Rupert Sanders Befriended Robert Pattinson On 'SWATH' Set

Thu, July 26, 2012 9:44am EST by 11 Comments

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Posted at 7:00 PM on August 4, 2012  

rob will take kristan back…..we all know who rules in that relationship…kristan. rob does what she says!

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Posted at 11:34 PM on July 26, 2012  

I feel really bad for Rob and Rupert’s family. To have to deal with this would be painful and sad for anyone but to have the story and pictures all over the internet and in magazines too… it must be beyond excruciating. It is heartbreakingly sad. Wish Rob the best. Love him.

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Smelly shells

Posted at 6:11 PM on July 26, 2012  

Cover up. I think Rupert’s been doing Rob and Kristen tried to cover it up.

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Posted at 1:21 PM on July 26, 2012  

when has this guy and rob hung out? how in the heck can they be good buddies? they met like what a few times?

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peanut butter

Posted at 11:27 AM on July 26, 2012  

I think Robert should move on, Kristin should stay away from rob and so should Rupert, kristin’sand Rupert’s apologies to rob and liberty r just words doesn’t mean anything so rob and liberty shouldn’t listen to them NOT FORGIVE THEM Rob should forget about them doing things they were doing and Rupert and Kristin both had the same amount of distcuse in them for going behind Robs and liberty’s back!!!

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Posted at 11:25 AM on July 26, 2012  

nat you are quite right.what will make anyone cheat on his or her lover if something is not wrong with the relationship in the first place.a cheater ,they say will always be a cheater.if you love someone,he or she is supposed to be your eye you see with ,your moon and your star .you see no other person except her or him.iam not here to judge kristen but the question is ———if they come back together ,will it last? there is an old adage that says ———– if you break a rope and tie it together again,it will never be the same or work the same .the smoothness has much as we want them to forgive each other and come back together,can the relationship survive at the end of the day?.well i have always been among the minority that felt all along that something is wrong with that relationship even though that i like them both and want them to be together.well, this confirms to me that my instinct never fell me.i hope they will come out of this safe and eventually learn their lesson.bonnie i wonder what you will be thinking right now about all of these.

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Posted at 10:12 AM on July 26, 2012  

I can’t believe this. I think that is in very bad taste Kristen writing to Liberty at all, I think the best thing that she can do at the moment is leave the poor woman alone, who at this time will be trying to stay strong for her two young children.
In regards to Rupert and Kristen’s actions I think that the blame here is 50/50, they’re not children, they made their choice and have to suffer the consequences.

In regards to Rob, in all of this, I think that this is getting beyond humiliating and just plain hurtful. At this time both Rob and Liberty will be trying to figure out what to do next and in Liberty’s case what’s best for her children also.

Overall, only time will tell what will happen between these couples, personally if it was me, I would walk away. That’s how I was brought up, if you cheat once you’ll do it again. Plus, to cheat means that you weren’t happy in the relationship you were in, to me it’s the cowards way out. But, it’s their choice.

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Posted at 9:43 AM on July 26, 2012  

Since Kristen is reportedly writing a letter of apology to Liberty, I think Rupert should apologize to Rob too. Rupert abused his power as an older and seemingly more mature adult. He has a wife and children and, although what Kristen did was disgusting, Rupert has jeopardized his entire family.
I hate that Kristen seems to be getting all the blame as, personally, I think Rupert is mostly to blame. Kristen may have cheated on her boyfriend of three years but Rupert cheated on his wife and children. Surely that’s more serious a crime?
I just hope Rob is okay in the end. He didn’t deserve this.

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Posted at 9:31 AM on July 26, 2012  

Oh God …. This stupid joke is continuing to expand

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Posted at 9:29 AM on July 26, 2012  

Hopefully Rob can forgive. Talk things over, and try to rebuild.
They are both strong. They have been together for three years, and in a friendship for about two years. They have had tons of stuff thrown at them.
It would be nice if they can get over this awful speed bump together. Fix what is broken, and not throw it away… you know?
I mean she will have to earn trust again, but it CAN workout.

How many celebs have been caught cheating, and they have been fine?!
Lots. Tiger Woods is doing pretty well for example.
I mean she will have to deal with this for a very long time.
I am sure that in November every interviewer will want to ask her about this, and I am sure future news reports that write about her will bring up the incident that happened in July 2012.
It won’t (And shouldn’t.) ruin her, but it will follow her.

I am sure if I met Kristen we would be friends.
When a friend is in need of support you give your friend support to help them through tough times. I support her!!

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Posted at 2:30 PM on July 26, 2012  

And theywill live together for… untill she will cheat again. You should be so young to believe in this way of thngs. After cheating a relationship won’t be the same. There will be always sidethoughts, and it poisons the relationship…. And if Rob forgive her… he is only a coward henpecked man.

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