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‘Teen Mom’ Recap: Catelynn Helps Her Mom Get Sober

Tue, August 7, 2012 11:41pm EDT by 3 Comments
Teen Mom recap
Courtesy of MTV

On tonight’s episode of ‘Teen Mom,’ Catelynn helps her mom get sober after Butch — who refused legal council for his trial — goes to jail. Read on the find out more!

Tyler Baltierra‘s dad Butch is sent back to jail without bond while awaiting his trial, and Catelynn Lowell‘s mom wants to get sober after Butch goes away. Meanwhile, Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are still struggling to communicate about Leah, and Maci Bookout and Kyle King move into their new house.


Butch has a scheduled court appearance for his arraignment, but Catelynn has to work. A very-nervous Tyler sits in with his mom and Catelynn’s mom April. At his arraignment, Butch decides to represent himself.

He asks to be let out on a personal bond to do some “research for his trial” (since he opted out of  legal council), but the judge declares there’s no way he can let Butch out on his own, given his criminal record. He must stay in prison until his trial in November.

The judge calls Butch “foolish” for representing himself, and April and Tyler both completely agree. He stands no chance at trial if he isn’t represented by legal council, they all say.

“If you knew the law so bad, you wouldn’t break it all the time,” Tyler said to Catelynn.

On his way out of the courtroom, Butch shot April an evil look at April, as if to imply that him being back in prison is all her fault. His selfish action proves to April that she needs to move on with her life without Butch, because the only person he cares about is himself.

Tyler also reiterated that Butch didn’t have any remorse for what he did, and he needs to stand up to his dad once and for all and let him know how hurt he truly is by his dad’s actions.

April also talks about now that since Butch is gone, she needs to focus on getting sober. She doesn’t need enablers in her life, and tells Catelynn that she is going to go to AA meetings. Catelynn agrees to go to help her mom, and the two go to a meeting one night. Catelynn said she wants to help her mom in any way possible, especially since she’s so frazzled right now after the Butch incident.


After Kyle signs his papers on his first home, he and Maci are finally ready to move in! Although it needs to be fixed up a bit, the couple is hard at work repairing and painting to make their house a home. Meanwhile, Bentley is with his dad Ryan while Maci and Kyle fix up the house.

While Bentley is at Ryan’s, his girlfriend Dalis asks him he’s going to make his parental rights legalized. Although Ryan keeps beating around the bush about what he wants and getting it done, he says he really wants to and will focus on being an equal parent to Bentley as Maci is.

When Bentley goes back with Maci and Kyle, they give him a tour of their new house and Bentley does not seem happy. As evidenced by his refusal to go to daycare, Bentley just seems to hate change in general, and it will take a lot for him to get used to their new space.

The first night they all stay in the new house, Bentley can’t sleep in his own bedroom and keeps getting up. Maci finally lets him crawl into bed with her and Kyle — hopefully this doesn’t become a regular thing.


Farrah is trying to get back on track with school and study for class, but Sophia keeps acting up and distracting her. It’s clear Farrah doesn’t get much work done when Sophia is around. Daniel comes over one night to help Farrah watch Sophia, but even then the toddler won’t go to bed and keeps acting up.

Farrah finally admits that she can’t pass her classes and take care of Sophia at the same time.Because Farrah’s mom Debra is coming to watch Sophia while Farrah and Daniel take a trip to Texas, Farrah is thinking she needs a bit more time away from Sophia.When she asks her mom to take Sophia back with her to Nebraska to stay for a month, Debra thinks that’s a great idea and wants Farrah to focus on school.

Debra finally comes to Florida to stay with Sophia, and she gets to meed Daniel at dinner. Although she eventually takes to him, she pulls the ultimate mom move and grills her daughter’s boyfriend, asking what his “plan” in life is and reminding him that her daughter is a “genius.” She asks Daniel to be Farrah’s “biggest cheerleader.”

Surprisingly, that doesn’t scare Daniel off, and everyone seems to bet getting along nicely. Debra likes Daniel, says Farrah is the happiest she’s seen her in a long time.


Amber and Gary have been fighting a lot since Amber  got back from rehab, and trying to coordinate visitation and meeting times is really taking a toll on Amber. She calls her therapist, and tells him she’s “miserably terrible” at home. She’s been putting off outpatient therapy, but knows she needs to go.

Child Protective Servies still doesn’t think it’s safe for Leah to stay the night at Amber’s, so she has to constantly arrange pick-ups and drop-offs with Gary. When he comes by to get Leah, he tells Amber he’s headed out of town — and Amber is FURIOUS. She doesn’t understand how Gary can leave town so much and just leave their daughter with his mom Carol.

When Amber goes to pick up Leah from Carol’s house, she notices no one is there and has a meltdown in her car. Luckily, they are safe and just arrive later. Amber and Carol sit down and have a mature discussion about Gary, and Amber expresses her need for more communication with Carol as she’s Leah’s grandma. While Carol hears Amber out, she warns that any relationship issues between Amber and Gary are between them.

What did YOU think of tonight’s episode HollyMoms?

— Christina Stiehl

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