately there will always be vultures and hateful people that are not only envious of Stewart and pattinson life but also extremely jealous of her success ….. And to all that are calling her slut ….. Well how is your personal going ? Guess not well since you waste your time daily on this cancerous site … Calling her immoral … May I suggest you look it up and find the true meaning of the word , instead of abusing it !!! May all the love you show here come back to you ten folds !!!!!!

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Posted at 8:55 PM on August 12, 2012  

The time is a good therapy,
but also suggest she occupy her mind in build it,
also enrich her spirit and soul,
transform her life
to be a better human being
and draw a goal that drives her to be unique,
Remember that alone we are born and it depends on us
follow alone or cultivate the love of those around us
and walk this road accompanied by.

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Sean b

Posted at 6:34 PM on August 12, 2012  

Who cares? its not your life people.. young girls sleep with other guys and the same way around. It happened. Its over. She can turn gay for all I care. its her damn life.

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