Who Should Win 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard's Heart: Jef Holm V. Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Tue, July 10, 2012 1:32pm EST by 21 Comments

Emily is down to her final two guys and they’re both pretty amazing! But who do YOU think deserves to be with her forever? Read on for more details.

It’s all boiled down to this: Emily, Jef, Arie, one rose and the island of Curacao.

In two weeks on July 22 one guy (hopefully not both of them!) will get down on one knee and ask for Emily Maynard’s hand in marriage. A source told us exclusively Emily ends up with skater boy Jef, but do you think he’s the right guy for her? HollywoodLife.com weighs in.

Who will make a better dad?
This is presumably the ultimate deciding factor for Emily — since she’s not only looking for a husband, but for a father for Ricki.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. has experience in this arena. His previous girlfriend had a child, so he’s not new to the whole dad thing.

However, Jef doesn’t have much experience with kids, but he did impress Em earlier this season when she made the guys play with kids on the playground.

Who is the most loyal?

Both have told Em that they want to be with Emily forever — but who really means it?

Arie seems genuine about his feelings now, but it’s still strange that he never fessed up about his relationship with ABC producer Cassie Lambert! Sorry A, but that one definitely hurts you in this race.

Jef expresses his feelings in a 110 percent genuine way — he’s always honest and not scared to tell Em about how he feels. You can tell he’s totally in love with her and will do anything for her. One concern is his parents though! Even though he told Emily that they’ll love her — she still hasn’t met them yet.

Who will be a better husband?

Arie and Emily have an intense connection, but it was definitely a red flag when she revealed that she felt like she didn’t even know him.

But with Jef, Emily says she feels like he “gets her” in a way nobody else does. Emily also says he gives her a self-confidence she hasn’t felt in a long time. So sweet!

Who will be able to support Emily AND Ricki?

Emily clearly wants a comfortable lifestyle for her and Ricki. Who would best be able to provide that for her?

Arie is a famous race car driver and the son of one. He will definitely provide an exciting life, but will it be stable? And what will happen when his race car days are over? Plus, what about all of his traveling?

Jef is the co-founder of People Water — and even though that doesn’t exactly require a lot of travel, it is time consuming to run your own business. Is he really ready to give Emily AND Ricki the attention they deserve?

Both of these guys have amazing qualities, but Emily will only end up with one — we hope!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Who do YOU think is the better fit for Em: Arie or Jef?

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Posted at 8:28 PM on July 22, 2012  

ARIE! ARIE! ARIE! he super amazing and i have fallen in love with him just by watching the show!

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Posted at 11:10 PM on July 21, 2012  

I think Emily should have picked Sean as he would be the best for her.

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Dee Gibbs

Posted at 7:13 PM on July 21, 2012  

Emily please pick Jef becuse he seems so real and not the playboy type like Arnie.

You don’t need men like Arnie in your life .

Play him like he plays all the woman.

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Posted at 8:07 PM on July 19, 2012  

i really and honestly think that Emily and Jef are meant to be and she should really pick Jef as her husband and a father to Ricki. If she wants what best for her daughter then she should pick JEF.

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Posted at 2:38 AM on July 17, 2012  

She really should pick Jef! In that one episode when they went on the one on one date with the puppets, when they were about to leave, he quickly got a puppet just for Ricki and I think that was so sweet of him thinking of her daughter as well! :) Besides, he such a gentleman! Its hard to find guys like him nowadays! :) But if Sean was still in the running then she should have picked him, But Jef is a close second :D

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Posted at 10:54 PM on July 16, 2012  

Neither she sent the perfect one, Sean, go. I think he can do
much better than Emily but it’s obvious he really did love her. Do
not care for Jef at all.

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Posted at 7:23 PM on July 16, 2012  

Literally, all arie and Emily do is kiss. There has to be more
Than a physical connection in a relationship because
After a while, kissing gets old. You need an emotional, menta
Even platonic connection in a relationship, along with
Physical which is what Emily and Jef have.
She should choose Jef.
He’s great on paper and off.

