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‘Bachelorette’ Finale Recap — Emily Maynard Is Engaged

Sun, July 22, 2012 11:51pm EDT by Add first Comment

Emily finally said yes to the man of her dreams! But she didn’t even give the runner-up a final chance. Read on for more details!

Emily Maynard left one man seriously broken-hearted on the July 22nd season finale of the Bachelorette.

The episode began with Emily debating on whether or not she was going to introduce the boys to her seven-year-old daughter, Ricki.But first they must meet the parents!

Jef Holm Meets The Parents

Jef walks in with Emily’s hand in one hand – and flowers in the other.

Immediately when they sit with each other, everyone is at ease — except for Em’s mother.
“I’m a little leery. I don’t want Emily to get hurt,” her mom says.

Everyone chats and is getting along just fine until Emily’s mom pulls Jef aside.

“I have to ask you what you think about little Ricki?” she asks.

“I’m glad you asked that because I’m so ready for that. I want more than anything to be a good husband and father,” Jef says. “I want to marry her. She makes me feel like I’ve never felt before. There’s not a single ounce of me that I would ever leave.”

So cute! That definitely wins her Mom’s approval.

“I think they’re a good fit,” she says.

But Jef is then taken away for some manly time with her brother who reveals why Emily has been single for so long now. He says that no guy has lived up to her late fiancé, Ricky Hendricks.

But in the end, Jef wins everyone’s approval — including the father!

“You’ve got my approval,” he tells Jef.

Go Jef!
Arie Meets The Parents

Jef definitely made an impression, but now they’re about to meet Arie – and we all know he can be quite the smooth talker.

“He definitely has his work cut out for him,” Emily’s Dad says, referring to the competition he has with Jef.

But he exceeds all of their expectations.

“After meeting Arie today, I thought I’d be able to say ‘this guy,’ but I love them both,” her mom says.

Yikes! But Arie didn’t win over everyone — her brother was quite skeptical.

“Are you in this to just win the competition?” he asks Arie.

“I’ve never been at the point before where I knew I wanted to marry a woman. And now I’m there… I’m willing to do whatever it takes,” Arie says. “There’s only one thing left to do. Get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.”

After their date, Emily reveals she’s more torn than ever — and so is her family.

“Emily’s confused, we’re confused. It would be confusing for a child,” her mom tells her. “I would encourage you to wait on an engagement.”

“The fact that I still don’t know who the guy for me is makes me wonder if any guy here if for me. I’m not sure if I’m ready to get engaged because it’s not all about me. It’s about me and my daughter,” Emily tells the cameras, as she cries. “It’s just been a long day.”

Emily’s Final Date With Jef

Emily meets Jef on the beach and gives him a big hug and kiss within a minute of seeing each other.

“The end is so close. I’m so stressed,” Emily says.

“Well I don’t want to hurt anybody,” Emily says, adding she’s nervous to introduce Ricki to either of the guys.

Jef takes offense to this.

“Just because I haven’t met her doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about her every day,” Jef says.

But Emily goes on to say she is scared for him to meet Ricki. But Jef asks Emily how she would feel if she were in his position.

“I would think it’s weird, not weird, but I’d be disappointed,” Emily says.

Emily suddenly has a change of heart and suggests that Jef meets his daughter!

“If this doesn’t go well with him this is definitely the end of our relationship,” Emily says.

But it does! Jef and little Ricki played in the pool the rest of the day.

“It was really sweet watching Jef and Ricki playing together,” Emily says.

The two snuggle and Jef gives Emily a present.

“This place is memorable for me and I think for us and I wanted to get you something that reminded you of it,” Emily says.

The gift? A scrapbook of their love! But the best part is there aren’t any photos, but postcards with stick figures illustrated as the two.

“I just want to hold her hand until I’m 110,” Jef says. “I hope she sees that life with me too.”

Emily’s Meeting With Chris Harrison

“I know Jef is everything I’ve been looking for,” Emily says.

“You’re mind has been made up. You are done,” Chris says.

And Emily agrees. But what about Arie?

“I don’t even know how to start the conversation,” Emily says, as she sobs.

“Well, I agree with what you’re doing. My advice to you for whatever it’s worth be as honest to him as you’re being with me,” Chris says.


Break-Up Time

Arie is picking for flowers as she rolls up — about to break the bad news to him.

“Do you have a second?” Emily asks.

She starts to cry before words even leave her mouth.

“I don’t know anymore,” she tells Arie — in between sniffles.

“I don’t understand what went wrong,” he replies.

“I honestly did for so long, think it was going to be me and you…but I just I had more confidence with Jef. I don’t know what to say,” she says.

“Thank you for sparing me embarrassment tomorrow,” Arie says.

The Proposal
Emily dressed in a beautiful pink gown awaits Jef who is about to get down on one knee — but she’s still scared about saying “yes”!

“I have a huge decision to make, but I’m scared I’m not going to make the right one or it will end up like the last one,” Emily says.

“I really feel like you’re my soulmate,” Emily tells Jef. “I love you so so much.”

And finally Jef pops the question we’ve all been waiting for: “I want you to know that what I’m about to ask you aren’t just a few words where in a few months, a few years, a few decades we’ll be lost. What I want to ask you is a forever thing,” Jef says. “Emily, will you marry me?”

After a LONG pause, “yes” she replies.

Congrats, Emily and Jef!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you happy the two are getting married? Weigh in below!
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