Hooray To Cate Edwards For Forcing Dad John Edwards To Dump Rielle Hunter

Wed, June 27, 2012 6:43pm EST by 10 Comments
Rielle Hunter John Edwards Relationship

Cate – I sure hope that a new report is true – that you gave your father a much-needed ultimatum – ‘It’s Rielle or Me!’ You couldn’t stand by after Rielle trashed your mom, Elizabeth Edwards.

Cate Edwards – you must feel so betrayed by your father John Edwards. You stood by his side every day at his trial for illegally using campaign contributions to cover up his illicit affair with Rielle Hunter.

Your loyal and unswerving presence no doubt helped convince jurors of your father’s innocence.

But how did he repay you? By allowing the mistress that destroyed his marriage to your mom and who tore your family apart , to write a book, What Really Happened, that assassinated your mom’s character.

That’s why I’m proud of you for allegedly putting your foot down with your father, according to the new issue of the National Enquirer.

“It’s either her or me!” sources say that you Cate, 30, told your father. You insisted that he finally dump Rielle for good or lose his relationship with you forever.

Now HollywoodLife readers, I have to interject to say that the National Enquirer is the media outlet which actually broke the entire story about the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair as well as Rielle’s pregnancy with now daughter, Quinn, 4. So they’ve been on the money in their reporting about John Edwards and Rielle up until now.

In any case Cate, you had to be beyond furious when Rielle published her book, which contains vicious attacks on your mother, Elizabeth, who tragically died of breast cancer in 2010 at the age of 61. Rielle has the nerve to call your mom a “witch on wheels,” as well as describing her in such choice words as “venomous” and “crazy.”

Rielle even goes so far as insisting that Elizabeth Edwards drove John Edwards to cheat by not sleeping with him herself. “You don’t go through two-plus decades of extra-marital relationships unless both parties are responsible,” Rielle writes, revealing that lover boy John had been a long-term, repeat cheating louse.  “My thinking is that if you aren’t having sex with your partner, the chances are high that someone else is.”

In other words, Rielle gave herself permission to hop into bed with your dad – it was Elizabeth’s fault that he had needs.

No daughter, who has had a normal, loving relationship with her mom, could read what her father’s lover wrote for the world to see, without her stomach churning.

In fact Cate, you must have felt like your father kicked you in the stomach, when you read what Rielle wrote about your mom, and her affair with your dad. What a low blow! It’s even worse than the original betrayal of cheating on your mom.

After all, your father knew that Rielle was writing this book. He probably read it multiple times before it was published which means that he passively approved of it, even though he had to know how hurtful it would be to you and your two younger siblings, Emma Claire, 14, and Jack, 12.

That’s so thoughtless and selfish.

You’re absolutely “disgusted, sickened and revolted by the comments Rielle has made in her book about (your) brave, beloved mom,” according to the Enquirer‘s source. And that’s exactly how you should feel. Those are normal feelings.

Plus, your dad had no sooner been exonerated after his trial, that he had photos taken of himself with Rielle and Quinn and released to the media.

It was a clear “announcement” to the world that he and Rielle were in fact still a couple after pretending that the romance was over for all these years.

But not for long. Rielle broke the news in her Good Morning America interview with George Stephanopoulos on June 26, that she and your father had broken up.

“We are a family but as of last week, John Edwards and I are no longer a couple,” she revealed, while she also annoyingly added that she still loves him.

I suspect that your ultimatum worked Cate, and that he finally, five years later, put his relationship with you and your siblings ahead of his torrid romance with homewrecker, Rielle.

He may have been too unprincipled and wimpy to stop his lover from assaulting your mother in her book, but at least, he’s finally trying to stop the hurt.

Good for you Cate, for allegedly standing up to your thick as a brick dad, for yourself and for your two younger siblings. Your mom Elizabeth is applauding from heaven!

Bonnie Fuller

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Posted at 5:10 PM on July 2, 2012  

Cate should also protect what was Elizabeth estate, money,jewerly, home, etc. from both John and Rielle.It should be off limits to the both of them. John should have enough to sustain him and provide child support for Quinn through his money ONLY!!! I would not trust him with a dollar of my money!

