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'Bachelorette' July 2 Episode Recap: Jef Holm's Most-Romantic Date Ever Revealed

Mon, July 2, 2012 11:09pm EDT by 2 Comments
Emily Maynard Bachelorette

Jef makes Emily (and the rest of America) melt with his passionate love letter to her, Sean reveals a shocking ‘secret’, Arie gives Emily anxiety over meeting his family and Chris thinks he’s ‘ten times’ better than all the other guys! Read on for more of this season’s juiciest episode yet!

Emily Maynard gets the much-anticipated hometown dates underway with the four remaining suitors!

Date 1 Chris, Chicago

Emily’s greeted by Chris‘s parents and two sisters. Right away Emily can see the love and sweetness between them.

Chris’s dad pulls Emily aside for a heart to heart. Emily asks if he thinks Chris is ready to be a dad to Ricki. Chris’s dad says the most important thing is love and support for each other and that Chris could handle it.  He thinks Emily is ‘wonderful and stunning’.

Chris tells his mom he was a hot mess before getting the last rose. His mom warns he may get hurt but has to fight if he really loves Emily. Chris’s sister worries that he’s been too vulnerable. She says, if Chris is not going to be the one, than Emily shouldn’t drag it out. Emily loves Chris’s family. At the end of the date, Chris tells Emily he’s in love with her. Emily thinks she’s in big trouble ‘if all the hometowns go as well as this’.

Date 2 Jef, Utah

Jef meets Emily at his family’s sprawling ranch. Emily can’t get over Jef is a country boy in disguise and is thoroughly impressed by his family’s huge ranch. Jef takes Emily shooting and gets every shot. Emily says she had no clue ‘Jef, in his skinny jeans, was such a good shot’. Emily is completely nervous and intimated to meet Jef’s siblings, especially since his parents aren’t there.

Jef’s brother Steve expresses his concerns about Jef becoming a dad so fast and that he’s never heard Jef express wanting kids or a wife. Jef says it seems so clear with Emily. He then tells Steve he’s totally falling for Emily and she’s the coolest girl ever. Steve says Emily’s a good compliment to Jef who’s ‘more wild’ whereas Emily’s more mellow.

Jef’s sisters grill Emily and get her to reveal she is falling in love with Jef but is slow to throw that word around. Jef’s sisters loved Emily.

Jef reads Emily what is the most romatic love letter in bachelor history. He tells her their ‘connection is meant to be’ and he’s ‘completely in love with everything about her’. He also says he ‘loves how she fits in his arms’. Swoon!

Emily tells Jef his letter is the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to her. The two share a passionate kiss. Emily says she loves that jef is so humble yet still confident and cocky. Jef says he fell more in love with Emily after the hometown date.

Date 3 Arie, Arizona

Emily meets Arie at a racetrack where he zooms around showing his Indy prowess. Emily says Arie looks ‘stupid hot’ in his racing gear. Arie takes Emily for a spin around the track.

Arie’s nervous for Emily to meet his parents — they’re so European and she’s so all American. Arie says his mom will be the least open minded of the bunch. When Emily meets Arie’s family, they coldly shake her hand. Emily senses skepticism and Arie and his family speak in Dutch–Emily feels totally uncomfortable.

Emily can’t get a read on Arie’s mom. She grills Emily about Brad and what went wrong. Emily says she didn’t ask the basic fundamentals upfront. After the dust settles, Arie’s mom tells Emily that Arie is totally falling for her.  She says, ” I can’t wait for Emily to chose Arie — they would make an awesome couple.” Arie tells his dad he could propose to Emily and he’s never felt this way about any other woman. Arie reveals, ‘I am definitely going to marry Emily’.

Date 4 Sean, Texas

The two run around and play with his dogs and have a little picnic in a field of wild flowers. Emily thinks Sean is so perfect that she’s intimidated to meet his parents for fear that they’ll expect perfection from her.

Sean tells Emily he’s been keeping a secret, he still lives at home! Emily’s jaw drops when Sean takes her up to his bedroom where he proceeds to name all his stuffed animals! Emily says ‘every amazing thing about Sean is completely shattered’ and ‘he’s a mess’. However, it’s a big joke! Sean was kidding the whole time!

Sean tells his dad Emily’s changed him and his dad thinks something magical is going on between them. Sean’s dad says Sean told him more about his feelings for Emily than any other girl. Emily sees her and Ricki’s lives blending in perfectly with Sean’s.

Rose Ceremony

Emily’s completely conflicted, ‘I can see my life going in 4 different directions.’ She tells Chris Harrison she loved all of the families. Emily’s heart is broken thinking any of them would feel like they aren’t good enough for her.

Arie gets the first rose followed by Jef and finally Sean. Chris goes home empty handed and looks like he’s about to go nuts on Emily and wants answers. Emily tells him her other relationships progressed faster. Chris can’t understand and barely kisses her goodbye. In the limo, Chris says ‘he’s 1o times the man that the dudes are who are still there,’ and that Emily ‘broke his heart.’

Tune in next week when Emily takes the boys for a romantic rendez-vous on the Island of Curacao!

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