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Get Jessica's Biel's Amazing Abs: Expert Tips To Get Yours Toned, Too

Fri, July 20, 2012 3:25pm EDT by 2 Comments
Jessica Biel Abs

The super-fit star has one hot bod and some of the most enviable abs in Hollywood—here’s how you can get them too!

There is no denying, Jessica Biel, 30, looks incredible in a bikini thanks in part to her rock hard abs. To get your abs in tip-top shape like Jessica, follow these tips from international fitness expert and celebrated Equinox instructor Violet Zaki.

The common complaint is “how can I get rid of my pooch/spare tire/love handles/muffin top,” says Violet. This culprit is the layer of fat located between the navel and the hips and is a receptor for fat cells more so than any other part of your body.”

Women have more fat in this region: “There are numerous causes of stubborn belly fat including genetic predisposition, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, poor diet and lack of sleep. Additionally, as women age, muscle mass gradually decreases and the proportion of fat to body weight increases because a decrease in estrogen levels influences fat distribution in the body,” she says.

“To get the beach body you want, challenge your midsection in the way your body is designed to move naturally in daily life. This will help you burn calories as well as strengthen and tone your problem areas. Work all your core muscle groups (the abs, hips, lower back and pelvic region), front and back, not just the tranverse abdominis (also known as the “six pack”), because if you have a layer of fat covering your abdominals, you will not see the lean muscle underneath it.”

Violet recommends a few simple exercises to do at your desk or at home to firm the abs. Sitting on a stability ball at your desk automatically promotes proper spinal alignment and posture and causes you to always move around, therefore you are not sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time. You are also using your core muscles to maintain your balance on the ball, so you have fitness right at your fingertips!”

To help get your abs closer to where you want them to be, try Vichy Destock Stomach Firming and Refining Treatment. It combines 5% Pure Caffeine + Pro-firming peptides to help improve microcirculation and firm and refine skin around the waistline in less than 28 days.

HollywoodLifers, are your abs bikini ready? Sound off!

— Jennifer Tzeses

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