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‘Bachelor Pad’ Recap: The Super Fans Are Dropping Like Flies

Mon, July 30, 2012 11:08pm EDT by 2 Comments
Courtesy of ABC

Ribbon dancers, steamy hook-ups and tear-filled twins took over ‘The Bachelor Pad’ on July 30th! Read on for more details.

The Bachelor Pad kicked off with a twisted competition: gymnastics.

But this isn’t your regular headstands and back handsprings type of gymnastics. In Bachelor Pad land, gymnastics means busting out your ribbon dancer from 1992. And just like back in the fifth grade it’s the boys against the girls – and a ribbon dancer.

The boys are convinced that the girls are going to rock this competition, but I must say, the boys looked way better than the girls. Erica Rose wore a skirt for crying out loud!

And when it’s time for the final performance, the girls totally ruin it. As one guy describes it, their performance was a “freaking train wreck.”

Yikes! The guys ended up totally kicking butt in the competition — it must have been those leotards!

Since Michael S. won the competition, he receives a datecard to take three of the women out on the town — and he picks Lindzi, Rachel and Donna.

Erica Rose is upset because apparently Michael told her he’d choose her, not Donna.

“I feel like I can’t trust him,” Erica Rose says.

Who CAN you trust in the house, Erica Rose?

Donna is super excited about this date because she’s been crushing on Michael S. since who knows when. And finally her wish comes true and she slow dances with Michael, but unfortunately he falls for another girl: Rachel from Ben’s season. And they end up making out – in front of Donna!

Back at the house, everyone is getting toasty and taking shots. Of course, it’s not long before the drama begins. Jamie learns that Chris B. plans on keeping Blakeley as his partner – and she’s not happy with that because she clearly has a crush on him.

“She’s a VIP cocktail waitress,” Jamie says, snarling.

Actually, not anymore, Jamie – she’s a waxer! Enough with that though, Chris is strategizing how to stay in the game and make nice with both Blakely and Jamie. And his solution is to rack up a bunch of STDs.

But bust out the claws! After making out with Chris, Jamie walks in her room only to find Chris kissing Blakely!

“It’s so hurtful, but there’s nothing I can do about it. If you can’t change anything you just have to move on,” Jamie says.

Everyone’s cooled off the following morning and Blakely ends up with a datecard. And the lucky men to accompany her are Ed, Chris and the fan man — who get to partake in a soapbox derby race. Ed ends up winning the race, but that’s the last thing on their minds.

“Winning the rose would make me feel a lot better,” Ed says.

Back at the house the foursome takes a dip in the pool, but Chris remains in the doghouse. Ed grills him, asking if he really likes Blakely, but then Blakely takes matters in her own hands – and Chris is over it.

“My relationship with Blakely is a nightmare. If I don’t get a rose tonight, my whole strategy is a nightmare,” Chris says.

Chris gets the rose and everyone is back together and ready for a wild night. First hook-up? Sarah and Ed. But the most intriguing relationship is Lindzi and Kalon!

“I’m having fun with Kalon,” Lindzi says as she cuddles up to him. Aww! We wonder what Ben Flajnik thinks about this!

But then there are people who AREN’T having fun: the twins.

As Erica so eloquently puts it, “the twins are acting crazy tonight; they’re crazy and calling each other sluts.”

Fact. And nobody can fall asleep because of their crazy ways. Seriously, they totally lose it and fortunately for the rest of the house, and viewers, the twins send themselves home. Everyone is happy about that except Erica Rose. Since she lost the challenge and the twins left, she’s next on the chopping block.

But then Chris Harrison delivers some very good news. Because the twins are out of the picture, all of the ladies are safe for the rest of the night and one man will be sent home. Four girls say they’re going to vote off Ryan, but is he ultimately the one to go?


Jamie admits she’s sad about the situation, but reveals she has a new plan: win Chris B. back and make him her partner.

Until next time…

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