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‘Big Ang’ Recap: AJ Gets Arrested & Ang’s Dog ‘Looks Dead’

Mon, August 6, 2012 1:02am EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment
Courtesy of VH1 (2)

Between the family crisis and medical drama, this week’s ‘Big Ang’ felt more like an episode of ‘Ang’s Anatomy.’

Big Ang‘s life has been all fun-and-games this season, but s**t got real on the Aug. 5 episode of Big Ang, beginning with Little Louie’s emergency neutering. Even though I’m still not sure why Ang was suddenly in such a rush to get Louie snipped, I was biting my nails during the entire operation, because Ang’s last Pomeranian died under anesthesia. So how did Louie fare?

Besides having to wear an annoying-but-adorable cone for a little while, Louie turned out just fine — which is more than I can say for Ang’s son AJ Donofrio, who was arrested on drug charges and tossed into Ryker’s Island. There was no way Ang was going to pay the $300,000 bail, so she did what any sensible woman would do: She popped a bottle of champagne and went to town!

All of this happened after Ang’s big trip to Atlantic City, where she tried to convince AJ to move home with her by proving she still knows how to party. I’m not sure that was the smartest approach, but at least it provided us with the oh-so-wonderful image of 65-year-old “Sandy Stitches” stuffing a dollar bill into Lil’ David‘s pants.

Every single one of these characters deserves their own spin-off.

What was your favorite moment from tonight’s episode of Big Ang? Were you pleasantly surprised seeing Ang’s maternal instincts coming out after AJ’s arrest? Drop me a comment with your review of this week’s shenanigans!

— Andy Swift

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