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'True Blood' Scoop: Giles Matthey Reveals Claude & Sookie's 'Connection'

Fri, July 13, 2012 3:28pm EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment

Plus, will Claude also be a stripper like he is in the original books? Giles gives all the awkward details!

Get ready for more “cotton candy, fresh-baked bread, and f*****g sex!” True Blood fans are about to see a lot more of Bon Temps’ newest fairy Claude, his portrayer Giles Matthey tells, and he’s bringing along a few big surprises for Sookie (Anna Paquin). “You get a sense that they’re more than just friends,” Giles hints. “Fans will learn very soon, actually, about their connection.”

Read the rest of my interview with Giles for more season five scoop (and maybe a little season six scoop too):

Not many actors get the chance to play a fairy. Are you enjoying yourself?

It’s so much fun, and there’s still a lot to learn about faeries on True Blood. The writers have told us what our powers are, and fans this season are going to learn there’s a lot more than just shooting light out of our hands and reading minds. … They’re also very sexual, so it is a lot of fun.

And were you a fan of True Blood before you joined the cast?

Before? No, I actually had never seen it. All I’d seen were these two handsome men circling a blonde woman, and I thought, ‘That looks interesting.’ I think that actually relieved a bit of pressure when I went in to audition. I had no idea what this show was and what the acting style was. It gave me the freedom to relax. After that, it kind of hit me how huge it is. So I started watching it and I’ve become a fan since.

Are you familiar with the books? Because if I remember correctly, Claude was also a stripper.

[Laughs] I know. I know what he’s like in the books. He’s a stripper, and he’s also ripped as anyone. He’s almost as muscly as Joe [Manganiello]. … It’s no secret that True Blood is different from the [original Charlaine Harris] books. If you were to follow the books, a lot of inconsistencies would arise. True Blood is more an interpretation of the books. Otherwise, you’d know exactly what was coming and it wouldn’t allow for as much creativity. And obviously I’m very lucky because of that, because otherwise they would have cast some über hunk [as Claude].

OK, so we won’t see any stripping. Is Claude more of a protective figure for Sookie? Like a new fairy god…father?

That’s accurate, yes. He’s very protective over her, and he cares for her. In the books, I think they’re linked through family, and you get a sense that they’re more than just friends. [True Blood fans will] learn that very soon, actually, about their connection.

Will he be getting mixed up in any of the battles to come? I want to see more fairy action.

If I said yes or no, that would give something away — but you seem like a smart man. [Editor’s note: My mom also says I seem smart.] I think, as with any show, it builds up to a climax. We’re almost halfway through, coming up to episode six, and you’ll definitely start to see something. Everything builds up to a climax, and I can’t say much more … or I’ll get fired.

Fired… from season six? I read that Claude could become a series regular, and HBO did just renew the show. Have you heard anything?

[Laughs] Not yet. I think the studio and the production team, just as with the scripts, they’re very secretive. When I auditioned to play Claude, I think they put his name on the sides as “Derek” or “Steve” — something ridiculous. They do take their time with releasing stuff like that. Believe you me, I’m waiting to hear about next season. If I get that, you wouldn’t even have to call me up. You’d hear me screaming my head off about how happy I am.

I recently spoke to one of your ‘sisters’ Camilla Luddington about the process of learning your powers. Did you enjoy that?

Ah, Camilla, yes! The writers teach you. Well, they don’t ‘teach you.’ That makes it sound like I’ve gone to fairy school. But they gave us pointers and we all had a go at that. There’s a lot of light coming out of hands. Even last season, when my character helped Sookie escape from Queen Mab, there was all that light being thrown around. It’s a lot of light. You also learn about the light, which is interesting. Compared to how faeries were last season, it’s interesting. You’ll see a difference.

Yeah, we’ve already seen some of the differences in the secret fairy club.

Oh, yes! You’ve seen they’re not all cheesy, half-Roman, weird, white, party-esque. And that’s fun, I think. Otherwise, I think it’d be a little to detached. They’re sexy creatures! They’re sexy.

That they are! So when can we expect to see Claude next?

Well, you’ll definitely see him a lot more now. Soon.

Truebies, what do you think of Bon Temps’ new fairy fella? Are you excited to see what the fairies have up their sleeves? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories!

— Andy Swift

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