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'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Portwood Fights Another Patient In Rehab

Wed, July 18, 2012 1:10am EDT by 14 Comments

Amber contemplates leaving rehab early after she lashes out at a fellow patient during group therapy. Find out what happened next!

By the fourth and final season of Teen Mom, the moms have sure matured, and so has their drama! Amber Portwood is still in rehab, but wants desperately to leave, while Farrah Abraham‘s visit from her sister and mom turns into chaos. Maci Bookout wants to send Bentley to preschool, despite her baby-daddy’s protest, and Cateylynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have to deal with Butch getting kicked out of their home.

Amber wants to leave rehab with just two weeks left:

After Gary Shirley and baby Leah left Amber’s Malibu rehab resort, she becomes depressed again, and badly misses home. A few days later, she hits another low when she lashes out at another patient during group therapy. After the argument, Amber wants to leave rehab more than ever, so she turns to her caseworker JJ, who of course doesn’t think it’s a good idea. (She obviously still has anger issues to work out, which is why she is there in the first place!) Amber eventually sees a hypnotherapist, who helps her uncover that her hidden anger stems from her father’s verbal abuse growing up. Given this new information, Amber agrees to stay in rehab and continue to work out her problems.

Farrah’s family comes to visit

Farrah’s sister Ashley and mom Debra come to visit Farrah in Florida, and there is tension right from the start. After Farrah picks up her mom from the airport, they return home to play with Sophia, during which Debra dons a silly blue wig. Farrah and Ashley thought it would be cute, but Debra does not seem to enjoy it.

When Farrah leaves with Ashley to run errands, they return to find Sophia has gotten into some nail polish that Farrah left out! It even got all over the dog! Farrah is enraged that her mom wasn’t paying enough attention to Sophia, which leads to greater conflict later. At lunch the next day, Ashley blows up at Debra, hurling insults at her and getting angry with her badgering and inability to listen. By the end of the episode, Farrah and Ashley go out alone for a girls’ night and Debra stays home with Sophia. Farrah insists she will break the cycle with her own daughter, and promises they will have a healthier relationship.

Maci want to send Bentley to preschool:

Maci and boyfriend Kyle King decide to send Bentley to preschool to prepare him for kindergarten and school. However, Bentley’s separation anxiety becomes a major problem. Maci feels guilty when she drops Bentley off and he keeps crying. An employee at the preschool assures Maci that it gets better over time, so she should continue sending Bentley to preschool. However, Bentley’s dad Ryan Edwards does not think preschool is necessary, and doesn’t want to be responsible for sending his son there. Although Maci tries to convince him that it’s in Bentley’s best interest, Ryan just says “he’ll see,” then later jokes with his mom and girlfriend that Bentley will not be going.

Tyler’s dad gets kicked out of the trailer park:

When Butch gets out of jail, Tyler is excited to see his dad. Tyler and Catelynn even allow him to stay with them in their home, but they make sure that Butch — who is on probation — follows the rules and stays out of trouble. After a few nervous nights in which Tyler can’t get a hold of his dad and isn’t sure where he is, it seems like his plan isn’t going ideally. However, it turns out that the trailer park where Tyler and Catelynn live won’t allow Butch back in because of his criminal record. Although Tyler feels guilty and wishes there was more he could do, his mom insists that Tyler needs to worry about his own life, and shouldn’t be parenting his own father.

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— Christina Stiehl

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