Exclusive: Amber Portwood Forbidden To See Baby Leah In Jail

Wed, June 27, 2012 8:23pm EST by 10 Comments
Amber Portwood Jail

Douglas S. Garrison, of the Indiana Department of Corrections, tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively Amber is undergoing a diagnostic process that will determine her permanent placement in a facility.

The diagnostic process that Amber Portwood is about to undergo to examine her “medical, psychological, mental, and emotional health” will last for two to three weeks and she not be allowed ANY visitors! Will they make an exception for her baby daughter?

Unfortunately for the 21-year-old former Teen Mom star,  she will NOT be able to see her four-year-old daughter Leah during this time. Douglas S. Garrison, Chief Communications Officer of the Indiana Department of Corrections, tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, “During this diagnostic process time, Amber is not allowed any visitors, including her baby daughter. However, she is allowed to make out-going phone calls.”

The troubled young mom is currently serving a five-year sentence in jail for drug related problems. She reportedly asked to go to prison instead of completing a drug rehabilitation program.

After the diagnostic process is over, Amber will be taken to one of three correctional facilities to complete her sentence.

Baby daddy Gary Shirley is currently in full custody of daughter Leah while Amber is in jail. We sure hope Amber gets the help she needs, so she can be a good mom to Leah!

Reporting by Sandra Clark & Written by Aubrey Sieder

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used handphone

Posted at 5:37 AM on April 9, 2013  

Hi, thanks for sharing

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Posted at 4:19 PM on September 10, 2012  

Good luck Amber, start being honest with yourself and life can be good!

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Posted at 11:26 PM on June 29, 2012  

Leah is like three years old. That is NOT a baby. Maci is always referring to Bentley as a “baby” too and is drives me crazy. They aren’t babies anymore. They are kids.

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Posted at 8:13 AM on June 29, 2012  

I feel so bad for amber. I mean with all this thats going on in her life , its really sad. There must be something wrong with her, thats why im so glad she’s doing the diagnostic process. I never really liked amber but i pray and hope things turn out for her.

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Posted at 4:26 AM on June 28, 2012  

If she was gong to be a good mum. I think she should have realised by now that Jail is not what you want your child to remember you by. All that Little girl is going to know now is that Mummy requested a Jail sentence rather than rehab. Its really pathetic and sad that, that poor child will grow up with out a mother for 5 years, which could be critical for her development.

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Posted at 3:50 PM on June 28, 2012  

did it occur to you that amber has no confidence in her ability to successfully complete a rehab program? perhaps it’s this very lack of confidence and self-esteem that drove her to choose jail… and maybe jail will be the thing that will help her gain control of herself or realize the importance of being on her prescription medications, and off the rest. addicts feel worse about themselves than others feel about them, believe it or not. it’s not about “realizing” things, it’s about having the faith in yourself that you can do it. she doesn’t have that, but hopefully one day she will. the tough girl act pretending this is her choice is just a way to mask the fact that she has no faith in her ability to complete a rehab program.

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Posted at 1:22 AM on June 28, 2012  

“… So she can be a good mom to Leah”. What a STUPID comment at the end of the article (followed by the same stupid question “are you hopeful Amber can correct her ways and be a good mom to Leah?”) What one DAY out of Leah’s entire life has she EVER been anything but a crappy mother, a horrible, abusive girlfriend, and selfish to say theleast. The only way she’ll be ANY kind of a mother is on pharmaceutical drugs. Her own kid even calls her Amber. She’s already a rehab failure–so, yeah, I’m sure she’ll be a GREAT mom. What, you think a drug-addicted, abusive, high school drop-out would be anything but a “good mom”? The author of this article must be as stupid as she is to write such an asinine sentence like that.

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Posted at 3:46 PM on June 28, 2012  

she’s 21 years old. yes, she’s been horrible to date, but that doesn’t mean her whole life is destined to be a waste. for all we know, deep down amber knew the only thing that was going to get her to kick her drug habit was to be locked up for 5 years… tho you can’t rely on people like amber, you should always root for them to change.

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Posted at 11:07 AM on June 29, 2012  

The baby calls her Amber b/c that’s what others call her. My older son at one point called me by my first name b/c he heard everyone else calling me that. When was she bad to the baby, she plays with her, doesn’t hit her, or abuse her at all. Yes not being there is bad but this is what is best for Amber. Maybe she doesn’t have support to get better and she thinks jail would be best to get help. If she doesn’t have a support group out of jail or rehab she isn’t going to get better.

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Posted at 11:41 PM on June 27, 2012  

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