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'True Blood' Scoop: Valentina Cervi On Russell, Lillith & The 'Touching' Finale

Fri, July 6, 2012 11:53am EDT by Andy Swift 3 Comments
True Blood Russell Lillith

Like her on-screen persona, Valentina’s got all the secrets — but how much is she willing to give up? Let’s find out.

True Blood‘s fifth season has already introduced us to a bevy of new friends and foes, but none so mysterious as Valentina Cervi‘s Salomé, an ancient — like Biblically ancient — vampire with a penchant for seduction and hidden agendas. chatted with Valentina for the scoop on Russell Edgington’s “surprise” return, how first-vampire Lillith will “come into the picture,” and what to expect from the “incredible” season finale.

I’ll start with the obvious: Your character has a ton of sex.

Well… not more than anybody else on this show.

Wow, good answer. Were you a fan of ‘True Blood’ before you auditioned?

I had never seen it, so I watched the first four seasons on a weekend when I got the part, and totally got hooked. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m so lucky to be a part of this.’

During your marathon, were there any actors you saw who you really wanted to work with?

Everybody! Everybody’s so great, and now meeting all the actors, I think they’re even more great. Most of them are nothing like the characters they portray. … I’m a fan of all the characters. I’m a Sookie fan, also.

Does that mean we can expect a Salome/Sookie scene in the future?

Oh, I don’t know yet. Maybe in some way. You’ll have to wait and see!

Speaking of waiting, we’ve seen Salome do a lot of talking, but I’m hoping for some action from her. Will we see any?

There’s a lot of political issues this year, and that’s what we’re here to develop. So there will be action, for sure, but we’re more part of the intellectual, character-driven, political issue-driven group.

So not too much action? Not even when Russell comes back?

[Working with Denis O’Hare was wonderful.] There are going to be issues with Russell Edgington, of course. There will be moments of tension [but no big fight scene with Salome.]

How does Russell’s return change the tone of the season?

It changes everything. He will change, and we will change with him. There are going to be a lot of surprises. It’s almost like every character has their agenda, but we’re also touched by what the others do. I’m really excited for fans to see how Russell coming back affects Salome, how her religious journey could change, and where her heart lies.

Ah, her religious journey. I’m really hoping to actually see Lillith [the original vampire] this season. Will I get my wish?

Lillith, for sure, is going to come into the picture in some way. She’s already there in many ways, but you’re definitely going to hear a lot more about Lillith.

We just found out ‘True Blood’ has been renewed for a sixth season. Any chance Salome will stick around?

The truth is, nobody knows right now. The writers will get together and decide what next year’s going to be like.

And are you still filming now?

We are still filming, yes. We’re filming the last episode. It’s going to be incredible. Crazy, touching, moving — a lot is going on.

What do make of Valentina’s teases? What do you think Russell will do when he returns to Bon Temps? Do you think we’ll see Lillith in the flesh? And how do you REALLY feel about Salomé? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories!

— Andy Swift