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Posted at 5:05 PM on July 2, 2012  

I agree gbtw that John could do much better; someone better would not have done what Rielle has done to the Edwards family.She is an opportunist who took advantage of the situation to try and get her man, his money, and ultimately lost! Who knows the exact truth in all this, but Cate is doing what must be done to protect her younger siblings and don’t blame her if she told her dad Rielle is not moving in with us and she better stay away from us! If I were in her place, if he chose to stay with Rielle, I would tell him she cannot live with us and is not allowed on our property(basically she did this when she banned Rielle from her wedding).John is going to do what John is going to do but may end up the lonely one if he doesn’t stay away from Rielle-she is bad news! I hope Cate did give her dad the ultimatum-Rielle said very ugly things about Elizabeth that aren’t acceptable period from anyone much less a mistress-Rielle has no one to blame but herself for all that has happened not in her favor.

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Posted at 12:49 AM on July 2, 2012  

What a crock!

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Posted at 5:16 PM on June 29, 2012  

sadly i think this has to be considered. he is having rielle the lunatic publicly say that they are no longer together so cate will believe it and then behind the scenes he will continue to see rielle for the sexual relations and company. so he will still be seeing this ho without his daughter knowing which is the worst part. aye aye aye. terrible.

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Karen Allena

Posted at 10:30 AM on June 28, 2012  

what is hilarious is that now he will have to have another extra affair with Rielle because of his daughter!

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Posted at 3:40 PM on June 28, 2012  

i had this exact thought… if she really forbade him to see rielle, rielle would only become more appealing to him. in any case, cate would never abandon her siblings (at least her full siblings- i don’t know if she knows rielle’s daughter), so she will always put up with john even when/if he’s being a db liar cheat and scoundrel. why any woman would want him is beyond me. that hairsprayed hair and fake tan is ATROCIOUS. not to mention how pathetic and weak of character he is… thank God we never had to have him lead this country. thank you for that, rielle.

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Posted at 9:55 AM on June 28, 2012  

I sincerely hope this story is true and if it is, God Bless You Cate!!!!!!! When I saw all of you standing on the courthouse steps and I heard John say “God isn’t done with me yet”, for a nano-second I thought he might be truly sorry. Then a day later I read that Rielle is releasing a book and I thought she couldn’t possibly be doing this without him knowing about it. THEN I see pictures of him with her at the beach and I thought, if his lips are moving, he is lying! So I am glad that someone finally has Elizabeth’s back and has said NO MORE!!!!! John has and continues to set a poor example for his two younger children. I guess Cate will have to be their role model. Clearly Elizabeth did something right when she raised such a forgiving daughter. If John was my father, I would never speak to him or cross paths with him again!

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Judith (@judithalamance)

Posted at 12:12 AM on September 29, 2012  

Cate is the grownup of that family.

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Posted at 11:50 PM on June 27, 2012  

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Posted at 6:57 PM on June 27, 2012  

i don’t believe this story. to ditch her father, cate would’ve had to ditch her siblings. she would never do that. also, supposedly john dumped rielle over the book and/or they mutually decided to split. surely john knew that his kids were not going to accept rielle, nor him, if he seemed to support what she said in the book… the break up was undoubtedly a result of that, not any ultimatum by cate. in any case, rielle is the more interesting one to attack here. i mean, that she blames the wife for not putting out… but, does she see nothing wrong in the fact that john didn’t ask for a divorce and just decided to get his on the side? i mean, who chooses a loser like that? why is he better than his wife for staying in a bad marriage? not to mention, why would she believe him that the two weren’t sleeping together? that’s another thing cheating spouses always say to their lovers… who knows how often it’s actually true. i guess we all can agree that rielle is a “crazy slut” with issues tho, that’s for sure. my only dissatisfaction with her roasting on the view is that nobody gave her a chance to talk and hang herself. everybody had these zingers, but they didn’t give her a chance to respond- so rather than getting caught in her web, she just had to sit there and wait for another person to interject. she never had to answer to anything, and i’m sure just left thinking that ‘everyone always hates the pretty woman’… not to mention, she’s ugly! scrawny, bad hair, etc. couldn’t he have done better than that?

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