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Khloe Kardashian: You 'Used' Robert Kardashian In Dallas, Now You're Kicking Him When He's Down

Mon, July 23, 2012 6:19pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 12 Comments
Khloe Kardashian Brother Rob Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian – you can’t have it both ways – twisting your brother Robert’s arm to live with you when you were lonely in Dallas and then accusing him of abusing your generosity, when he moves back in with you in LA in last night, July 22nds, episode of ‘KKWTK.’

Khloe Kardashian – no wonder your younger brother Robert Kardashian feels like a “loser” or a “little bitch” , as he said. When he moved back in with you and Lamar  on KUWTK on the July 22nd episode, – you MADE him feel that way.

From the moment that he arrived on your doorstep, with his tail between his legs because he couldn’t afford his own place – YOU were on his case.

“I don’t know if I want him moving back in or not. He took such advantage of every luxury and then as soon as he got DWTS he bailed and never even said good-bye,” you Khloe said, when Rob asked if he could come back. You complained that Rob didn’t engage in “responsible living.”

Well Khloe, that’s fine for you to air your beefs about Rob, 25, but you went a lot further than that.

You nagged and humiliated him. He was barely in the door and you were already freaking out about his boxes. “I have Mt. Everest in my garage,” you harrumphed to Lamar. “Is he already taking advantage of my generosity.” Jeez, you Kardashians are insane about a few boxes cluttering up the storage spaces in your houses. Kim went nuts when Kris Humphries wanted to move 15 boxes of his stuff into her LA house after they got married!

“You need to pick up your pace and unpack your boxes,” you harangued Rob.

Now, I’m not justifying Rob’s rudeness because he did lash back at you when you hung over him impatiently while he was on the phone, in your home.

Khloe’s “out of her place right now. She’s rude and disrespectful, and I’m on a call,” he complained.

But I felt his frustration. He felt used and then abused.

When you were alone in Dallas with Lamar Khloe, you felt out of place and alone. So did Lamar. The two of you pressured Rob hard to move in, particularly so you, Khloe could have company.

Despite Rob’s better judgment and even wishes, he finally caved and agreed to stay because he cared about you Khloe. Now, you made him the butt of your older sister superiority on last night’s episode.

“The last time Rob lived with us (in LA) he was lacking a lot of motivation in life… I love Rob but I don’t want to be his enabler,” you claimed.

Meanwhile, you didn’t mind steering him off his work and priorities when you needed him in Dallas – so that’s just not fair to diss him for being unfocused now.

It’s hard for Rob being the little brother to three strong and successful older sisters, who are repeatedly on his case, even if it’s with good intentions.

“I feel like I”m always being attacked and it’s pretty hurtful to me,” Rob admits and he does look like a little whipped dog.

Khloe – the poor guy feels completely emasculated by you and your sisters. In fact, you even tell him that he doesn’t “have a penis, you have a ‘c**t’!” Could you ever be more emasculating than that?

So Khloe, knock it off. You can’t use Rob as your handy BFF when you’re desperate for companionship and then turn on him, when he needs you!

That’s not what a loving sister should do!

Bonnie Fuller

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