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‘Project Runway’ Contestants Are Dropping Like Flies

Fri, August 10, 2012 5:05pm EDT by Add first Comment
Courtesy of Lifetime

Michael Costello, designer and former ‘Runway’ contestant, gives us a hilarious run down from episode four, where we saw so many contestants drop out of the competition — and a new face returned!

Welcome to my Project Runway recap! As Heidi always says, “ONE DAY YOU’RE IN AND THE NEXT DAY YOU’RE OUT,” and this week’s episode is a literal interpretation of the famous Project Runway phrase. One day Andrea Katz was in the competition and then in the middle of the night, the missing Olsen triplet a.k.a Melissa Fleiss (my new nickname for her) and her roommate Buffi discovered that she was out. She left Project Runway like it was a bad one night stand, no note or kiss goodbye. Strange…

Back in the boy’s apartment, Christopher is feeling like he pulled a Regina George on Andrea Katz and pushed her under the bus. While I understand where Christopher is coming from, I don’t think that he should feel bad. She needed to be held accountable for her mistakes. I am personally not a fan, so my guess is that she is probably off screwing up other people’s designs by making candy aprons and Hershey bar skirts. I’m sorry but I am just being honest.

Challenge time!!! Thank G-d, because that opening drama was too much to take in. Just wait, there’s more to come…

Sonjia informs us that the team will be meeting Tim Gunn on Madison Ave. FUN!

The contestants arrive to a familiar sound of “Hello Designers” from Michael Kors at his Flagship store on Madison. Michael tells the designers that fashion is “not for sissys.”

Instantly, I am thinking that the challenge is to design a look for Mr. Kors. Nope, I am wrong. It’s a look for one of fashion designer’s most prominent customers, “the woman on the go.” Should be exciting to see who can produce.

After the challenge Tim breaks the news of Andrea to the other contestants. Telling them all that no one knows the real reason that she is gone or how she could have left the opportunity of a lifetime, (pun intended), without any sort of explanation. All of the designers agree that it’s a very tough competition. I still don’t care and I am glad that I don’t have to watch her anymore. I feel for my poor little brother though, who can’t help but feel like he has possibly mean-girled her out of the competition. But Christopher, you just do what you need to do, this is a competition. Gunnar, the resident ‘Mean Girl’ of Season 10 has really started to grow on me, maybe I was a little quick to judge this one.

The competition goes on and each designer is given $150.

At Mood we get to see a little more of Fabio and Melissa (with this much face time I might even begin calling her by her actual name). I love how Taylor Momsen…I mean Melissa… tries to have an Amy Winehouse moment and talk about how she is going to go back to black. Ummm…Melissa…you never left black, girlfriend.

Kooan seems to not be feeling Mood or maybe this challenge or maybe the competition. Maybe him and Andrea had a little chemistry and he has already started to miss her. You never know.

Back to business. At the workroom in Parson’s, the designers are still trying to figure out the whole Katz departure. Then Kooan suddenly interupts Christopher and Buffi’s conversation to announce that he is leaving also!!! WHAT?

I quickly have to say that although Project Runway is a hard competition, if you get in you should at least stick it out. Do you know how many designers out there would love to be given the chance? Both of them need a big dose of reality and need to grow up. I know what it’s like to be stressed and confused. I made it to the finals in Season 8 and then had the worst melt down in PR history. It’s gruesome long hours, I know this better than anyone after making it all the way to the end in two separate seasons. But you should be thankful, this is a HUGE opportunity.

Nathan understands where Kooan is coming from and tries to offer him a lot of support. I think that is really sweet of Nathan, but honestly what he really should have offered him is a comb and something decent to wear…just joking. I actually liked Kooan and thought he had huge finale potential, but I guess not.

Tim comes in and does his Den mother call of “Gather round designers.” As everyone gathers he gives them good advice about being in a competition and not taking this opportunity for granted. THANK YOU TIM, this is exactly what I was thinking. He lets the designers know that no one is forcing them to be there, they have to want this. Bye-bye Kooan and Andrea…

WELCOME BACK RAUL…I kind of saw them bringing someone back, but I wasn’t sure. I am just very happy it’s not the return of the sneaky Ms. Katz.

Instantly, the diva of the group starts to complain about the producer’s decision to bring Raul back, but honestly would Ven be okay with them bringing anyone back? Ven we know you are very proud of yourself, but honestly you are going to label yourself the dick of the show if you don’t change your attitude. We know you are good and that you are going to the Emmys, but guess what? You’re not nominated for one, so stop acting.

Tim comes in for his critique and my oh my, am I excited for this week. Dimitry is working on a gray dress in jersey and it only has one seam. LOVE IT and so does Tim.

Sonjia’s look is very lovely and Tim and I were both very excited about how good it looked on the form.
Elena seems to be kind of right about Fabio, I think he is trying to cater to the judges and not portray his own personal style. On the other hand, Elena might have taken the personal style a little far in this challenge. Her looks are interesting, but I don’t like anything paired with sneakers.

We could talk about Buffi’s look, but instead I am just going to say, not my favorite…
Christopher is a bit worried, but he shouldn’t be. Damn that’s a sexy outfit. That leather jacket is spot on. Melissa promises us some fun layers but she seems to be nervous about her very ambitious look. Making 4 garments, a hoody, cardigan, shirt, leggings, turban, coat, shall, blazer, vest, hat, scarf and a snuggie. I know the Olsen’s love to layer, but girl you have to stay focused.

Raul decides to make a suit. This is ambitious for someone who has just left and Ven seems to think too as he blurts out “go home again”…hilarious Ven.


Christopher my compassionate little brother, offers Buffi some of his left over black fabric and tries to convince her not to use the coral/pink fabric with the zebra print underneath. Christopher you are so sweet in trying to help a sister out, but you must stay focused, especially with all these designers dropping like flies. Especially be careful when working with Buffi, the designer slayer. Boy oh boy was she ready to take a bite out of Christopher, ranting and raving, yelling and basically taking out all of her personal frustration on my little brother. Christopher shows that he also has his own sassy side and goes into the sewing room to confront Buffi’s slaying ways. Who is ready for a throwdown? Don’t get too excited because nothing happens. No Michael C. vs. Ivy Higa moment to be had.


This week has some GREAT looks on the runway. I love a lot of what I am seeing come down the runway but let’s stop with this nice stuff, let’s get to the “who is in and who is out!”

No surprises with this judging experience, I knew instantly who it would be, watching the looks come down the runway. Sonjia, Dimitry and Christopher were absolutely on the top and Fabio, Buffi and Raul on the bottom.


Not surprising, the judges all loved Christopher’s look. I hope he goes far. I love Sonjia’s dress and it looks very ready-to-wear. Dimitry really won Michael Kors’ heart and Rachel Roy was also all over Dimitry, asking him to become her sample-maker, how great is that? Reminds me of my DVF moment from All-Stars.


Fabio — You should have listened to Elena, personal style was lacking and you have to have personal style to work in fashion. The judges want to judge your design ability, not what you want them to see.

Raul — Raul, you came back but didn’t construct a high-quality garment? Hayden was on Ven’s team in regards to Raul. She would never wear this look, and thank god for that, who would?

BUFFI — BUFFI BUFFI BUFFI BUFFI BUFFI!!! Well, this look just wasn’t very good. Mr. Kors said it best when he said “she looked like she ran out of a burning salon and threw that on”


Sonjia who also got a celebrity client and immunity out of the challenge.


Well it’s not RAUL. I guess.

Sad to say it is BUFFI. It’s sad to see her go because she seemed very funny. That last moment she had hiding behind the sofa was hilarious.


Michael Costello

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