Barbara Walters Rejected George Zimmerman's Interview Demands

Thu, July 19, 2012 3:20pm EST by 5 Comments
Barbara Walters George Zimmerman

Barbara was supposed to interview George, until he began making demands of ABC. Read on for details!

George Zimmerman broke his silence on Wednesday, July 18, when he sat down for his first public interview with Sean Hannity. Apparently, he was due to speak with Barbara Walters next, but when he began making certain requests, she walked away from the interview.

According to the NY Post, Barbara pulled the plug on the interview after George demanded that ABC put him and his wife up in a hotel for a month. On the Thursday, July 19 episode of The View, Barbara confirmed much of the story.

She said that she and her team flew down to Florida for the interview. Once there, Barbara said that George came in wearing a t-shirt, rather than a suit. “That should have been my first clue,” she said. According to Barbara, he said that plans had changed, and he was refusing to do the interview, unless ABC granted him one request. While Barbara wouldn’t confirm that the request was the hotel stay, she said, “It was a condition that, being a member of ABC News, I was unable to grant.”

Barbara then said that George wanted to call into the show and speak to her. “He wouldn’t do the interview, but now he has something to say,” she said, adding, “This has been an interesting day, to say the least.”

She refused to speak with him on air. “Mr. Zimmerman, if you could not do the interview yesterday, I don’t think we should do a quick one today,” she said. “In the future, if you feel differently, we will consider it.”

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Are YOU surprised by George’s demands?

– Billy Nilles

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Posted at 11:51 AM on September 6, 2013  

Zimmerman’s true personality is slowly coming out. you can fool people some of the time but not all of the time. No matter how you dress it up, he is a killer without mercy. I may be incorrect but didn’t one of this relatives come forward with molestation charges during the trial. And several other women claimed he molested them. That would be interesting to find out if it’s true. He lied during his trial, he lied about how much money he and his wife had in reserve (they both lied) and he is continuing to lie. He really believes he is a star and a life saver. Bottom line he appears to be a user of peoples fears. It’s all about the money.

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Posted at 9:34 AM on July 20, 2012  

Listen, Zimmerman is desperate for money, yes…I’ll agree to that. But this has also turned into some kind of “rock star” thing for him too. Now that he’s on the interview kick, he’s going to grant interviews to anyone that will pay him or give him something in return. He’s not doing it because he genuinely feels unsafe and needs money for security and the bond. He’s doing it now because he is now wanting more and more and as much as he can get from people. He’s going to need a good pile of money to pay for his defense because he’s looking at doing a lot of time for the crime he is charged with. Barbara Walters is the Queen of Interviews! Now when Barbara offers to do an interview for you and you start making demands of her…omg…look out! Why should she give in to his stupid demand? She shouldn’t! No one should! That’s ridiculous. He’s supposed to be doing this to get exposure so that he can let potential jurors see “the human side” of him…but now he’s getting greedy…already. So the point of putting him and his wife up in a hotel for a month is absolutely ridiculous!!! Kudos to Barbara for having the decency to see that that was totally wrong and unworthy of ABC’s time and resources. He has already cost ABC thousands of dollars by having them go down there, and then turns around and demands 30 days lodging in NYC for one interview!? Give me a break.

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Extra Extra

Posted at 3:29 PM on July 19, 2012  

What demands??? Barbra didn’t confirm anything other than that an interview was suppose to take place. I bet Barbra is just pissed because Hannity got the interview first!!! Period!!!

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Posted at 10:36 PM on July 19, 2012  

you guess that one right for sure.I don’t ever watch her interviews

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Posted at 7:00 AM on July 20, 2012  

I’m DOUBTFUL Barbra hasn’t lasted as long as she has for no reason.

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