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Selena Gomez's On-Screen Brother Speaks On Justin Bieber Relationship

Thu, July 19, 2012 9:42pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 9 Comments spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Selena Gomez’s Wizards of Waverly Place co-star Jake T. Austin, who played her brother Max Russo for five years on the hit show. He spilled all about the show’s 2012 Emmy nomination, his relationship with Selena Gomez, and her boyfriend Justin Bieber!

Jake T. Austin played Selena Gomez‘s brother on their successful Disney show for years – and today, their show was nominated for Outstanding Children’s Program — congrats! Read our interview with Jake below! Congrats on your Emmy nomination!

Jake: Thank you, I appreciate it! We’re all really excited. This is the fourth year in a row we’re nominated under the same category, so everyone is just like, “wow, another year!” It’s crazy to look back at all the time we’ve spent together and to see what we’ve accomplished is so incredible, in retrospect. This is a new year and we’re going up against a lot of great shows, so it’s just cool to be even mentioned in the same category.

Have you been in touch with Selena yet?

I haven’t actually talked to the cast to find out everyone’s reaction, because I just found out about this, but everyone’s gonna be, I’m sure, even more excited for this year, just because of where everyone is at in their careers!

Everyone is working and staying busy. We’re always on set, always moving around and changing locations, so it’s hard to really be in the same place at once and really do things like a cast again. We’ll always be in touch; I think we’ll always keep in contact and be a part of each other’s lives.

Selena is in Australia, she might not even know yet!

There is a good chance of that, just because everyone is so busy.

You played Selena’s brother – what’s your relationship like in real life?

Yeah, we’re definitely all really close. I don’t think I could say that I’m closer with one person in particular. It just comes down to how much time we spend with each other. The fact that we’re all different ages, so naturally we’re going to fall into different relationships and some of us are going to get along more than others, but for the most part, everyone is pretty much on the same page. Everyone is still talking but doing their own thing.

How do you feel about her boyfriend Justin Bieber?

He’s a really talented musician!

Do you approve of their relationship?

Haha, I don’t know; I’m not a matchmaker. They’re both over 18, so they can do what they want!

The show is up against Degrassi, Good Luck Charlie, iCarly and Victorious. Are you friendly with any other actors on the other nominated shows?

Everyone has worked together before. We’ve all lived within the same city at one point or another, and between jobs, we all pretty much know of each other, even if we haven’t met each other. The Emmys are a good opportunity for everyone to be in the same place at once. 

Wizards won this award in 2009 – what did that mean to you?

You’re lucky to be nominated, of course. We were all excited to have the opportunity to watch the show live. To be recognized for our work, it’s a huge honor.


We wish the cast the best of luck!

–Dory Larrabee

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