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'Big Ang' Recap: Sandy, 65, Breaks Her Arm During A Sexy Jacuzzi Party

Mon, July 23, 2012 1:09am EDT by Andy Swift 2 Comments
Big Ang Episode 3

Plus, Ang enters a dog show! (With her dog, I mean.)

Ever a cautionary tale, the July 22 episode of Big Ang showed us what happens when a 65-year-old women gets drunk and tries to have sex with a 20-something bartender in a hot tub: She breaks her arm. Big Ang‘s housewarming party ended with an ambulance ride for her elderly friend Sandy, who initially resisted going to the hospital because she didn’t want to “miss the party.”

Honestly, Sandy’s lucky she was so wasted. Something tells me she didn’t feel as good about her life choices when she woke up the next morning — with her arm in a sling.

During Ang’s fleeting moments of sobriety this week, she attempted to enter her little puppy Louie in a dog show. There was just one slight problem: According to Big Ang, Louie only knows how to “look cute and pee.” No other commands. He barely even knows how to walk, Ang explained.

Oh, and did I mention Louie’s anatomical issue? “I found out Louie has only one ball,” Ang announced during a session at the groomer. “We’re on the hunt. Louie, where is your ball?”

The day of the big dog show finally arrived, but tragically, I can’t tell you how Louie placed because those damn Chicago Mob Wives ran long and spilled into my recording of Big Ang.

But hey, maybe it was for the best. I have zero faith in that dog and I don’t want to know how badly he failed.

— Andy Swift

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