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It's Appalling That A Little Boy, 10, Was Bullied & Burned On A School Bus — Video

Tue, July 24, 2012 3:51pm EDT by Add first Comment

Watch this video and be horrified that a school bu driver did nothing to help this defenseless child.

The poor victim, 10-year-old Cequan Haskins, screams for help while being attacked on a school bus, but no one comes to his rescue. In the disturbing video, taken by bus security camera, the vehicle is nearly empty, aside from Cequan and his two older and much stronger assailants. Cequan’s mother, Roxanne Haskins, took a brave step and hosted a press conference in Appomattox County, Virginia, where she released the video to the public and declared an outcry for awareness and support of what’s happening in our school systems.

The video of the incident, which happened in May 2011, is chilling and sickening enough. I want to throw myself into the scene and save him from the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, which goes on for 40 minutes — a lifetime under such circumstances. But there is someone who is in charge, and who should have intervened, and sadly, did not.

What was the bus driver doing?

The driver, Nancy Davis, is responsible for getting the kids to and from school safely, but safety does not just mean avoiding a vehicle accident. Kids need to feel protected and secure on a school bus, so if Nancy did not feel comfortable confronting Cequan’s attackers while she’s driving, why didn’t she pull the bus into a safe location and call the police? Cequan’s screams should have been enough to alert her of the danger going on, not to mention her review mirror that looks onto the passengers.

To make matters worse, she did yell something toward the back of the bus, “Ugh, anything, anything to get quiet! I’ve got to drive this bus!”

The boys were found guilty of disorderly conduct, assault and battery, as they rightfully should have. Nancy, however, was originally investigated for child neglect, but was acquitted of all charges several months ago.

Although the security video was not enough to find Nancy guilty, the footage has been a key piece in Roxanne’s message. She held a press conference on July 20, where released the video in order  to educate the public on how bad bullying can be.

“I wanted parents to be aware, that when I speak out, I’m speaking out for all kids. But unfortunately, this did happen to my child, and I want parents to be aware of what’s going on in the school system,” she told ABC 13 out of Lynchburg, Virginia. She filed a civil case against the Appomattox County School Board and is awaiting a trial date.

Good for Roxanne for standing up for her son and holding a press conference so the community and now the nation can see what her innocent child went through. Good for Roxanne for holding the attackers accountable for their disgusting actions, and the school system accountable for their neglect. Hopefully more parents, teachers, administrators, peers, and employees can take note and realize that physical and verbal violence towards one another will simply not be tolerated.

For every case like this that gets attention, there are hundreds more that go unreported or ignored. No kid should have to go through what Cequan did, and along with teaching our children to treat each other with respect, we need them to feel safe on the way to school.