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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Ven Wins A Trip To The Emmys

Fri, August 3, 2012 9:12am EDT by 1 Comment
Courtesy of Lifetime

Michael Costello, designer and former ‘Runway’ contestant, gives us a hilarious run down from episode three — which was definitely a blast from the past!

This week on Project Runway the designers had their first red carpet challenge. The designers who were paired into teams and groups of two, were given $300 and one day for this challenge. Those weren’t the only obstacles though! The designers were suddenly told they would be picking up their clients in a fancy Lexus somewhere in NYC. There is a lot riding on this challenge because the winner of this challenge and their client will be going to the Emmys! How exciting? I’m instantly hoping its not Andrea Katz or Gunnar!

First up, we see Project Runway winner Season 9 winner Anya Ayoung-Chee looking fabulous. She is paired with designers Chris Palu and Andrea Katz. I have no fear in Christopher nailing this challenge but that Andrea lady scares me.

Elena is teamed up with Buffi and I can’t see this working out to anyone’s advantage. Especially when I find out that their client is none other than the beautiful and refined, yet very intimidating Laura Bennett of Season 3. I can’t understand how they are going to make something out of cheetah print and warrior noodles that will flatter Mrs. Bennett. Buffi did seem to be relieved once she discovered a hint of cheetah print from Laura’s dress under her coat! Phew…maybe there is victory in store for these two.

Alicia and Raul are paired with one of my favorite gal pals Mila Hermanovski, Season 7 finalist and Project Runway All-star — (love those earrings Mila!) I instantly see the pair as a good fit since they both have tailoring backgrounds. We hear early on about Raul wanting to do menswear and Alicia loving menswear. Mila always combines a hint or two of her own style with menswear as well. A great blazer or a sport coat, in black and white of course!

Next up we see April Johnston, Project Runway All-star and one of my fellow Season 8 ladies, looking great and rocking that lilac-colored hair. April is paired with Taylor Momsen/Melissa and Nathan, who I think is the best fit by far. Melissa and April both share similar aesthetics and have excellent personal style. I predict a win!!! but maybe it’s too early to say…

Let’s just speed things up and get to IRINA! What’s her last name? Oh yeah ShabayEVIL! Okay, personal stab — love the girl and her clothes but woah, tough client! I hope Gunnar and Kooan can satisfy this Season 6 winner! It’s quite possible that Gunnar is going to get a taste of his bitchiness. Gunnar takes a moment to let the world know that he is controlling when it comes to his fashion. But so is Irina, so be careful Gunnar you may have met your match! We’ll just have to wait and see the outcome on the runway.

I am so excited to see the return of Kenley Collins, Season 5 finalist and Project Runway All-star. But I have to take a quick second before we go into this, to warn Ven and Fabio!! Kenley is loud and knows what she wants, so you better listen!!! She wants it young, cool, fresh, easy, simple, vintage, pretty, girly, romantic, colorful, thoughtful, conservative. But that is all, so it should be easy, right?

Dimitry is not feeling his silk SHA-MOOSE aka silk charmeuse (I love the way he pronounces it). Taylor Melissa/Melissa hates it too! Anya tells her designers that she is wanting to be a bit more sleek and I have to say I would love to see that myself.

With the collaboration everyone seems to be having their own “make it work” moment. In the workroom I believe to start doubting Alicia, who apparently has never made an evening gown before. Elena also seems to be having trust issues with Buffi. Elena is very concerned with construction and is not sure if Buffi can construct like she can. Fabio seems to be slowing down the great and wonderful Ven. We then cut to a moment where Gunnar is so annoyed by Miss Shabayevil that he says he just wants to smack her! Although Gunnar is bitchy, I think he’s right. I would love to smack both of you, okay maybe I am getting a little abusive here! Sorry Gunnar…

April and Tim come in to check on their designers and April agrees with the two that SHA-MOOSE charmeuse is no ones friend, but their designer is the perfect canvas for her hair color. I agree, I would love to see April in this!

Lets go to Raul and Alicia. Unfortunately this look is sad and not my favorite, especially for Mila who is thinking the look is a bit more daytime than Emmys!

MAYBE Emmys after party? Not even that. Tim Gunn seems to think it’s more of a look for the pool and suggests to try something else but Raul loves his print and thinks it can be great!

Kenley is very pleased with the look and thinks it’s great. I agree, I love the look and think it captured Kenleys spirit. She looks lovely.

When Anya and Tim arrive to critique Christopher and Andrea, both have different opinions on the dress, which leaves more work for Christopher and less work for Andrea. Christopher is very uncomfortable and starts to feel unsure. He doesn’t even know what’s happening or what they’re talking about. Poor Christopher. I know you will make it work little brother.

