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'Awkward' Star Greer Grammer Has Big Plans For Lissa & Matty

Thu, July 26, 2012 2:29pm EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment

Plus, Greer tells why she ‘gasped’ when she learned the identity of Jenna’s mysterious blog commenter.

If you thought the second season of MTV’s Awkward has been crazy so far, Greer Grammer — who plays everyone’s favorite hand-jobbing Bible thumper Lissa — wants you to know you haven’t seen anything yet. chatted with Greer about the madness-to-come this season, including a sharp turn for the epic love triangle, a shocking reveal of Jenna’s (Ashley Rickards) anonymous commenter, and a possible hookup between Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and Lissa! (OK, there’s a chance that last one is just wishful thinking.)

Read on for my full interview with Greer:

My sides hurt after every episode, so I can only imagine how much you guys laugh on set.

There are a lot of times we can’t get through a take. And it’s funny for the first couple times, but then the director and MTV and everyone on set is like, ‘All right, guys. Get it together.’ Every time I do a scene with Molly Tarlov, and she says ‘You’re welcome,’ I laugh so hard.

Have any scenes been particularly hard to shoot because of that?

Yes! On the first episode of season two, when Lissa tells Sadie she looks skinny and Sadie says ‘That’s something a friend would say, bitch,’ I was cracking up every time I walked away. And Molly was like, ‘You can’t do that! I’m laughing at you laughing!’

I’ve started incorporating that line into my everyday life, by the way.


Last week’s episode taught us a lot about Lissa. Will we learn more this season?

I think you’ll find out a little bit more, but last week’s was really her main episode. It’s really great because most of the response I got on Twitter was ‘Lissa’s so sweet’ and ‘I think I really like Lissa now!’ That’s so nice to hear because all I got last year was ‘Why isn’t Jake breaking up with Lissa? She’s so mean!’ It’s nice that everybody’s seeing her the way I’ve always seen her, which is sweet but also naïve.

I know Jake is with Jenna right now, but is there any chance Lissa is harboring feelings for her ex?

I’m hoping the show will go on for 10 seasons, if not more, so you never know. For right now, I think the door is probably closed from Jake’s perspective because he’s so into Jenna. Lissa is also very Team Jake & Jenna; she likes them being together and realized she did evil things. But just like any ex, there are always lingering feelings — especially for the person who was broken up with.

Would you like to see Lissa in a new relationship, maybe with someone new?

I would love that. Brett Davern and I always laugh because they never painted [Jake and Lissa] as having a good relationship. And I always joke with Beau — because I’m secretly in love with Beau, and he knows it — that Matty and Lissa should get together at some point. … I’ve pushed it on the writers.

I’d be all for that. … So what can you tell me about the coming season?

This season is headed for some drama — crazy twists and turns. Last year we had the letter, and this year we threw in another twist, which is the mysterious commenter on Jenna’s blog. I’m excited for people to find out who that is.

What was your reaction when you found out who it was?

I gasped! I was reading it in bed at my sorority house and I was like, ‘No way!’ My roommates hear me and were like, ‘What are you doing?’

(Well, that must have been Awkward.)

OK, your turn to talk: Who would you like to see Lissa hook up with next? Who do you think Jenna’s mystery commenter is? And which guy do you think Jenna will end up with at the end of season two? Drop me a comment with all of your thoughts!

— Andy Swift

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