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Posted at 1:22 PM on July 15, 2012  

Lets go with the one with the most money!

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Posted at 1:58 AM on July 15, 2012  

Duhh! They both are and look way younger than her especially Jef. Come on now, she looks like a hag with them! But everybody knows that she will choose who got more money. She doesn’t look genuine at all, but all fake and reserved.

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Posted at 9:18 PM on July 15, 2012  

Memo: You are obviously black and unhappy with your life. Emily is not a hag. Get a life. Thnx.

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Posted at 2:49 AM on July 16, 2012  

Mel_qwe: Before you judge people, I advise you to look at the mirror and see who is black in mind. I am not! And I have a great life that most people (glad to say) envy me for it. Emily doesn’t look 26, not even 33, she looks older than that, and I am not the only one to see that. She is ugly and fake as hell. Ugly inside out. And who the hell are you to defend her. Her defense lawyer? Why don’t YOU get a life?

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judy collins

Posted at 8:05 AM on July 17, 2012  

wow, nasty, nasty! i don’t see anything “black” about the comment. my hubby thinks she’s perfect and gorgeous. i do think she looks like a beauty pageant contestant with all that makeup but she is pretty and sweet. she didn’t have to cry and be so sensitive to hurting the guys’ feelings and that was very special. i’ve never seen any bachelor or bachelorette be so sensitive and thoughtful. maybe she will change her mind and go back to sean or chris…but i hope she marries jef, because he seems so in love with her and so stable. arie and her relationship is too physical, and it’s too dangerous to be with him should he die in another accident like her ex did! go for sean or jef emily!

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Posted at 7:43 PM on July 12, 2012  

Plain and simple here’s my opinion

Jef all the way!!! He would make a better partner, father and “team-player” in a relationship with great moral background. wait did I say…GREAT MORAL BACKGROUND! Ummm that is deeper than anything a “car driver” can ever offer a woman.

Arie, would be a great catch for a 20 yr old girl looking for a flashy life who wants to “live for her man” and not too much personal goals or depth. He can’t offer her what a mature woman with a child would want, a “communication” connection for long term, closeness both physical and mental. He has his life and if a woman wanted to be a part of it she would have to follow him (fly everywhere) around like a puppy dog with his career, his goals, his life and a whole lot of “dirty old guys” in that industry forcing bad choices and bad depth of character. Um yea and if you had kids with this guy…plan on doing it all alone AGAIN! ….. RUUUUUNNNN EMILY !!!


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Posted at 3:45 PM on July 11, 2012  

I think she should pick Arie because they have a great chemistry and they make a great couple. Jef looks to young for her. I really don’t honk that Emily and Jef have the same chemistry as Arie and Emily.

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Cathy Davis

Posted at 3:26 PM on July 11, 2012  

Arie is the one she loves and the chemistry is certainly there. Chemistry and love go a long way in a relationship. I think they are perfect together!!! Hope Reality Steve is wrong!!!

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Posted at 1:54 AM on July 11, 2012  

I really hope Emily chooses Arie because they make a great couple and seem to truly be in love. I also believe Arie would make a great dad for Ricki. I can see the trio happy together already! So Team Arie all the way!

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Posted at 5:18 PM on July 10, 2012  

I really wish she would have kept and picked Sean. But the next best is Arie only because Jef seems to be a little too good with his words.

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Posted at 5:06 PM on July 10, 2012  

Jef would be a great fit for ricki and emily! he is very mature and i hope he steels emilys heart ;)

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Sookie Fabulous

Posted at 4:31 PM on July 10, 2012  

Jef looks like Ricki’s big brother with that stupid coif!

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Posted at 3:29 PM on July 10, 2012  

Jef is so perfect!
She’d be stupid to let him go

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Posted at 8:35 PM on July 18, 2012  

Arie is so cute.He is so hansome. Please Emily pick Arie.

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