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Bristol Palin Defends 3-Year-Old Son Tripp's F-Bomb

Tue, July 24, 2012 11:12am EDT by 4 Comments

On Bristol’s reality show ‘Life’s a Tripp,’ her toddler’s R-rated vocabulary has gotten him more laughs than discipline. So after he called his aunt a ‘f—-t,’ Bristol admits her son did drop an f-word, just not the one everyone thinks. Watch the clip and see for yourself!

Tripp Palin, at the ripe old age of 3, has a vocabulary that would make the cast of Jersey Shore blush. Because the poor kid is around adults all day, he inevitably picks up some colorful language, which he chooses to use against his own family members. On the most recent episode of Life’s a Trip, the toddler lashes out at Aunt Willow, and calls her an f-word!

When the show aired, the editors on the show — who have seen the raw, unedited footage — subtitled the clip to insinuate that Tripp did, in fact, use a gay slur.

Bristol Palin and her sister Willow are trying to get Tripp to calm down, and he throws a fit.

“I hate you! Go away you f***!” the clip now reads. (Before, it was “Go away you f—-t!”)

According to Bristol’s blog post, Tripp in did fact use the four-letter f-word.

“As I’ve said before, I sometimes struggle to raise Tripp,” Sarah Palin‘s daughter wrote on July 23.”However, he does NOT use slurs. On the most recent episode of Life’s a Tripp, the Huffington Post is reporting that my son said the word ‘f—-t.’

“This is not true,” she continued. “Let me be clear. I’m not proud of what he did say. Sadly, he used a different ‘f word.'”

Gawker is reporting that the showrunner Matt Lutz agrees with Bristol, and insists Tripp did, in fact, say the expletive “f–k.” “Lutz says that he was in the room at the time, and that he has reviewed the raw footage several times,” Gawker wrote.

Willow’s history with using the gay slur has played out in public, when she famously called a classmate a “f—-t” on Facebook after he criticized her mom’s reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. And we all know Bristol’s stance on gay marriage.

Due to her constant fit of the giggles after he uses cuss words, I would say Bristol is, at least, amused.

Check out the clip HollyMoms and see for yourself!

— Christina Stiehl

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