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The 10 Things Kristen Stewart’s Family & Friends Should Be Doing Right Now

Thu, August 2, 2012 3:31pm EDT by Chloe Melas 39 Comments

Kristen is reportedly ‘inconsolable’ now that Rob is barely speaking to her, but top experts say her family needs to rally around her! Read on for what K-Stew’s inner circle should be doing to help her mend her broken heart!

Kristen Stewart‘s friends and family better not let her sit around in pj’s eating ice cream all day! The 22-year-old is reportedly devastated that she cheated on Robert Pattinson and could lose him forever. But there are 10 things that Kristen’s mom Jules Stewart and her besties should be making sure they’re doing.

1. Take her to a shrink to find out why she sabotaged herself and betrayed an international heartthrob who had a good heart,” psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls, Dr. Carole Lieberman says. “Men like this are hard to find, especially in Hollywood.”

2. “It’s important they don’t judge her,” relationship expert Cooper Lawrence tells us. “Everyone else in the world is judging her, hating her for hurting Rob/Edward. Even if they disagree with what she did, they need to understand that she needs allies.”

3. Warn her,” Dr. Lieberman explains. “Not to date other guys on the rebound.”

4. “Do something fun and memorable,” Cooper says. “Even though she initiated this scandal by sleeping with someone else, if this time in her life becomes only darkness she may never recover.”

5. Dr. Lieberman: “Stay away from Rupert!

6. “Remind her that she’s only 22!” Cooper says. “You screw up at 22, that’s what your early twenties are for. We have all done stupid stuff at that age … it’s totally normal.”

7. ) Give her some family advice,” Dr. Jeff Gardere says. “Loving and hard hitting.”

8. “Don’t let her be alone too much of the time,” Cooper explains. “She’s young, brooding, stressed, guilty… would be terrible to see her fall into a depression, which can easily happen. So, lots of dinners, girls nights, movies and anything that will keep her from falling into that cycle of depression.”

9. “Suggest that she do something positive for the world,” Dr. Lieberman says. “Like: build houses for the poor, teach acting to disadvantaged kids, etc.”

10. “Keep her away from TV, papers, the media, the Internet,” Cooper says. “She can’t figure any of this out if she is bombarded with what everybody thinks of her. Only she knows what’s really going on inside her, all we can do is speculate and she does not need our speculation to factor in to anything she is going through.”

— Chloe Melas

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