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‘Jane By Design’ Star Erica Dasher Previews Jane & Eli’s First Real Date

Tue, July 10, 2012 11:55am EDT by Andy Swift 17 Comments
Jane By Design Spoiler

Plus, Erica gives the scoop on Jane’s future with Billy and what she learned from Teri Hatcher.

If you’re one of those Jane By Design fans who’s desperately waiting for Jane (Erica Dasher) and Billy (Nick Roux) to proclaim their true feelings for one another, your wait is… far from over, thanks to a certain gentleman named Eli (Bryan Dechart). Erica tells that Jane and Eli “do finally go on a date,” but of course, it’s not without its complications.

“There is the matter of the age difference, which obviously hasn’t been addressed yet,” Erica points out, adding that Eli and Jane “really take a liking to each other. … He’s a really genuine character. He cares very much about the craft and working in the fashion world, and he senses that’s also a passion of Jane’s.”

So what else can fans expect from Jane’s love life as the season continues? Read on for my full interview with Erica:

Since Jane is focused on Eli, does that mean she’s putting Billy on the back burner?

Well, Zoe has showed up and she’s trying to navigate this new dynamic [with Billy and Jane]. I’m not sure she knows how to handle it, and I’m not sure she knows quite what her feelings for Billy are. She doesn’t know what they mean yet. Both her and Billy will question that. You’ll also see Billy and Jane together, which I love, because Nick and I have such great chemistry.

And what about bachelor No. 3, Nick Fadden?

Nick Fadden, right! The other boy. He definitely comes into play, but he sort of has his own story line that develops as well. What’s been really fun for me this season has been watching the other characters become more three-dimensional.

But Jane isn’t just juggling guys anymore. She’s also dealing with her mom’s surprise return. How has it been working with Teri Hatcher?

Teri is incredible. I was really nervous, as I was with Andie MacDowell, but she’s so wonderful and funny and welcoming. The episode just aired where she sang at the piano, which was one of the first things she had to do when she came to set. She had to be totally uninhibited in front of a very large group of extras. It was so cool to watch her work, because she was nervous, but she really embraced it. She’s really kind and we all became great friends. We’re very lucky to have her.

It also killed that oh-so-popular theory that Gray is secretly Jane’s mom.

I think there were some people who were disappointed that that wasn’t true.

I’m glad. If Gray was Jane’s mom, wouldn’t that make Eli her cousin?

Yeah, then it would just get weird.

How will we see Jane’s relationship with her mom develop over the next few episodes?

Jane’s very excited to have her mother back, while Ben is obviously much more wary. Jane is intent on building the relationship, but there are some cracks. There are some things that aren’t being discussed that need to be, and I think that’ll require Jane’s mom to step up her game a little bit. Whether or not she’ll be able to do that, you’ll have to wait and see. But it’s a unique thing you don’t normally see on TV. This mom hasn’t been present, but then she comes back. It’s a huge thing to have to deal with!

OK, Jane fans — What do you think of Jane’s budding relationship with Eli? Would you rather see her and Billy together? And how do you really feel about Jane’s estranged mom? Drop a comment with your thoughts, you know I love to hear them! (Plus, check out ABC Family’s official JBD page for more show info.)

— Andy Swift

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