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‘America’s Got Talent’: Jonathan Hawley Impales Wife… With Magic

Tue, July 10, 2012 11:41pm EDT by 3 Comments

12 more acts took to the stage to wow America with jaw-dropping magic, heart-stopping body bending and hilariously inappropriate comedy.

On the July 10 episode of America’s Got Talent, a dozen more acts attempted (sometimes quite horribly) to impress the panel and the crowd with their talent. Some flipped a pop song on its head or pulled out all the stops to reach new heights in spectacle, while others played it too safe, just when their lives depended on it the most. Find out how your favorite act performed after the jump.

LionDanceMe – Lion and Dragon Dancing

With a mix of dance and life-size puppeteers, the dancers donned beautiful relic costumes and hopped (and scooted) on poles. (Did I just fall into a weird daydream-like limbo?) Theatrical? Yes. Worth $1 million? Definitely not.

Turf – Dance/Contortion

In red-checkered pants, he grooved (and absurdly twisted) to “Imma Be” by The Black Eyed Peas. (Nobody’s body should ever bend that way). When he gets in the zone, he’s stellar. His routine lagged a bit in the very beginning, but he quickly pulled it together and ended with a crab-like position. (Anyone else hungry for Red Lobster?)

The All Ways – Upbeat Cover Band

Have you ever wanted to know what Lady Gaga‘s “Telephone” would sound with a hair metal makeove? Well, whether you wanted it or not, it was slammed into your face a half dozen times on blast tonight. (Yup. Need I say more?)

Hawley Magic – Illusionist Couple

(What…was…that… ???) Hypnotically electrifying, the dashing magician and his blonde assistant captivated the audience as she was balanced in the air on a single metal rod. (I do believe I stopped breathing at one point.) As he swooped the stage around her, her body began to swivel ‘round and ‘round until her body gave way and she was speared like a “wife kabob,” as Howie described it. (Did I witness something paranormal?)

Lisa Clark Dancers – Contemporary / Classical Dancers

The mix every style under the sun, from contemporary to tap to jazz. Their routine was a combination of the 1920’s style, a 1950’s pinup girl, and a reflection of the Geisha. (Interesting, to say the least, but very cool).

Aurora Light Painters – Graffiti Light Painting

The concept was “Monsters Under the Bed.” Grab your stuffed Teddy, your favorite blanket and curl up to witness a fantastical performance of spooky proportions. The routine took on a little girl being scared of the dark and discovering a little red red box. (Yes, I was transported to being a kid again.

Danielle Stallings – Singer

She performed Bruno Mars‘ “It Will Rain.” She possessed a certain charm while on stage, but her voice isn’t quite there yet. She’s only 14 years old, and in about 4 or 5 years, she’ll be a real powerhouse. America might vote her through, though; they seem to love

Donovan and Rebecca – Acrobalance

Wrapped in a lavender fabric, Rebecca was hoisted into the air and flown across the stage. Donovan took her feet and was transported up in the air, and they performed numerous fluidly acrobatic moves through the air. Several aerial stunts after another culminated in a move with Donovan holding onto Rebecca by the arch of her foot. Engaging, dangerous, effortless.

Big Barry – Singer

A bird just landed and chirped out a plucky rendition of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. Oh, plus, if you were interested in the latest fashions, you were served with a front row seat to a little runway show. (And like we needed another butchering of this song, right?) If Bob Dylan and the Easter Bunny had a baby…

Tom Cotter – Standup Comedian

He chiseled out rapid fire jokes about breaking legs, beating dead horses, skinning cats and…aliens? (Some were quite disturbingly wrong and not very funny.) Howard called him the “man to beat.”

Ben Blaque – Crossbow Act

A danger act is an understatement. He’s an archer that thrives on living on the edge and putting his lovely assistant, Devon, in heart-stopping harms way. At one point, Devon held a rose in her mouth as he shot an arrow inches away from her face. (Yikes!) The routine culminated with a quadruple bow shot as she posed against a wall with her arms in a T shape. Four balloons were pinned around her body and when he shot, he nailed them! (Phew. Death is bad)

Tim Hockenberry – Singer/Musician

Genius choice by taking on a current song like Katy Perry‘s “Part of Me.” He stripped away the poppy production and added an element of rock as he jammed on the piano. As he rocked on the ivory keys of the grand, he poured his heart into the lyrics and ate all the other contestants up in one big nosh. (He’s a definite frontrunner.)

And that’s a wrap! It is all in America’s hands as they put through four acts tomorrow night. Who will they be?

Jason’s Predictions: Donovan and Rebecca, Danielle Stallings, Tim Hockenberry, Hawley Magic

Hollywoodlifers, what was YOUR favorite act of the night? Were you blown away by Hawley Magic, too? Sound off in the comments section below!

— Jason Scott