Laura Bennett is critiquing with Tim Gunn. She kind of sounds like him a bit when she tells Buffi and Elena that the design seems to be too ambitious for them. However, Laura loves the sketch but I am not sure if she loves the design.

Elena seems to be a perfectionist, who can also be a control freak, but Buffi seems to have a good head on her shoulders about everything and takes the approach in a different way (sometimes you just have to)! However Elena’s drama with Buffi is making it uncomfortable for Buffi to finish and she wants to leave! Come on Buffi don’t walk out now! We kind of love you and your voice and your craziness they all work together some way!

Can I just say in the time Elena and Buffi took to make that dress I would have had 3 done!!! It’s true but I am not a hater and not attacking the girls. This show is a pressure cooker.

Love the part where Elena is sewing like a crazy chainsaw massacre lady and how Buffi calls her out about it! So funny, can we just talk about Elena a little more? Where does she come from? Why does she have to fight to live? or to eat that day? This is Project Runway, not the Hunger Games! Don’t kill Buffi and please don’t eat Heidi Klum! I know sometimes the food at Parsons is not so good but it’s going to be okay.

Christopher, I love you! But honestly tell that crazy woman to get that damn skirt done already. I know you are just doing your job and getting it done but it’s your ass on the line here too buddy. Slip her a red bull or something to get her going, time is ticking! Tell her if you win you will let her have the Emmy tickets or tell her that the actual prize for this competition is a lifetime supply of bengay and asprin.

I mean it’s kind of ridiculous that Andrea has the nerve to come up to Christopher while he’s working and say “Whoops I messed it up again!” Well get it right, some of those designers want to be there.

Irina is still in the workroom yelling at Kooan and Gunnar and I am sure the entire production crew knows about her bad white dress. I am sure she stopped production and went upstairs and fixed it herself!

Ahhh…finally runway day and I thought this episode would never end.

Wow. Heidi Klum looks amazing and so do the judges! Hello to our very special guest judge the lovely Miss Krysten Ritter!

Who is kind of giving me a hint of Kenley Collins don’t you think?

As the looks come down the runway I have to say I like some of them.

April Johnston looked fantastic in this SHA-MOOSE dress by Taylor Melissa/Melissa and Dimitry.

Laura Bennett in her dress by Buffi, and Elena looked finished that’s all. Just finished.

Valerie Mayen looked great in a body hugging gold sequin number from Sonjia and Nathan.

Anya this dress is okay. The split is a little high and her boobs looks a little smashed but I think if Christopher made this on his own it would have been better.

Mila, oh my Mila! I didn’t recognize you at all. This entire look was…very sad and not my favorite!

Kenley, Ven and Fabio did a great job. This dress looked fantastic on Kenley –everything about it!

Irina, this white dress was awful. It didn’t look so bad coming down the runway but close-up WOAH not a good look!


Shockingly Gunnar and Kooan are in the top. Irina is still not happy and has to justify the bad sewing techniques. Let it go! I am shocked to see that this dress is in the top and I don’t know what the judges are thinking — not my favorite!

Ven and Fabio — I am not surprised about this being in the top. I think it’s beautifully made. I think it reads well and Ven is really impressive!

Nina likes the dress and Michael Kors can really only see Vens work. Fabio reassures Mr. Kors that he will show his style! I agree Fabio. I like you!
Our guest judge seems to disagree and has a strong opinion. She says that she has worn and seen many dresses like this and that we have also seen them on many people. This just is a case where it happened to be the best dress up there!


Alicia and Raul — It’s no surprise that this look is in the bottom. It was the worst dress I have ever seen. I was at home crying “What did you do to my friend? How could you?” Mila is a nice person who doesn’t deserve this! Nina absolutely agreed with me and said, “How can you take someone like Mila who is so chic and modern and transform her into a sad sack?”

Christopher and Andrea — Sad to say. I hate to see my little brother up there getting a harsh critique, but it happens that the judges did not like this look. Although it was not as bad as they said, they had some valid points, except for the fact that Michael Kors thought the dress made Anya look like a walking Hershey bar (that’s strange, I love Hershey bars!). It’s sad that someone like Christopher who really wants to be there and compete, had to get paired with someone like Andrea Katz. She is just someone who I don’t think deserved to be there. I’m sorry and that may be rude but there are hundreds maybe even thousands who would have done a lot to be on this show. She just seemed like she didn’t care where she ended up as long as she got on the show. Pull through it Christopher.

Okay enough already. Looks like Ven is going to the Emmys with Kenley. I just hope he is happy about this win and not complaining how he should have won the first one still! I can’t wait to see my lovely Kenley at the Emmys, not you Ven!

Gunnar although you’re not my favorite person there’s still time for you to grow on me. I am glad that in front of the judges you always seem very polite and nice…but we’ll just have to see about that.

Michael Costello

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