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'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Portwood Is Scared To Go Home After Rehab

Wed, July 25, 2012 3:01am EDT by 3 Comments

Amber finally gets out of rehab after two months, but she still fears another breakdown if she goes home. Meanwhile, Farrah goes on another date, and Maci takes Bentley to his first day of preschool.

It was another emotional week for Amber Portwood, who is returning home to Indiana after two months of being in rehab. Although she is excited to see her daughter Leah, she is still worried about her anger management and depression issues when not in the safety of rehab.


When Amber finishes up her last week in rehab after two months, she tells to her counselor JJ that she’s not sure what to expect back home in Indiana. But she also says she will get her driver’s license back so that she can visit outpatient therapy; she wants to keep working at getting her life back on track. Meanwhile, her own mom, Tonya Portwood gets Amber’s apartment ready by doing her laundry, cleaning, and stocking her fridge.

Gary on the other hand, is also nervous for Amber to come back because he doesn’t know who this new Amber will be. He also wants to be a supportive partner, and knows Amber has been treated by top counselors and therapists for months. He is worried he won’t be there for Amber in a professional way that she’s used to.

Before Amber leaves, she says in therapy that all of the people in her old life — ex-boyfriends, former friends, and enemies — will try to take advantage of her again, and she doesn’t know if she can handle that. Her therapist tells Amber to confront her anxiety and not let the “storm” of negative people bring her down. So when Amber finally leaves, she feels ready to tackle her problems all on her own.

Amber has an emotional reunion with Tonya at the airport, and when Amber settles in at home, she finally gets to see her baby Leah, which is what she has been the most excited for! Leah is so happy to see her mom again, and Amber looks like she is going to make a strong effort to put her life back together for her daughter.


Last week, Farrah confessed that she wanted a boyfriend to get her life back on track, and this week all things go according to plan when she goes on a date with a cute guy named Daniel. This time, her date is actually sweet, friendly, and genuine. AND he doesn’t get scared off at the idea of Farrah having a little girl! In fact, he says he loves kids and always has them around.

Later, Farrah also has a successful meal with her mom Debra, who is still in town visiting for a couple more days. When Farrah’s mom said she missed Farrah and Sophia, and was so happy to take the time to visit, Farrah legitimately agrees, and said she has missed her parents too. Farrah and Debra are on the right track for a healthy relationship, and the young mom is finally starting to believe her parents have confidence in her life and the choices she’s making.

Farrah goes on another date with Daniel, only this time to go horseback riding! Although Farrah doesn’t want to introduce her love interest to daughter Sophia yet, it seems like this guy is the real deal and would be a great man to have around Sophia.


Drops Bentley — who is notorious for his separation anxiety and fits of crying whenever Maci leaves — off at preschool for the first time. Of course he’s upset, but he actually ends up warming up to the other kids. Maci is more and more confident every day that putting Bentley in daycare is the best decision for him. Ryan, on the other hand, still seems unsure, which ticks Maci off.

She goes on a tangent about how Ryan’s parents are enablers and allow him to get away with everything; he doesn’t work, doesn’t go to school, lives at home still, doesn’t pay his own bills, and relies on his parents for everything. So when boyfriend Kyle King brings up asking Ryan’s parents about preschool, Maci doesn’t want their opinion (which is that Bentley shouldn’t go) because they don’t understand what’s best for him.

Ryan drops the ball when he is supposed to pick up Bentley from preschool (shocker!) so Maci and Kyle pick him up, and Bentley had the BEST time! He showed the coloring book pages and paintings he made, and hugged all of his teachers goodbye before he left. When Ryan eventually does pick up Bentley, he antagonizes him about not learning anything in preschool, asking if he really wants to go, and saying he only plays when he’s there.

Ryan’s mom — who seems more interested in having Ryan share full custody of Bentley than Ryan even does — asks him why he isn’t seeking custody, and telling him Maci will continue to do what she wants if they don’t share Bentley equally. Ryan’s mom also insinuates that Maci is just taking Bentley to preschool so she doesn’t have to spend time with him on her days off of work and school (even though Maci is always with Bentley, and he lives with her, and she has full custody, but whatever).


Poor Tyler. His dad Butch is back in jail, of course, and Tyler and Catelynn’s friends who are over remind the couple that Butch is a grown man and needs to look out for himself.

Catelynn, on the other hand, needs to get her stuff together for college. She has been putting off financial aid, meeting with counselors, and signing up for classes. Tyler is worried Catelynn isn’t fully committing to going to school, and she says she feels overwhelmed with college plans while working so much.

Tyler takes his mom Kimberly  to the hair salon in an adorable mother-son outing. He tells the hair stylist to change up his mom’s hair because she’s had the same look his whole life! He also opens up about Catelynn, and how he is worried she isn’t self-motivated to go to school.

“What if she didn’t want to go to school?” Kimberly asks.

Tyler said he can’t be with someone who doesn’t share his same goals and ambition, and that the agreement was for them to go to college together. (When Kimberly gets done with her hair, by the way, it looks amazing — much more 2012 than 1980.)

By the end of the episode, Catelynn finally makes her financial aid appointment and gets the ball rolling for signing up for school. Tyler — the constant worrier — asks if she felt pressure from him about all the college stuff, but she insists that it was in her plan all along. She just needed to make the time to do it.

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— Christina Stiehl

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