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'Project Runway': Gunnar's Claws Come Out & Elena's A Drama Queen

Fri, July 27, 2012 10:28am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 4 Comments
Project Runway Candy Episode Recap

Michael Costello, designer and former ‘Runway’ contestant, gives us a HILARIOUS insider’s view on the unconventional challenge! Read on for his recap right here.

Last night’s episode was a tasty one this week, as the designers were asked to create a look made out of candy for their first, (and everyone’s favorite), “the unconventional challenge.” I have to say, I love these challenges on Project Runway! You can really see what the designers can do — and what makes them go crazy. Guest judging this episode is the beautiful Dylan Lauren, daughter of the fashion legend Ralph Lauren and owner of Dylan’s candy bar!

Back in the work room, designers are slaving away like oompa loompa’s in the Willy Wonka work room!

While working I notice that there seems to be a bully in the workroom — and no it’s not Veruca Salt wanting candy from her daddy, it’s Gunnar Deathridge!

Come on Gunnar no one likes a bully…or cattiness! It’s obvious some one is a little jealous of Christopher. While Mr. Palu is working on creating his edible yet wearable creation, Gunnar seems to have a few things to say!

Christopher pays no attention to Gunnar and calls himself the good twin and Gunnar the evil one — and I agree! Keep it up Christopher, your slowly making it into my heart, (even though you made fun of hoochy shorts)! What’s wrong with them? I wear them and I’m your older brother, you’re supposed to look up to me.

Ok can we talk some VEN! Okay, mister: it’s great to be confident and that will get you far in the competition, but boy you can brag! It’s great that you won all those prizes in school but this is Project Runway season 10, you have to bring it. However, so far you have. The stained-glass-inspired, delicious creation is by far the most incredible. You have
the skills to back it up Ven — just try and be a bit humble, it’s more attractive! Tim Gunn and the judges obviously will love your work, because it’s beautiful. You
know it, they know it, and the fans know it. No need to brag.

One of my favorite quotes so far is when Tim Gunn says to one of the contestants, “You’re just going to have a ‘glue the f*** out of it moment.'” Hilarious! Elena overhears this advice and takes it very seriously and glues the sh*t out of her self.

Dramz in the workroom call an ambulance!!! Elena has been burned! Now before you b*tch her out, let me tell you from some one who has competed in two unconventional challenges, those glue guns get scorching hot! (Okay now feel free to bitch her out).

Andrea Katz, this garment leaves me wondering. Obviously it does the same to Tim — there is about a 45 second moment of silence before he tells her how underwhelmed he is. Andrea, who was so excited about her garment, instantly took Tim’s advice and had her own ‘make it work’ moment. She has to pull it out of her rear end, (and no I’m not talking about the garment). Even though that is what she did. What the hell is going on in the back of her finished dress? Is it a bustle? Is she hiding an oompa loompa back there? I kept waiting for one to pop out of the back!

Fast-forward to the next morning: it’s chaos in the workroom. I am imagining that the Lord and Taylor accessories wall is very sticky at this point…melting cotton candy, twizzlers all over the place, dresses melting and garments falling apart! When you look at Sonjia, she seems to have it all. By that I mean all 7,000 types of candy you can buy at Dylan’s. But it seems to work together! Jellybeans, gummy sharks, white chocolate and more. Who would have thought this would come together to make such a beautiful garment? I don’t know if I want to eat it or wear it…or both!

Elena is having serious issues after feeling like she’s been hit by a bus from the night before! Imagine if she had a splinter, would she fall into a coma? Kooan, used the same tactic as Andrea, just bought up the whole entire Dylan’s Candy shop to create his look. Even though it was melting and falling apart, he managed to pull that look together. I’m pretty sure he used some of his fro in order to do so.

Lantie was the sour apple of this challenge. Although she tried to have a ‘make-it work moment’ by using fabric from an umbrella to make something new, she should know that the judges don’t respond to fabric like materials in unconventional challenges.

While waiting for the runway I couldn’t help but giggle at Ven’s LIST of instructions for the model:
1. don’t eat
2. don’t stand
3. don’t move
4. don’t drink
5. don’t talk
6. don’t use your phone
7. don’t sit
8. don’t bake
9. don’t do your nails
10. don’t make out with other models
11. don’t jump rope
12. don’t bend and snap!
13. don’t breast feed
14. I’m sure the list of do’s and don’ts are still going on…

As the looks are coming down the runway I have to saym I am starting to get a little hungry…and can’t wait to eat Sonja’s dress, (it definitely looks the tastiest)!

Let’s talk about the designers who are safe: Andrea Katz really? Wow! Dimitri safe? I thought he would wind up in the top for sure!

However, down to our six designers with the highest and the lowest scores: Thank G*d Gunnar was in the (top), or else I could see him pulling a Veruca Salt and kicking and screaming his way off the runway! He gets a great critique, so maybe now he will act his age and not his shoe size?

Sonjia is also on top and had the judges loving her look, no surprise there! I did too. Ven won this challenge, and he deserved it. This dress was amazing and Heidi loved it! She wants to wear it! Give her a call Ven!

Now lets talk about the bottom: Sorry Elena, this dress was a mess and didn’t come together at all. The quote from Michael Kors is hilarious “rigatoni mad max and crotch mustache?” Whoa!

Buffi (doppelganger to fashion icon Lady gaga) was also in the bottom. Unfortunately Nina, Michael and Heidi, (as well as the rest of the world), HATED this look — I’m
sure I even heard the words atrocious!

Lantie what can I say, this look was sad and unpleasant to look at! Even though you disagreed with Mr. Kors and you created two looks for this challenge, if it’s not good then it’s not good!

Elena is safe for another day. I hope they cleared the workroom of any hazardous objects to keep poor burned Elena safe. Down to Buffi and Lantie: Well I’ll make it short, Lantie is out! And Buffi is in! And the other designers are just fine with that! As am I.

Until next week, thanks for reading Project recap! Check out Michael Costello Couture, follow me twitter @michealcostello and facebook and tweet with me every Thursday at 9PM (EST) during Project Runway season 10!

Michael Costello