‘RHONY’ Preview: LuAnn de Lesseps Offends Carole Radziwill With Racial Remark

Mon, August 6, 2012 2:38pm EST by 4 Comments
RHONY Preview

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Ojibwe Kwe

Posted at 4:30 PM on January 9, 2013  

I don’t agree with Luanne’s behaviour at all! Carole was very right in correcting her! As a First Nation’s woman, I have had to and still have to FIGHT tooth and Nail against stereotypes of Native people. I grew up on a reserve but now live off reserve and have been blind sided with the lack of sensitivity and knowledge towards native people! What Luanne did was make light of all those slurs and reinforce them, doing a mock war call, telling them to “watch their scalps!” I’m sure Luanne has never set foot on a reserve, protest against all the wrongs done to our Nation (but has so many fingers in the pot with so many charities). Instead of taking the opportunity to educate her fellow cast mates and viewers, she left them none the smarter on what it is to be Native. She should not be allowed to identity with our people until she has the respect for it! I’m sure NONE of the other House wives would belittle any other their heritages over and over for the sake of laughter! Especially considering one of the biggest social movements in Native History is currently underway in trying to defend this population against this very kind of backwards thinking!

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Lakota Sue

Posted at 9:56 PM on August 6, 2012  

Note to Carole. Listen “princess”, you may have a Peabody, but in the area of cultural awareness, you have a pea brain. I’m an NDN. I can say that, you can’t. Luann can say it, too. Just like blacks who use the n word, or Hispanics who call themselves Mesicans, is acceptable, the politically correct dolts step all over themselves demonstrating their enlightenment. What they really demonstrate is their own self loathing and deep seated racism. I’m not a fan of Luann, but I loved her lack politically correct silliness.

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Posted at 6:58 PM on August 12, 2012  

youre a moron luann isnt even Native American and i doubt you are either. she has stated many times her father is french canadian and if she has any native american heritage its many many generations back–shes never seen a reservation and she obviously knows nothing about native american culture except she thinks they all wear a lot of turquoise. where did you get the name lakota sue, from watching lone ranger reruns?

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Posted at 6:27 PM on August 6, 2012  

i’m not even a fan of the countess (tho lately ive been liking her little advice quips on your site), and i’ll have to say carole was being RIDICULOUS! yes, there was a time when “indian” was considered a slur- but it was never really a slur or insult as much as it was just viewed as incorrect and highlighting the ignorance of the people who originally named native americans, “indians” by mistake! that said, luanne is spot on with her mention of the ‘american indian’ museum… “indian” to reference american indians was used long enough to have taken on its own meaning, despite its misinformed origins, and it is NOT considered a slur to say ‘indian’- you just have to make sure people know you’re talking about american indians (if that’s the case) and not individuals from the country of india. it is not a slur, and that woman was being RIDICULOUS and she is the one whose education should be questioned despite making this 3rd grade remark constantly! she seemed very jealous and ignorant getting stuck on something so trivial, and WRONG!

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