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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham: Why My Parents Make Me Furious

Wed, July 11, 2012 6:21pm EDT by HL Intern 36 Comments
Farrah Abraham

Farrah is famous for her blowing up at her poor mom and dad, but the ‘Teen Mom’ star is now defending her actions in a brand-new interview.

Farrah Abraham‘s explosive fights with her parents have definitely drawn criticism from Teen Mom viewers, but in an interview with, the young mother says her dramatic conflicts with her mom and dad are a result of a lack of communication — a problem she plans on completely fixing in her relationship with baby Sophia.

For starters, Farrah resents how her parents don’t offer better advice for her situation.

“My parents insist on speaking to me separately about the same topic over and over again trying to get their way,” Farrah explains. “They do not give me real support in terms of advice and being confident in my decisions and my life with Sophia.”

Aww! As if it isn’t hard enough to raise a daughter on her own, she must really miss the support! According to Farrah, talking out a problem makes it a lot easier to handle.

“I make sure everyone communicates and that we confront an issue before it turns in to a fight,” Farrah adds.  “But talking, talking, talking is all it takes.”

We’re glad Farrah and Sophia won’t fight as much as Farrah does with her parents — hopefully!!

What do you think of Farrah’s problem solving skills, HollyMoms?


— Margaret Quigley

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