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'Big Ang' Recap: Ang Learns She Could 'Drop Dead' At Any Moment

Mon, July 16, 2012 12:39am EDT by Andy Swift 2 Comments

Ang has always treated her body like a temple — the kind of temple that serves shots and permits smoking — and now she’s paying the price!

Big Ang‘s cardiologist is one of those no-nonsense kind of guys. “Your lifestyle sucks,” Dr. Buzzkill told her on the July 15 episode of Big Ang. “You’re going to be lucky if you get a heart attack or cancer.” For most people, that would serve as a startling wake-up call, but for big Ang, there was only one medicine to cure her situation: More shenanigans!

After declaring that “going to the gym is like slow f***ing death” and yoga is just a “crazy cult,” Ang decided to push her luck on the tennis court.

That’s where Ang met her tennis instructor (slash soul mate) Sergio, conveniently forgetting that her husband Neil just moved back into her house. In fact, she had to go buy a new mansion just to make room for all his crap! (Side note: Ang describes her 30 furs as “like having my own little zoo.”)

But did you really expect Ang, owner of Staten Island bar The Drunken Monkey, to do 180-degree turn with her life so quickly? I mean, here’s a direct quote from Linda, one of the people Ang takes life advice from: “This is just a phase she’s going through. She’ll get over it.”

And what do you know? She gave up after a few days!

“This healthy thing doesn’t work for me,” Ang confessed. “I don’t need a tube in my ass, I need a cigarette in my mouth.”

Don’t we all, Ang? Don’t we all?

Watch Ang’s uncomfortable chat with her cardiologist below:

— Andy Swift

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