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12-Year-Old Boy Dies After Scraping His Arm In Gym Class

Wed, July 18, 2012 5:30pm EDT by 6 Comments
Boy Dies Sepsis

When Rory Staunton scraped his arm during gym class, his parents thought it was a routine cut. Days later, the middle school student was dead due to a bacterial infection. Read about the tragic story.

Rory Staunton, an ambitious 12-year-old, cut his arm during a basketball game in PE class. Later that evening, he experienced strange symptoms that left him vomiting with a severe pain in his leg. Although his parents sought medical help immediately and took all the right steps, Rory suffered from a bacterial infection and tragically died. His parents went on the Today show to speak out about their loss.

Rory, a well-rounded middle school student, is lovingly remembered by his family.  The boy was a member of his school’s debate team, and very close with his little sister.

But Rory’s life was cut tragically short when a small scrape he received playing basketball became infected, killing him of Toxic Shock Syndrome. What started as a minor injury quickly escalated into an infected wound.

Apparently, as soon as the night after Rory was injured, he experienced debilitating pain.

“A little after midnight I heard him in the bathroom throwing up,” his mom, Orlaith Staunton, said on Today. “So I went in. He was screaming with a pain in his leg. He said, ‘It’s my leg, mom. It’s my leg.'”

Rory’s pain escalated as his parents took him to the pediatrician.  His sickness was initially diagnosed as a stomach virus, but further blood work revealed that his white blood count was exceptionally high, but the Staunton family says that they were never informed of this.

Eventually, the hospitals informed the Stauntons that their son was suffering from sepsis, which causes bodily inflammation and a serious infection. Hospitals administered various treatments to try to fight off the infection, but by April 1, Rory’s condition was rendered deadly. He died later that day in the ER.

The Stauntons have started a website in memorial of their beloved son, and they want to spread information about deadly infections like Rory’s, so that other parents don’t have to deal with the loss of a child.

What a tragedy. We at HollyBaby are wishing the best for the Staunton family, and our hearts are with them after the death of their son.


— Margaret Quigley

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