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Lady Gaga's Debut Fragrance: 'Lady Gaga Fame' To Be Released In August

Mon, July 16, 2012 10:44am EDT by 6 Comments
Lady Gaga Fragrance Launch

The amazingly artistic songstress pushes the boundaries of convention in the name of art no matter what she does—and her new fragrance is no exception! ‘Lady Gaga Fame’ is a black liquid that sprays on clear! — Get all the details here!

It’s only fitting, Lady Gaga would release the first ever black eau de parfum as her signature scent. ‘Lady Gaga Fame’, which will be released globally in late August by the artist’s Haus Laboratories and Coty, is black in the bottle, but the liquid becomes invisible when it hits the air.

“Fame is an illusion — if you really want it, anyone can have it,” Gaga told WWD via e-mail of the concept for the fragrance.

“Gaga’s launch represents my personal credo brought to life….Innovate or die! Absolutely everything about this launch is innovative, from the bottle, to the juice, to the lady herself….She’s zeitgeist in a bottle,” says Bernd Beetz, chief executive officer of Coty Inc.

“It is the first-ever black eau de parfum and we use language like ‘black like the soul of fame but invisible once airborne,’ which makes the fragrance an allusion to the dark side of fame, the price of fame and the narcissism of fame,” said Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing for Coty Beauty. “The soul of fame being black was the intellectual foundation of the color of the fragrance.”

The fragrance was no small feat to create: “It’s unique because it’s not pyramidal with a top, middle and bottom note,” he said. “It has a trampoline structure — notes are rising at different rates that are quite random. Some accords will come out if you rub it, other accords will come out later. It has random propulsion and doesn’t have a classic linear drydown. We call it push-pull, and it will smell different on different people. There is a different volatility for different notes, and they’re of differing strengths. They work together harmoniously, but then they undergo metamorphosis on the skin, so you’re constantly surprised.”

Lady Gaga’s requests for unconventional scents “showed me how intellectually curious she was and that she had no boundaries,” said Mormoris. “She was challenging us and herself to see what she can do that’s unique.”

Perfumers Richard Herpin, Honorine Blanc and Nathalie Lorson of Firmenich worked with Gaga to create the fragrance, which has three layers: dark, sensual and light. The dark note was inspired by belladonna, the deadly plant, and has incense; the sensual note includes honey, saffron and apricot nectar. The light note features crushed tiger orchid and jasmine sambac. Together, the scent is a fruity floral focused around belladonna, said Mormoris. (Gaga originally envisioned blood and semen notes.)

“Lady Gaga talks about how her music has a sweet center and a dark shell and a lot of her music has refrains that have a rough passage that go toward a sweet-spot melody in the middle,” said Mormoris. “She referenced that a lot and we tried to capture this type of duality in the fragrance, with the incense and something sweet like apricot.

“Lady Gaga wanted an artistic fragrance,” continued Mormoris. “She’s quite poetic, she references modern art a lot and of course music, and she has a very distinct aesthetic sense, so she’s really looking for a high-quality crafted product that expresses who she is as an artist. There’s nothing commercial about it except it’s intending to be commercial, which is harder to do — but in the end, the rewards are greater.”

Eaux de parfum in three sizes will be offered. The 100-ml. — which Gaga refers to as the Ultimate Masterpiece (these words are also printed on the bottle) — retails for $79, while the 50-ml. is priced at $55 and the 30-ml. will cost $42. A 10-ml. rollerball version will sell for $19.

The clear glass, egg-shaped bottle and a gold-claw-inspired cap ‘was conceived back at the Grammy Awards where she came out of an egg, so it’s symbolic,” said Mormoris. “The [bottle] design is simple and elegant and has a prestige feel and look, but it has symbols that are disruptive and [so] her. It’s not of the moment and trying to shock you, but a very eternal, timeless classic fragrance message because Gaga saw this as part of her artistic legacy.”

Lady Gaga Fame will be carried in about 3,000 department and specialty stores in the U.S. — including Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora.

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