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Men Are More Attracted To Women When They Are Fertile — New Report

Tue, July 10, 2012 8:09pm EDT by HL Intern 5 Comments
Men Attracted To Fertile Women

According to a study by a German scientist, men are more attracted to the way women walk and dance when they are more fertile.

Research shows that men are able to spot a woman when she is at her most fertile point, simply by being attracted to the way she walks.

George Harrison knew what he was talking about when he wrote the famous Beatle ballad “Something.” Now 40 years later researchers have discovered there really is something special in the way a woman moves.

According to an interview with Daily Mail, a German scientist said that what exactly it is about how a fertile woman walks that attracts men is unclear, but it may involve a wiggle in her hips.

In a study, 48 women were filmed walking up and down in a line and dancing for 30 seconds. Their movements were recorded and turned into silhouettes so that their appearance would not distract from their movements.

This process was done twice, once with women at their most fertile stage and once with women least likely to get pregnant.

Next, 200 men were asked to watch the videos and say which were the most attractive movements.

What was found, was that women were more appealing when their odds of being pregnant were high.

Researcher Bernhard Fink said, ” This study suggests that women’s body movements provide subtle clues to female fertility, which men can detect and are attracted to.”

Are YOU surprised by these findings?

— Caroline Zapatero

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